Do you know I used to be a barmaid? Best job in the world.

Back in the summer of 1997 I had a place for University, and no money to actually live on while I was there…in Winchester, hundreds of miles away from home in East London.

So I got a job in The Moon and Stars Pub in Romford.

I worked every day over the summer, some times a double shift…the work was easy enough, but being a Weatherspoons Pub it was managed well, and there were systems and procedure for EVERYTHING.

A year later after having been at uni for a year, I came back and looked for a pub job closer to where I lived with my Mum and siblings in Forest Gate…and that’s when I worked in the Railway Tavern and the fun began.

Oh what fun we had ha ha.

I worked there for 2 years on and off as I came back to London, and it was the best time of my life. I met some great people, and got into some right scrapes…just like you should at that age right?

I loved being a barmaid in a local pub, you got to know everyone from the post men, to the school teachers, the dustmen to the local drug dealers…variety is everything right?

And my fav bit of all?

Calling Last Orders.

I don’t know what it was, but having the power to bring everyone’s night to an end was marvellous. Little ole 19 year old me, ringing the bell beind the ramp and shouting with my cockney accent,

“Last Orders at the bar ladies and gentlemen.”

It was a great marketing technique too…leading to…

“just one more?”

“go on…I’ll get the last round”

“Oi you owe me one”

Talk about scarcity and FOMO.

Once “Time at the bar” was called legally we were not allowed to serve anyone else, but occasionally we would sneak one more in. Occasionally my boss would give me a wink that said…yep let the DJ order one more round, and sometimes even “pour one for yourself”

So what has this got to do with business?

You have to call time. You have to give people a reason to make a decision. Are they in or are they out. You have to give people a framework they understand…like earlybird pricing or bonuses for example.

But when you run your own business you are also the landlord…you get to call the shots, you can offer discounts, you can extend the deadline, you can do whatever you want…you are in charge, and if people don’t like it they can clear off and drink in another boozer.


That was a long winded way of saying the doors are nearly closed on my Grand in Your Hand mini-course which starts on Friday…you’ve missed the earlybird, that’s your fault for not paying attention.

But the doors close 7pm on Thursday so if you snooze you lose.

We are going to be spending 10 days learning an income generation and sales strategy that will transform your business. It will help generate engagement on social media, help you get clear on your offerings, and give you more courage than you have ever had while selling your programmes.

But you have to be in it to win it.

How much could you make in 10 days? A Grand? A Pony? A Monkey? A Ton?

*rushes off to check Cockney Rhyming Slang Dictionary ha ha

Anyway…get involved. My online challenges are fun, educational and impactful. Plus you get to see my no bullshit coaching style live and direct…what more do you want?

Check out what it covers here

Photo by Amie Johnson on Unsplash