This morning I did my normal thing of waking up before the kid did and having a cheeky browse on social media to see what had gone down over night.

Many of my clients are on different time zones, so this has nothing to do with my addiction to my phone, and more to do with looking after my overseas clients…honest.

Some people think I must be on social media all day every day.

But I am not…REALLY

For me, it’s less about the amount of time spent online, and much more to do with the quality of what I post and when.

Social media can feel really overwhelming when you are trying to build a business.

What are the rules?

  • Am I doing it right?
  • Why is nobody engaging with my posts

Can you see the irony though?

You are on social media because you want to grow your business, and yet other people see you as a hot lead too.

All that “Come join my group”

All that “Sign up to my FREE masterclass”

All that “Look what my client just said about me”

It can be triggering as hell.

And yet without social media it really is quite difficult to grow a business without cracking social media….well at least it is these days.

When I first started out in business more than 25 years ago, I got my freelance and consultancy gigs mainly through word of mouth, or by seeing jobs posted in real newspapers…or on an online arts based jobs listing created by the Arts Council…which at the time felt quite cutting edge.

And the great thing about that is you very rarely knew who else was going up for the same jobs, there was very little comparisonitus, and I never really felt the fear and anxiety of “not being enough”

Those were the days ha ha

Getting on top of social media, learning how to stand out online, finding ways to be consistent, its critical…it can be difference between you having a profitable business or not.

I learned that while growing my plus size fitness business.

And once you have cracked it and can see the direct correlation between time spent doing good social media marketing and money in the bank…the motivation to show up increase 10 fold.

You just have to find your way of doing it.

Because there really isn’t a one size fits all way of doing social media, and that is where a lot of business owners get stuck. They follow someone else’s way of doing things and then get frustrated when it doesn’t work.

Having a good social media plan that works…is about creating one that works for you…one that feels easier and fun, one which positions you as someone who knows what they are talking about…one that drives sales.

We are looking for buyers not browsers

Fans that engage, instead of followers who just passively…well follow ha ha

This is not a numbers game.

  • Imagine what it would feel like to not actually be glued to your phone? Imagine being able to build your customer pipeline with ease?
  • Imagine not being trigered 24/7 by what other people are doing online?

Sound good?

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Julie Creffield is a community engagement specialist and business mentor with 25 years of experience bringing people together around an idea.

In 2010 she set up a plus-size fitness blog which she turned into a global movement inspiring millions of women around the globe.

She now teaches small business owners how to get traction online by building engaged audiences of buyers and not browsers.