Let's finish 2018 with a total life review & rocket up the rear on this action packed VIP coaching day and ensure a BIGGER & BETTER 2019

Are you disappointed with what you have achieved this year?  

Is it the same old story…you have loads of potential and yet in a blink of an eye another year has gone by?  

Well, look it ain't over until the FAT lady sings...and this FAT lady doesn't sing for just anyone.

Let's do a total life review of 2018, plan out the next 12 months of adventure

And then raise a glass to your improved health, wealth and happiness.

Let's do this.


This is an exclusive event for a small group of women ready to take actiona and priorotise themselves

There are just 3 places remaining

 Does this sound like anyone you know? 

  • You are flipping awesome (although you don’t always know this)  
  • You have big dreams, but something always seems to get in the way  
  • You sometimes hold yourself back with bullshit stories about what you can and can't do  
  • You often get overwhelmed with everything you have going on in your life 
  • Your health and happiness often suffers because of this overwhelm  
  • You sometimes hide away…because that somehow feels easier  
  • You struggle to ask for help  

But the irony is you are also an incredible over achiever who has the capacity and ability to do brilliant things when you get out of your own way? 

Why do I know this?  

Because these are the kind of women I come across all the time.

I have been there too and know just how soul destroying it is to not be making the kind of progress you want to make.

It is why I do this work.


  • To have an enjoyable and uplifting day away from your real lives and worries
  • To realise you are not alone in your fears and insecurities about success and failure
  • To discover what you actually want out of 2019, like my client Becky who realised her habit of busyness was stopping her from working with the kind of clients that could give her the lifestyle she desired, and still change the world in the process.
  • To set your BIG FAT STUPID goal, and your path of MASSIVE MILESTONES with a group of women who will be just as excited as you and I to see you achieve them, like my goal of running the New York City Marathon before turning 40.
  • To sketch out a years worth of goals and adventures that are achieveable, and being realistic about what else you can add to that plan
  • To identify your driving values so that you can bring more of that into your life, and make it easy to work out what to get rid of
  • To meet some cool women who are doing awesome things in their lives 


See here's the thing...this is not just a one off coaching day because I would suggest we might need more than just one day to work through some of this stuff.  

So before you even arrive in Stratford, I will be needing you to do some important prep work...and after our full day of coaching, there will still be more to be done.  

But what you get as part of this package is as follows  

  • No Bullshit “get to the point” KILLER Pre Event Questionnaire  
  • Full Day Coaching/Mastermind Experience  
  • Seasonal lunch, refreshments and other treats
  • No brainer 90 Day Planning Workbook 
  • Accountability with your fellow participants for 90 days  
  • Personally autographed copy of my book "Living a Bigger Life"
  • VIP invite to my 2018 client party 
  • 60 Min “Did you do the thing” follow up call with me
  • Exclusive pricing on my January Mastermind (But there will be no sales pitch....thats a promise) 

And I guess a rather priceless bonus is you get to hang out and have a laugh and a few cocktails at the end of the day with moi.

And the investment....

£359 inclusive.

Just think of it as a Christmas to yourself. A real, tangible investment in the happier, healthier, wealthier you.


My work as a coach and consultant is primarily in the areas of health, wealth and happiness.

I am interested in how women show up in this world, and the things which hold us back....and how this affects the future of the human race (I know right this stuff is huge right?)

Other coaches specialise in wellbeing, or business/work, or goal setting...I just think as a woman you want to sort your shit out across all of these I am absolutely a generalist. 

The 6 key things we cover on the day will be

  • Whats really been holding you back 
  • The LIVING BIGGER Blueprint (sounds wanky…I promise it's not) 
  • Who wins when you win  
  • How to be more visible in a way that doesn't make you cringe
  • Defining the BIG plan for 2019  
  • Planning the next 90 days

But be warned we will not just be talking shop. 

This is not just about me teaching you new stuff, this is about us working through some of our "old shit" together and making change.

You will be taking action on the day too by working through some breaks, and achieving goals there and then...because why wait?


What can I say...I love pubs.

Plus we are dealing with real world problems here ladies, so we needed a real down to earth space where we can feel relaxed and get down to the nitty gritty of shorting stuff out.

I hate going to VIP days that are all style and no substance, when you know the lions share of your ticket price went on the hiring of a swanky hotel and the £15 per head cups of tea?  

Well, this working class girl ain’t having any of that.  

She’s taking you to her favourite East End boozer (Don’t worry its a classy one no plastic glasses or fights)  

Overlooking the London 2012 Olympic Park The COW pub its the perfect venue for what I have planned.  

We have a quiet glass-walled glory of a space above the main bar which fits around 14 people. The Fish Bowl has a private yet public kinda vibe…perfect for our important nowhere to hide work.

My intention is to take these VIP days around the country in 2019...a UK wide pub crawl so to watch this space.

So who am I?

I 'm Julie Creffield a plus size marathon runner and transformational life coach from East London....who is all about helping women LIVE BIGGER  

In 4 years I went from unemployed single parent about to lose her home, to an in demand global speaker, author of 8 books, and CEO of two successful businesses.  

I have been featured on ITVs this Morning, The Today Show, Huffington Post Live, Cosmo, Womens Hour, and worked with global brands such as Garmin, Cancer Research, Decathlon and many more.  

I have worked with more than 10,000 women through my coaching programmes to help them prioritise their health and happiness, and achieve BIG FAT STUPID GOALS.  

My super power is in bringing women together and helping them achieve things they sometimes didn't even know they wanted to achieve, and of course much of the stuff they did.

Oh and something you need to know about me, I am BRILLIANT as spotting and calling out bullshit, my own and other peoples. So if you are looking for a coach to blow smoke up your arse and tell you what you want to hear...I'm not your girl. 

What do my clients say about me?

“I was raised to think that spending time looking after myself and thinking about what makes me happy was selfish and self-indulgent. Julie’s Mastermind gave me the impetus and permission to actually put into words what I want in my life. I am happier than I have been in years.

Julie took my ambitious, overly complex and unachievable plans and helped me simplify them. I am looking forward to achieving a succession of Big Fat Stupid Goals with her support. The best part is that it was an entirely enjoyable co-creation process. Why would people plan their life any other way?

Julie’s approach is straight-talking and straight-forward, but friendly and approachable, like being with your friends down the pub.

Jo Franco

Emma Shenton

Lucie B

Need some more info?

Here are some questions you might be thinking about...

Is this just for FAT women? (I do work a lot with plus size women) But NO...this is for women of all sizes who simply have issues with visibility and stepping up in their lives.  

Is this for business owners? Some women who sign up will run their own businesses, some will have jobs but it doesn't matter either way. We will look at a range of areas in your will each be different, but many of the issues we explore will be worryingly similar.  

I can't afford it. This day is not for everyone, the price reflects the value of the day, and with the right mindset there is no reason why you can't recoup the price of the day back in no time. Besides, achieving clarity on what you want and how to go about getting it is priceless.

Do I need to like running? Hell no…even I don’t like running most of the time. But if you do and you want to make a weekend of it, there is a wonderful parkrun in Hackney for the Saturday morning, and wonderful running routes around the iconic Olympic Park.  

  Do I have to drink? Ha, ha....I know it's in a pub, but honestly, you don't need to drink alcohol. We won't make the booze available until right at the end of the day. Soft drinks will also be available.  

  What will the food be like? You will get to choose from the extensive menu, and if you have any specific dietary requirements, I can put you in touch with the head chef.  

Do I need to dress up? Completely up to you...I suggest you wear something comfortable. There will be lots of moving around the space, huddling in groups...this is not a place for judgement but by all means show up as your best self whatever that looks like. I'll probably be in jeans and brogues and maybe a top if you are lucky.  

  Are there hotels nearby?...YES at every budget level too. This is my ends, I've lived in East London pretty much my whole life, so come visit I'll make you welcome.  

If you have any questions you can contact me

What have you got to lose? Nah...

More importantly...What have you got to gain?

Ready to start living BIGGER?