I ran a 24-hour flash sale last week that didn’t get as much traction as I would have liked.

In years gone by I would have hidden under a rock, cried into my blanket while watching terrible TV, or bitched about how life is just not fair.

But now…I look for the lessons.

Don’t get me wrong, there may have been a few tears when sharing my feelings of frustration at not getting my messaging bang on, but they were short-lived and then I went back out to my tribe to get the feedback that I needed to move forward.

Business is a series of decisions, based on intel leading to results and then you are left with the choice with what you do with the results. Nothing more nothing less. And if you are afraid to ever come up against times when you don’t hit your targets then I can imagine you having a bumpy ride moving forward…either that or your goals are too small anyways.

Here are the 3 things I do when I don’t hit the goal

Speak to my coach – Yep I always have a coach…I can’t do this shit without one. A coach will give you the talking to you need to not wallow in self pity and to get clear on your next set of actions. They will also give you practical advice about how to pick yourself back up as quickly as possible.

Ask for feedback from the people who didn’t buy – People don’t buy for a whole host of reasons, and often they are not the reasons you think about “Oh they hate me” “They think my thing is shit” “They don’t want to see me do well”

When in fact it’s more likely to be

  • Oh I didn’t see it
  • I needed longer to make a decision
  • I wasn’t sure it was for me because…
  • I don’t have that money to spend this month
  • I have a bereavement/illness/relationship thingy going on right now
  • I am working with someone else at the moment
  • I don’t need what you have/don’t see the value
  • I’m just here for the freebies

And you know what…you have to be able to take all of these on the chin and deal with it.

And then finally…

Take some time away from it – I’m off for a weekend away to regroup, reenergize and contemplate what I want to do next. You can’t do that from within the same environment you normally work from…or at least I can’t. I need to be around nature, I need to be around good people…and I need wine!!!

The main point I want to make is that business is all about learning, and I don’t mean learning from a book, an online programme or even from a coach.

The real learning happens when you take a good long hard look at yourself and ask yourself the right questions, for me this week those are the following …

  • Is this the right thing for me to be doing right now? Do I feel aligned?
  • Is this the right offer? Price, Format, Content
  • Is this the right time? For me and my clients.
  • Did I do everything I could have done to make this a success?
  • Is there something I am missing?

You can always get off the merry go round you know, you can always yell “plot twist”, you can always put your hands up and say “I changed my mind” cos you know why.

You are your own fucking boss…you get to make this shit up!!!

Have a great weekend people. I’ve had a bit of a tweak of my Tribe Builder sales page over the last few days (have a nose), and I am also making myself available to have some informal chats about what it is and how it might be helpful to the next step of your business journey…so sign up for a chin wag here if you want to make more money and more impact in your business next year by growing an army of followers, fans and advocates around you and your venture.


Photo by Malte Wingen on Unsplash