So it looks like the whole world is going online.

There is a whole heap of noise…to be fair there always has been.

Everyone will tell you they are an expert, a guru the best…they will use phrases like “most coaches” and “the thing I hate about most xxxx professionals is” rather than just talking about their thing.

Stress and anxiety levels will go up no doubt.

People who have been doing this malarky for a while will be like, “oh shit, everyone else is jumping on the bandwagon” and the newbies will be like “gosh this is all new and confusing how do I compete”

That’s the thing you don’t

There is enough room for us all…honestly.

Plus, there really is only one of you, and the more you tune into who you are and what you have to offer the world right now, the easier the next few months will be.

So some food for thought…

  1. Don’t rush…first to market doesn’t really mean much
  2. Don’t fart arse about though…procrastination is a bitch driven by fear, and that will cost you in the longterm
  3. Trust your gut instinct but also do your due diligence
  4. Try and buy local or with smaller traders (these guys will be hit hardest and will be most grateful for any purchase you make with them)
  5. Keep your money mindset in check…if you are afraid to invest in yourself, that will play out in how you view potential clients with thoughts like “well, I’d never pay that myself”
  6. There are lots of FREE options, but you may want to invest in some things just for speed and ease. A proper URL, unwatermarked images, a proper payment gateway.
  7. BE HONEST…if this is a beta round, if you are testing something…say so. Don’t pretend to be more experienced or longer in the game than you are…people will see it a mile off, and it will put you under enormous pressure to deliver.
  8. Ask for help and advice…but don’t take the piss. Giving everything away for FREE right now ain’t going to help the economy. Be OK with paying for professionals. Graphic Designers, VA’s, Coaches…they are small business owners with living expenses to pay too.
  9. Look after your wellbeing. Get enough sleep. Don’t spend too long in front of your screens. Touch base with your friends and family. Laugh. Cry. Access therapy if you need it…I know I do, I have a team of people I go to when things get tough.
  10. Make it fun…yes it can feel a bit scary doing something new. But what if you were just playful about the whole thing? What if you saw it as an exciting testing ground. An opportunity to be creative and try something new?

If you are reading this with a clear plan of action and all of the skills you need to take your offline genius online in the next few weeks, then keep calm and crack on…can’t wait to see what you create.


If you know you need some support. If you know there is a massive knowledge gap stopping you from moving forward. If you know you need someone to hold your hand through the process.

Then get in touch. (I have a range of 121 services which can be booked here)


My programme One to Many starts on Monday. This is my group programme for folks wanting to take their expertise online via the group programme route. Where over a 6-8 period we design, create, launch and fill your kick-arse group programme using my unique STORMING process.

Please note, I have 20+ years experience of designing group programmes, a decade of that has been online. I have been working specifically with small business owners for 2 years.

This programme was due to go up in price in April but I have decided not to do this, and to offer extended payment plans if folks should need them. On the 1st April I will also be required to add VAT to the price, so now is a great time to join to A) save yourself some money B) make yourself some money.

I said it at the weekend in a talk I gave about taking your expertise online.

Don’t create something and stick it online because of the Corona Virus, create something awesome, that boosts your credibility and bank balance and impact on this planet, that would be needed even if Corona Virus wasn’t a thing….because trust me the freedom and flexibility that online group programmes give you is going to become so apparent over the next few months…and you will be wondering why you didn’t do it before.

Stuck at home for the next 12 weeks?…wow what a bloody opportunity.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash