I’d never really heard this phrase before until recently.

I guess I don’t hang around used car dealerships enough to know where the original phrase comes from, but its that idea that some people who come into your showroom will never buy from you…they will just walk around your motor asking all the right questions, kicking the tyres (I guess to check for….urmmm, nope not sure what this is about) and then they walk clean out the door.

Maybe into the arms of another dealership even.

There are no givens in business. You can warm people up nicely, you can give them loads of free content, you can hold their hand through their wobbles, give them a listening ear, show them who you are and what you stand for, and they still don’t ever pay to work with you.

This could be for a million reasons,

  • They are not in the market to buy
  • They are just being nosey
  • The timing is not right
  • They are pinching your ideas (this shit happens folks…sorry to break it to you)
  • They don’t have the cash to pay
  • They think you are too expensive
  • They already know or do what you do
  • They don’t see the value in your offer
  • They don’t like you enough
  • They don’t trust you enough
  • They prefer someone else

And can you see from this list (which is not exhaustive by the way) you can make it be all about you. You can let the selling process, the process of being in business destroy you.

You can make it mean all manner of things

  • I’m not good enough
  • Other people are better at this than me
  • I’m not likeable enough
  • I’m always going to be a failure
  • I’m destined to be broke

Or you can just get on with finding the right people to work with you.

Yesterday I had a flash sale on my Tribe Builder programme. I set myself a lofty goal of welcoming 33 brave entrepreneurs into my world, with a £500 off carrot…and I got 2.

Those 2 were the easiest sales I’ve ever made, one bought straight from the first email, the other after a short clarity call…both had found me through what I like to call organic sources, they were both referrals.

More than 800 people opened one of my emails yesterday, more than 200 people clicked on a link, and yet only 2 people bought. Now I could go into the science of open rates, and conversion rates and all of that stuff, but for me, it’s about something much deeper than the metrics, it’s about trusting that the right people will find their way into your world.

Yesterdays under the radar launch was just step one in my plan to recruit 150 entrepreneurs into the next round of Tribe Builder. With each round, I will be honing my message and inviting the right people to work with me.

Yesterday more than 60 people unsubscribed from my list…and that feels wonderful. I haven’t taken it personally I just know this is the process you go through to really grow a tribe of followers, fans and advocates who dig you and what you do.

This is why email list and social media numbers are just vanity metrics…the numbers that really matter are those that are about the impact you make out there in the world…and also the income you create to help fund your dreams.

What are you doing in your business to attract and repel people in your community? Are you giving people the opportunity to come with you and to leave you? Are you showing people who you really are? Are you giving them the opportunity to show you who they really are?

Being in business is about having something other people see value in, and encouraging people to pay you well for that value.

Do not be afraid to piss people off by simply being in business.

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