This evening I was supposed to go for a run. I am in training for my 6th marathon. It’s all going a bit slow at the moment, I am training but possibly not as much as I could do.

Tonight I decided not to run as I feel like my glands are swollen and I need my voice for tomorrows masterclass “Scale up on shut up” at 2pm.

I had my weekly childcare though, so I went and made a start on the Xmas shopping. Some people will be in shock horror that I am only just starting, and others will be like “what’s the rush”

That’s the thing we all have our own way of doing things….our own pace of getting things done. I mean I take 7 hours to run a marathon, while others take under 3…like whatever?

Here is something that really gets me.

The limiting belief that some people have left it too late to make a success of their business, it goes along all kind of other “Too” statements, like too fat, too foreign-sounding, too posh, too common…oh my days the list goes on and on.

There are plenty of examples of authors, and artists, and film stars who only reached success in their 50s and 60s, but when you are in it, it’s easy to think “Oh its easier for them there Millenials, we didn’t even have the interweb growing up”

I hear ya, but that bullshit excuse isn’t going to cut it for me.

We chose to believe those stories, we actively look for the evidence of them, instead of deciding they don’t apply to us…the other thing we often do (and I say we, because I have also done this at times) we make up our own rules around timings, even on a day to day basis.

  • Oh I’ve left it too late to start my healthy eating this week
  • I’ve left it too late to write a blog today (note I am writing this at 9.36pm
  • I’ve left it too late to join that social media thing everyone was talking about last year
  • I’ve left it too late to be the kind of person who does mini-breaks
  • I’ve left it too late to sign up for that thing, the price has gone up because I took too long thinking about it
  • I can’t ask that coach that question, because I had a chance a few weeks ago and blew it
  • I’ve left it too late in the year to hit my sales target…I might as well not try

It’s all just made up stuff to keep us in our comfort zones

I might as well not try

That’s what it boils down to a lot of the time…its not just the risk of failure (because sometimes that’s a given anyway) it’s more the risk of trying and still failing.

I’ve worked with business owners this year who almost feel broken by their business, where they literally have said “this is my last attempt at making it work”

Heres the thing though…it’s not about making it “work” it’s about moving it forward…forward trajectory is all we can ever ask for really, it’s just the rate of that movement that is the deciding factor of whether you deem something a total success or not.

It’s not too late until you decide it is…and then that is on you.

Join me tomorrow at 2pm to hear my views on how to scale your business in 2020, where I will also be revealing a no brainer way of working with me next year alongside a community of brilliant business owners who are just not accepting that they have left it too late.

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