OK…so first things first.

Of course I know how. I sold a range of online programmes and took on a number of one to one clients, so apologies for the click batey headline…but I really want to talk to you about something super important.

On Friday I ran a VIP mastermind with some clients and we were discussing our plans for next year, setting targets, looking at the mindset blockers that might get in the way of achieving all of our goals…especially our money ones.

And what I often experience with these kinds of expansive days…even when I go on them myself with my own mentors and coaches…is that it’s all exciting, and inspiring, and wonderful dreaming, scheming and playing make-believe about what could be until you get to that big old bummer of a question…

But HOW????

The idea of what and why when positioned in the right way can always help my clients to tap into their biggest resources of magic…they start to imagine the life they can build for themselves and their family AND the impact they can have for their clients, and they feel powerful…like super powerful. UNSTOPPABLE even.

But when they start thinking about the HOW, their energy drops, panic sets in, and all of a sudden they start reviewing their goals to make them more realistic.

  • Oh, but I’ve never made that kind of money before
  • I’ve never delivered that kind of programme
  • I don’t know how to work that bit of technology
  • I’d have to hire staff
  • I’m busy now…I can’t imagine having to work twice as hard

At the start of 2020 I sat down in a swanky hotel off Covent Garden in London with my business coach, and my mastermind buddies 16 awesome ladies who I’ve been sharing this crazy year with, and we set our goals for the year.

I can remember the panic in my heart as I boldly said,

“I want to double my income”

I found it so easy to tap into the why, I want to move out of London, I want to impact on the lives of a million small business owners, I want to change the trajectory of my families lives…create real legacy. So yeah…I’m all good with that stuff.

But then the how?

I sat in that room frantically scribbling different ways of doing it, I used the processes I teach my Tribe Builder clients, a process that I’ve used myself a hundred times, but with every different way I laid it out, I got more and more tangled up in the logistics, the tactics, all of the moving parts that do need looking at when you run an online coaching business…and before you knew it that doubling of my income goal not only didn’t seem possible, but it didn’t even seem worth it.

But my coach reminded me to trust myself, to trust the process, to trust that I would work out the how, as long as I focussed on the feelings I wanted to create in my life…FREEDOM being the main thing actually.

And so that was that.

I had my goal for the year, I had a baseline amount of what I wanted to make each month, and I left the how a little bit fuzzy round the edges for the time being, trusting that the right products, services, opportunities, lightbulb moments would come.

And they did.

The fact we were all in a global pandemic didn’t help…or perhaps it did, perhaps it was that which kept me going, focussed on the outcome rather than the process.

And this month?

I set my income goal like I do most months.

For September it was £20,000…other months this year it has been less.

I had of course done some of the maths in terms of what was going on in my business. I was in launch. Well pre-launch. And I was introducing some new ways to work with me. But other than that…I wasn’t able to account for where all of the money would come from.

Sitting down a few days ago I realised I actually managed a £30K month…not all cash in the bank, and not all profit, but I invoiced for over £30K in a 30 day period….well 28 if I really want to show off.

Yep, I’m kinda impressed with that even if I do say so myself. I used to go to work all month, all year for that kind of money in the public sector… it’s all a bit bonkers.

Half way through the month of course I had my normal panic.

“I’m never going to do it”

“Everyone hates me”

“I’m off to get a job in Tescos…I hear they are recruiting”

But that wobble lasted all of 24 hours and in fact coincided with my time of the month (so there is that!!!) and then I cracked on with the job in hand, and I brought in more sales.

The 3 main things I did this month

One ➡️ Invited folk to stuff…paid for challenges, free challenges, facebook lives, masterclasses, chinwags AKA sales calls but without the ick

Two ➡️ I followed up with everyone who had been in my world…I simply asked them if they wanted to work with me, and laid out the options…I mainly did this by DM

Three ➡️ I continued to share on social media what I am bloody good at…AKA community engagement and tribe building…yes I blew my own trumpet so to speak.

The other thing I did was I listened to the stories, the niggling little narrative that explains why hitting my goals are not possible…and after hearing them, I told em to piss off.

And so here we are.

And I get to do it all over again in October.

Now whenever I sit down to write these articles I often wonder if I come across as a smug mug (oooh just made that up), whether in this climate it is ethical or even kind to be talking about making so much money online.

But I want to show my clients what it possible.

I want to show how I do it.

I want to show that Tribe Building isn’t some buzz word, isn’t about fame and having a bazzilian instagram followers…I have 2839 in case you were wondering (come follow me)

I just want to give hope to the folks who have been doing this stuff for a while and feel like…”When’s it my time?”

I felt like that for a long time.

Waiting for the right strategy, the right coach, the right clients…when in fact I just needed to believe in myself more, and stop effing around.

I decided this year I would double my income…and I have, even though I didn’t know how I would do it.

So my questions to you are…

  • Are you ready to double your income?
  • Are you ready to give up on the how, for a bit?
  • Are you ready to trust yourself?

I am wishing you every success in the month of October.

Surround yourself with people on the same journey as you, silence or declutter the voices of the neigh-sayers…and keep your mission close to your heart.

Thats the thing that trumps the how…over and over again.

Let’s do this.

Now of course I am going to tell you about my signature programme Tribe Builder which starts on the 6th October.

It is a 12 week incubator for coaches, experts, therapists and consultants who want to grow a profitable and impactful tribe around their business, and fast.

It’s for small business owners who are done waiting, who are ready to step up, who are ready to create freedom in their life…or whatever it is they long for right now.

You can find out more here

There is an earlybird which ends on Friday next week, so if you would like to jump on a call and discuss whether this might be a good fit for you…here’s the link to book in


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