So you are looking for the free stuff?

You are in the right place, but come on you know that nothing is really free though right?

I used to always be on the lookout for free stuff, especially when I was in my darkest days…when I was really broke.

But it felt like I was ALWAYS broke…even when I wasn’t.

Like back in the day when I was charging a super ridiculous day rate as a consultant and had more money than I knew what to do with, yet still believed it would all crash down around me any day. I still wanted stuff for free.

Do you know it took me more than 15 years of being overweight before paying for a personal trainer? I thought I couldn’t afford it…the reality was I didn’t think I was worth it.

Same as hiring a cleaner, I spent two years of being a single parent and trying to run a business doing my own cleaning because I thought I couldn’t afford it…I now hire a lovely lady to come and help out every week and its the best £24 I spend each week.

I have done the most amount of work on my money mindset, I still have to work on it daily…and you should too. In my bookstore I suggest some brilliant books about Money…make a start with Get Rich Lucky Bitch…it played a big part in my journey, in fact after reading this book I signed up to the authors programme…the first online programme I had ever paid for…at a point where I didn’t even know if I could pay my mortgage the next month.

I did.

I ended up tripling my income that year, just through changing my mindset.

Look, I will from time to time post FREE challenges and resources here, because I want to be helpful, I want to show you that I care about you even if you ain’t quite ready to invest in yourself. I want you to get to know me so that one day you will come on one of my programmes and we can really get to know you…and work out where you need to go next on with your journey.

But the moment you start investing in yourself will be the moment your life starts changing.


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