Kickstart your audience-building efforts with 31 days of proven visibility and organic social media hacks to build a tribe of buyers, not browsers, plus a kick-arse community to cheer you on the whole way....then hang out in an awesome tribe of other business owners (forever more) with weekly pep talks and ideas for activating your audience.

With Community Engagement Specialist Julie Creffield


This is for you've lost your way a bit recently in your business & need a kick up the bootie to get back out there

This is for you've never really understood how to grow an engaged tribe online and want to give it a go

This is for you're sick of doing it all on your own & want some new business buddies to grow with

This is for you want to learn some new concepts to put into practice while having a bit of fun

Simple Engagement Hacks for Your Online Business that actually work for Building a Community of BUYERS*.

Think of this kick starter as a warm-up act, a reboot, or a booster whatever it is YOU need right now, no matter how long you've been in business...there has never been a more important time to attract people towards you and what you do in the world.

Tribe Builder Principles

Learn & Implement "The 3 V's" - my simple audience growth principles that will stay with you and your online business FOREVER

Consistent Messaging

Daily prompts so that you never run out of ideas of what to say to your peeps and you want to show up regularly for your people

Weekly Masterclass

Tune in LIVE once a week for the latest community engagement lessons and case studies from an expert with more than 20 years experience

Imagine being able to show up consistently across social media without burning out, selling out...or losing out to the folks who spend bazillions on Facebook ads? Imagine not having to stress each day about what the hell to say? Spending this time in lockdown on expanding your network and attracting folks to your work who actually get you and want to work with you?

See what Julie has to say about Tribe Building herself in the viral video she made last year...

What do you get?

  • 4 weeks of initial learning
  • 31 daily social media prompts for the first 31 days
  • Ongoing accountability, inspiration and expert advice
  • Simple daily task sheet to pin near your desk or pop in your planner
  • Pop up Facebook Community
  • Weekly opportunity to sell your services and products to "The Tribe"
  • Weekly ask Julie ANYTHING thread
  • Weekly Live Masterclass teaching you the most powerful community engagement strategies
  • Case Studies from Julie's client list with behind the scenes launch info

Your Ring Leader?

Julie is a community engagement specialist and business mentor from East London who has spent the last 20 years building, nurturing, and monetising communities online and off.

Her online group programmes and challenges have had more than 20,000 participants in the last 7 years, and her content has been featured in the press and seen by millions of folks all over the world.

Julie has worked as a drama practitioner, volunteer coordinator, speechwriter for politicians, cultural strategist, consultant and well as founding a global plus-size fitness movement

Julie works with experts, speakers and coaches to help them grow vibrant and profitable communities around their businesses, through the creation of engagement campaigns, challenges or group programmes, and has worked with more than 300 clients to grow their tribes.

Ready to Get VISIBLE online?

Ready to know what it feels like to be supported by an engaged audience of people who are just WAITING for your next offer...

I double dare ya!!!