I am NOT offering a black friday deal...but you might want to

There are no rules in business.

Everything works for some people and not for others….and ultimate we have to decide on the best strategy for growing our Soloprenur business based on our aspirations, ethics and preferred way of doing business. 

What I do know is that people generally love a good deal…or at least the sense that they are getting a good deal when buying from us

But should we all be doing Black Friday deals?

Now before you get your knickers in a twist about whether you should or shouldn’t, I just want to say I don’t care either way.

What I do care about on a deep visceral level though is Solopreneurs giving the best years of their life away to a business venture that is loss leading on multiple levels…and often because they are simply afraid of or feel discomfort at doing sales.

I have done Black Friday deals in the past, a couple of years ago I sold 126 of my Activate Your Audience Bundle and it was a whole vibe.

This year I don’t have a Black Friday offer, but I do have an OMG offer which ends this Friday…and here is why this might seem silly, but is in fact just a bit nuanced.

I am NOT american, I don’t have an American client base, I rarely buy something just because it is Black Friday, or the Janaury Sales…I buy stuff when I need it, and I myself have offers in my business all year round. 

It would be weird of me to STOP selling over this period…AND the pilot phase of one of my programmes ended today, and I want to go full steam ahead on filling the next cohort with a super affordable, you’d be crazy to say no offer.

Martin Money Saver…who I once sat next to in a make-up chair (during my brief stint on Morning TV) asks the questions…

  1. Can I afford it?
  2. Will I use it?
  3. Is it the best deal?

Which I think is super sensible when considering any online purchase, but especially when buying from a business coach.

And so my offer is…. 

It includes…

✅ My Solopreneur Dashboard™️ a digital organisation tool that literally transformed my business in 2020 Worth £99…although currently being sold at £36.50 (you know for real transparency)

✅ My Solopreneur Learning Zone™️ including programmes such as Nail Your Niche, Activate Your Tribe AND a Grand in Your Hand Worth £1000+

✅ Quarterly Sales Sprints focus on selling your best stuff with urgency and pazzazz You tell me what thats worth to you??

✅ Monthly CEO Reviews support to review your metrics and set new goals What is NOT knowing your numbers costing you?

✅ Weekly Coaching Support a weekly group coaching call with me to sort out your business Icks…and create more business slicks Invaluable

✅ Vibrant Community of Solopreneurs to validate your ideas, get support and share your wins with Invaluable

✅ Emergency Crisis Support show up to the calls, do the learning and still feel stuck, book a FREE get unstuck call PRICELESS

Oh and did I tell you there is a 12-month payment plan, so you pay just £36.50 per month 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 (The commitment is 12 months though…and I will send an irate Rose (my almost 11 year old) after you if you stop paying 🏃🏼‍♀️)

However, if you did have the cash hanging around to pay the full £365 this week here is what I will throw in as HIGH VALUE OMG bonuses

Ready for this…

🎁 5 Weeks to 5K – Make money fast mini-course Worth £500+

🎁🎁 Audience Builder Bootcamp – Grow your email list and socials in the next 90 days Worth £500+

🎁 🎁 🎁 Nail Your Niche 121 call – 45-minute call with Julie to crack your messaging woes and start getting you noticed PRICELESS

So yeah…I’m not doing a BLACK FRIDAY Deal, I am instead doing an OMG Offer for folks who know they want me in their back pocket for the whole of 2024…and are ready to take action today.

Register Here

This offer will self-destruct on Friday at midnight….and the doors to The Solopreneur Roadmap won’t be opening again until mid-January…meaning you will miss our 2024 kick-arse strategy session on Dec 7th & have all of the learning resources to binge-watch over Xmas!!!

So there it is…laid bare!!

In conclusion….

You don’t need to create offers in your business, you don’t need to do a BLACK FRIDAY offer, but you know sometimes trying these things help you test your market, your message and your mission…it helps you get your mojo back, it helps you realise that EVERYTHING works some of the time, and that sometimes taking action on the stuff that feels uncomfortable is the real thing that works.

So there are my thoughts on Black Friday…would love to know yours.

REGISTER before midnight on friday

Although the bulk of our work won’t start until January, there are a few things I want to gift you before we get started in 2024

  • The space to think about your vision for next year
  • The time to get some of your ducks in a row…not all of them cos fuck it sometimes troublesome ducks are fun
  • The opportunity to come and be in my world for a bit before the graft starts
Oh and remember if you pay in full you get a Nail Your Niche 121 session and I need to get them in the diary this side of Xmas…to allow for some of it to sink in over the festivities.

Looking for a business legacy strategist?

If you are a solopreneur doing all of the doing, AND all of the thinking, and have got yourself in a bit of a pickle. I might be able to help. As a business legacy strategist I help solopreneurs to get clear on their vision, their strategy and the best tactics to deploy, but most importantly I help them turn their ideas into sustained, successsful action…and before it’s too late and they have run out of time or steam to reach their full potential.

I have been a solopreneur for close to 30 years, and have been supporting freelancers, artists, coaches, creatives, experts, speakers and sole traders of all kinds of proffesions for more than 20 years. I am a keynote speaker on the topics of productivity, purpose and profits and the author of the book How NOT to be Broke.