I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the concept of tough love.

Let’s face it nobody likes criticism, it’s tough hearing stuff that is uncomfortable to face in life and in business.

But nobody ever got successful through being comfortable right?

It’s like when someone you love asks you to review their book, or give them feedback on their new dress, or comment on their new branding.

What good is it saying, “Yeah it’s great”

If really you hate it….or even if you don’t hate it, but really want to be honest about where it hits the mark.

Yes you can protect their uncomfortableness, yes it would probably make you more popular…but surely you are doing them a disservice in the long run….and sometimes you can’t opt-out of the feedback…because your silence speaks volumes.

As a coach, I am known for my straight-talking feedback. I give my opinion and I call people out on their bullshit…I’ve got a FREE masterclass coming up this Thursday at 2pm called Scale up or Shut up...all about the mistakes I see so many small business owners make as they try to grow, so it’s pretty apparent that I am an in your face kind of person.

But I promise you this is done from a position of love.

Plus it’s only my opinion, right? It might give you something to push back on…I could be wrong.

A business coach once told me I’d never make any money from my fitness blog…that was 6 years ago, I’ve probably made around half a million from it…so he was kinda wrong.

My dancing teacher, however, told me when I was 11 that I wasn’t good enough to audition for stage school…it hurt like hell, but she was right, I wasn’t good enough…and telling me that probably saved me a lot of heartaches and my mum a lot of money in the process.

Surrounding yourself with yes people, people who tell you your stuff is brilliant is a dangerous game to play. You will not grow, you will not learn, you will not strive for better…you will stay mediocre.

Instead, make sure you have a coach and a network of business buddies who know you, who have your best interests at heart, who are able to give you honest, constructive feedback, that pushes you to do better, to be better as a business owner.

It’s hard to stomach while you are in it…but it is the fastest way to really see improvements.

This afternoon was the final group call of the current round of Tribe Builder, it was the session where we reflected on our learning, we shared our appreciation for each other and the process, where we shared what we were letting go off as we approached this important milestone, and we spoke about what we were moving towards.

It was such an empowering session. Tribe Builder isn’t a programme for the faint-hearted. It’s challenging. It gets you doing things you haven’t done before. It forces you to be vulnerable and to take imperfect action, through the fear.

But time and time again my clients thank me for that challenge, thank me for my straight-talking, thank me for being so honest with them…always from a place of love, always.

“I have no problems with you calling me on my bullshit so long as it’s done with love and you don’t overstep the mark (which you never have by the way!) I would prefer you say it as you see it, than beat around the bush”

“Easier to trust a coach who tells it like it is, as long as it’s done kindly and with my best interests at heart rather than for the coach’s ego. The work gets done and the results achieved more quickly”

Just two comments from my group this afternoon.

So, now I open the doors for the January cohort and I couldn’t be more excited. I currently have an earlybird/founder member rate which is valid until 15th December. Find out more here about what is included in the programme here.

Why not join my masterclass on Thursday and see what you think of me? Finding the right coach is sooo important. Accountability. Community. Support. Love. Leadership. That’s what we all need as business owners. right? Sign up for FREE here.

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