On Saturday I gave a 45 minutes keynote at an event.

Now I am a proffesional motivational speaker so this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. But this gig was kind of different.

I was delivering a 45 minute keynote at the London Region of the Proffesional Speaking Association, an organisation I have been a part of for 3 years.

The title of my talk was “Fear and other F words” and it was all about my journey towards becoming an international keynote speaker and how speakers (and everyone else I guess) can use Fear to bolster and accelerate their careers.

In truth though I had been crapping my pants in the lead up to it?

But why?

Because there is no tougher audience than one of your peers, people who do the same thing as you, that are not your ideal target market, and who will of course have their own style, their own thoughts about what makes a good speaker.

It was also my first ever talk of this length…I normally do 30 minutes or longer more workshop style sessions or whole days…and trust me that extra 15 minutes in the talk had me in a bit of a panic…as did the powerpoint clicker and the tiny stage which I was sure I’d either fall off or fall through!!!

Fear is a strange thing though…it’s all around us.

Those annoying voices which whisper questions that provoke doubt.

  • Was I OK?
  • Were people judging me?
  • Did I even make sense?
  • Was the positive feedback just people being kind?
  • Will I ever top that talk…or is that as good as it gets

The thing is, facing your fears is not a one time event, you can’t just do it once and have done with it. It’s something you do continually, it’s something you actively work on….it never stops. NEVER!!

In my talk I said it’s not simply about bulldozing through your fears at any cost, because thats just stupid…fears quite rightly stop us from making complete idiots of ourselves sometimes so that would be foolish.

But in between the fear and the action is where all the growth happens, and now as I sit here at my desk reflecting on my talk, its not a matter of was it good or what it bad. It’s more about what did I learn? what did I overcome? how did I grow?

And the biggest of all questions…

And now what?

I’d love to talk to organisations or companies interested in exploring the theme of fear and thoughts of not being good enough. Drop us a line at julie@juliecreffield.com and let’s talk it through, or call me on 07961 374 772 (did I mention I’m scared of the phone and prefer email ha ha…but I’m working on this too)…seriously I’m all ears…even if the voices in my head say “Oh shit, someone’s actually taken me up on this…now I have to deliver” when I pick up the phone.

Don’t worry though…I always do deliver…fear sees to that!!!