I went to the supermarket yesterday and had a bit of a panic attack.

I’m shopping for my sister who has broken her ankle as well as for me and my 7-year-old daughter, and each weekly trip seems to get harder and harder.

I had a list.

I had psyched myself up to get in and out, my store has all of the safety procedures and yet still the moment I stepped inside my anxiety levels shot through the roof.

Speaking to a friend last night about it I realised I felt embarrassed, because it seems soooo silly…scared to go to got food shopping, and she kindly reminded me that “Fear is not rational”

There is obviously a lot of fear around at the moment.

And in normal circumstances, I love nothing more than exploring and playing around with my fears. In fact in many of my motivational talks I often say “I think its about time we talked about the F word”

I talk about how I have often used fear as a way of fuelling my adventures, and how when you learn to harness and sit with your fears they can actually be quite helpful.

  • 6 marathons run
  • 3 Triathlons completed
  • 2 mountains climbed
  • A TEDx Talk
  • Becoming a single parent

There always lessons to be had from “Feeling the Fear and doing it anyway” in fact in the first cohort of my One to Many programme along with some course materials, I also sent one of Susan Jeffers little books on the topic to my clients.

But what about now?

How do we move forward as business owners navigating fear, the old and established ones and the new ones?

How do we move forward when we at times feel paralysed?

How do we maintain our playful, explorative attitude as entrepreneurs when there feels like there is so much at stake?

Everything has changed?

But has it really?

I am hearing a lot of hard and fast statements at the moment that are based on a fear response.

  • “Nobody has any money”
  • “People just ain’t buying right now”
  • “Nobody has time for that”
  • “It’s too hard to sell right now”
  • “I can’t do it”

And I get it, because I have moments like that too.

But we do have to pivot…not necessarily our business (although some might have to) but our thought processes, and the way we look at things.

Yes, maybe people are being more careful with their money. Maybe peoples buying habits have changed. Maybe products and services that were once seen as a luxury won’t be as popular…but remember nothing ever stays the same anyway.

It is our ability to move with the times and be flexible as business owners that keeps us in business.

But how to price my thing?

That is the question I am being asked more than any other right now….along with “what platform should I use to host my course?” and trust me that one there is simply the wrong question to be asking.

But the price one is simple.

Do the maths, how much do you want or need to make, what do you have that people need right now, and how many people do you think you could get your thing in front of and persuade them to buy?

Then it’s time to get creative.

But the worst thing you can do is watch to see what your competitors or peers are charging.

Pricing is an energetic thing, yes it has something to do with value…but value is perceived and not real anyway, so yes what you charge is completely a made up thing.

I have sold online programmes for £5 that have transformed someones life beyond recognition, and sold £3000 programmes that have done the same, but in a different way.

I knew when this crisis hit I would need to come up with a framework for assessing what to sell and why…I knew I would need to continue charging for my services, but I also knew I wanted to do this in an ethical way.

illustration of hierarchy of needs of Maslow

And so I developed something called the Triangle of Need….which when layered over the top of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs, it builds up a pretty compelling way of assessing opportunities.

The premise is simple.

  • What do you need
  • What do they need (your clients, your followers, your tribe)
  • What does the world need (can I help in a bigger more meaningful way?)

On Thursday (tomorrow) I am running a FREE workshop to help small business owners in my network get their head around their own pricing issues and concerns right now.

I will be sharing my observations of what seems to be working in the online space right now, but this is also based on being in this space for the past 10 years.

I will share my “No brainer” pricing strategy guidelines, and answering questions live.

You can register here.

In normal circumstances I always get my clients to test the market, to pilot programmes, test different price points for their services, be creative in their offerings, to allow folks to meet them where they are…but I can’t deny that there is a sense of urgency, and a feeling of wanting to get things right.

Why the free workshop?

Firstly because after using my Triangle of Needs concept to get clear on my business strategy, I had a great month of sales last month, which means that I am now in a better place to serve and be helpful.

The online space is a crowded one and I know just how important building your tribe is….and price is the one thing my people seem to be struggling with, and so I know this workshop will help.

Is there an upsell?

There always is. Nobody ever does anything for free without there being some kind of payback…even if that payback is ego driven, or about driving traffic or thank yous their way.

I just have the balls to be transparent about mine.

Starting next Friday I am running my 10 day Grand in Your Hand Challenge, a mini-course that more than 250 small business owners have been through, making hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process, and helping many business owners to expand their offerings and try new things.

It costs just £49 but participants in previous rounds say it is worth much more than that.

Why is it not FREE?

Because people don’t value free…and free doesn’t feel good to me either as a single parent, and as someone who has spent the last 10 years investing heavily in her business and expertise.

Pricing and sales don’t need to be scary.

It is just about finding coping strategies to get you through the uncomfortable bits, until those bits no longer feel uncomfortable. There is always a solution, always a way of doing things with less sleaze and more ease.

Join me tomorrow and lets get creative about how we move forward

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