what big stuff could you do in the world if you wasn't so tied up in the small shit every damn day?

Join me for this one off charity fundraising workshop to help you get clarity over how you can do more of the BIG and important things that light you up (but rarely get a chance to do because you are too busy with the bullshit that is life lol)

The only resource we really have that is of true valuable is our time…and yes so many of us don’t utilise it as best we could. We live in a world where there is always soooooo much to do, and so little time to do it, so how do we ever get round to doing the BIG stuff, when so often we are overwhelmed with all of the smaller things which consume our energy and headspace?

  • Is it about productivity?
  • Is it about prioritisation?
  • Is it about process?

I think it is about all 3 of those, and being clever about how you pick and choose the projects for your life and your business…to ensure you stay aligned to your values on a daily basis.

Join me for a fun and engaging 90 minute workshop to help you get better at this stuff, while also helping me to reach my goal of raising £100,000 for the charity Streetchild. 

On June 5th I will be running The Sierra Leone Marathon in West Africa, my 6th Marathon in 10 years, YES I AM A BIT OF AN OVER ACHIEVER, as I have also over the last decade wrote 11 books (currently writing my 12th), grown two global businesses, travelled the world as a speaker, and all while raising my 9 year old as a single parent. 

Now I say this not to show off or pretend that I always have my shit together…but to illustrate that there is ALWAYS a way of doing more of what you want to do, even if your situation is challenging, or it feels like nothing will ever change. 

We have to try right???



On Thursday 19th May @ 7.30pm* (London Time Baby)

*if you can’t make the time, don’t worry you’ll get full access to the recording and all of the other resources shared

*Don't worry if you can't join the call live,
I will send round a recording with some additional resources too

On the call I will share with you...

My biggest productivity lessons I've gathered from 25 years as a soloprener

How to choose projects that make your heart sing, that energise you daily

How to really make a difference with small chunks of effort

How to think about time so it doesn't feel like its a race against the clock

Ways to raise and leverage money as a way of doing more of the things you want

How to reward yourself and others effectively so everyone wins

In January 2022 I decided after a long break from running due to the pandemic I needed a BIG FAT STUPID GOAL to get me back out there, as did lots and lots of women from my community. I knew though that it would have to be a pretty epic adventure to get me back training again. 

When I found out about The Sierra Leone Marathon I just knew this was the right challenge for me.

Due to the pandemic the charity Streetchild had not been able to host the marathon which is a big part of their fundraising work, and so it felt symbolic to support their bid to get back out there to crack on with their important project work. 

So I set myself the challenge of raising £100,000 for the charity, by taking a team out there to run what is deemed at the most crazy marathon on the planet, and raising money for this important cause. 

When Street Childs work began in Sierra Leone in 2008 it was the poorest nation in the world. Today, children continue to face significant barriers to learning, with 36% of children never completing primary school, and many more leaving school without foundational literacy and numeracy skills, something we take for granted in the western world.

Imagine the impact of your child never learning to read or write and then having to look after themselves in a challenging environment for the rest of their lives? Imagine that happening over and over again because of the cycle of poverty that exists in many of the countries Streetchild work in?

Streetchild’s rural education model “Schools for Tomorrow” works to tackle educational disadvantage by empowering communities to transform the quality of primary education provision.

If £5 can provide a child with a learning pack of books, pens and a water bottle, imaging what £100,000 could do?

I am an ordinary Mum from a working class background who has led the most extraordinary of lives so far, by THINKING BIG, and taking action.

I have been helping small business owners with time management and productivity support since the year 2000

My work over the last few decades have impacted millions of people around the world...and all from the corner of my 2 bed apartment

I have a first class degree in Performing Arts, a masters degree in Multimedia Design & Cultures and have been sharing my knowledge in the online world for over a decade.

I have taken part in more than 100 fitness events in the last decade, including 5 marathons, 30 half marathons, triathlons, open water swims, and even an ultramarathon...raising thousands for charities.

I have a range of simple processes and strategies to help me (and my clients) make the most of the time we have available.

My online trainings and events are a lot of fun, I make them informative, easy to action and results based

I am driven by a desire to leave a legacy on this planet and to make the most of the resources I've been given

So Do You want in for just £26.20????

I have chosen the amount of £26.20 to remind people that I am running a marathon (26.2 miles) as part of a drive to raise £100,000 for StreetChild. All profits from this workshop will go directly to the charity, after PayPal fees etc.

The full amount raised from this workshop will show on our public fundraising page by Friday 27th May. 

Please share this widely with your friends and network.

The best way to get folks to register is to invite them personally, to share why you are supporting it, and why they might like to get involved.

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Imagine if we all focused on the important shit right now...what difference we could all make?