“Money, Money, Money…must be funny in a rich mans world”

“Money makes the world go round, the world go round, the world go round”

“Mo money, Mo Problems”

No this is not my current soundtrack while on lockdown, I was just thinking about how money, and the topic of money is everywhere in our culture, and how we pick up negative money mindset shit really early in life.

“Money ain’t grown on trees you know?” erm it kinda is


“Who’s going to pay for that?” felt like the soundtrack of my life growing up thats for sure.

I couldn’t wait to grow up and make my own money.

Aged 12 I was babysitting for family…saving for a Gameboy…£10 per night

Aged 13 I walked into my local Wimpy and asked if I could wash dishes….£1.50 per hour (I know right???)

Aged 16 I was working in my local theatre as an usher… £12 a shift I think that was

Aged 19 I was working 16 hour shifts in a salad factory to fund my way through Uni….£16 per hour on a Sunday when they paid double pay (result)

Working to make enough money was a driving feature of my move into adulthood. But when my career progression led to pay rises, and the trappings of success…a lot of my poor money mindset issues came with me.

And so in 2014 when my plus size fitness business started to get traction I knew I needed to get more comfortable with having money, talking about money, and investing my money.

I have had a money mindset coach ever since…and I am doing the work all of the time.

I talk about money a lot.

I reckon it turns a lot of people off, and I’m OK with that.

“I just want to help people” I hear some small business owners say…but trust me it’s very hard to help others when you are so burned out, and are worrying about how to pay your bills…I know cos I’ve been there.

And one of the things I’ve come to understand is that my impact on this planet is in direct correlation with my income…yep I’ll say that again for those who were not listening at the back.

“My impact on this planet is in direct correlation with my income”

And yes that might sound like I am blowing my own trumpet and that you can’t have an impact if you are on a smaller income…you absolutely can. I just know I have a lot more things I want to do while I am still alive and many of those require having the resources to turn them into a reality.

Today 50 small business owners are embarking on a new adventure with me…around half of them have done one of my online challenges or programmes before, but the other half are completely new and don’t yet know what they are letting themselves in for.

The Challenge is called A Grand in Your Hand

We are all on a mission to generate sales from our existing expertise and networks over the next 10 days.

We are each setting an income target

And we will hold each other accountable.

Having a safe space online to talk about income goals and targets without the fear of judgement is so important.

The world is still turning.

And plenty of big businesses are still earning.

Oooohhh that rhymed.

So come and join us. Today is intro day…over the weekend folks get clear on what they want to sell and then on Monday the real work starts.

Want in for just £49???

Yep you read that right, for less than the price of a meal for two out (remember those???) you get 10 days of inspiration, motivation and the support of a kick arse business coach to help you get out of your own way when it comes to selling.

Here is the link to register

How much could you make in 10 days?