A few years ago when I was struggling to grow my fitness business, working all the hours, fighting to monetise my successful blog…oh AND juggling being a single parent, I can remember thinking…

Will I ever get a summer holiday again?

I can remember journaling, and writing about my future ideal life (does anyone else do that?), I remember writing that August would be the month I took off each year to spend time with my daughter Rose and not because I had to, but because I wanted to.

But how on earth could I do that?

Well, I can proudly say that 2019 has been the first year that I can gladly say I have been able to do it, and it feels great heading into September knowing that I have had an actual break…and my business hasn’t folded while I was gone.

Because despite taking almost 7 weeks off work, and taking two vacations I have had my most profitable August in the future of my business and attracted new work, new opportunities, new clients.

This is because I have backed myself in bigger ways than ever over the past 18 months…and you could do this too with some simple tweaks to your mindset and the way you plan your business.

This all started last May when I decided to invest in myself in a way that I had never done before…oh and if you are one of those people who get nervous about other people talking explicitly about money LOOK AWAY NOW!!!

It started with a trip to San Diego to a conference hosted by transformational Life Coach Lisa Nichols, despite me bagging myself a free ticket to the conference the trip cost around £1200 in total…not an insignificant amount of money at that point.

I left that event completely inspired.

Ready to invest in myself further.

In fact, I had signed up to attend Lisa’s annual breakthrough retreat in Mexico…a retreat that would cost me around £7000 to attend….which at the time I had no idea how I would cover the cost.

But here’s the thing.

I know that’s a shit heap of money. But signing on the dotted line for that investment helped me to uplevel my business and my belief in myself in a way I had never done before.

That investment triggered a string of events which changed the infrastructure and direction of my business FOREVER.

I launched a completely new programme which brought in close to £20,000 of new revenue.

It gave me the confidence to start offering 121 life coaching…adding a further £10,000 of revenue

It gave me data, stories and other useful material to be used in my Tedx and accompanying book Living a Bigger Life.

It triggered me wanting to gain a more formal qualification in Life Coaching…so that was another £5000 investment in my learning and development.

This was a double-pronged approach, surround myself with the best of the best in my field (as I learn through seeing other people do what I want to do), and invest in my skills at the same time (as I also love to learn in a classroom setting too)

I tallied up last week that I have probably spent close to £50,000 on learning and self-development over the past 5 years.

Probably close to £100,000 in my lifetime…what with my degree and my masters…and I will probably go on to spend the same again in the next 5 years too.


Don’t I know enough already?


Because I want to continue growing and learning both as a coach and as a human, I want to accelerate my learning going both deep and wide, I want to be the best that I can be both for me and my clients, and sure you can learn through lived experience and low-cost investments like books, youtube videos and free events.

But for me, I choose to celebrate the investments I make in myself because I think they act as a reminder of how worthy I am of backing myself, as a reminder of the good I do in the world with my programmes.

I’ve noticed that for some people there is some weird kind of shame around buying courses and programmes, investing in coaches…with people not wanting to admit that they signed up for another “thing”

Yes there are sharks out there, yes there are courses that don’t deliver, conferences that are all hype with barely any real return on investment but I think those stories are mainly shared by people who don’t want to do the work, who are out there looking for the evidence of that. Because for the rest of us out there deep in the work we find that when we uplevel our skills and growth, it increases our capacity to support and serve our clients.

Look, we get to choose how we spend our hard-earned cash…some people like Prada handbags…others like spending a week with new people in a glorious setting working on our self-limiting beliefs…get over it.

So the next time you sign up to a programme, or take on a coach take some time to celebrate, take some time to journal about how excited you are to welcome in the new you, acknowledge the fact you are backing yourself.

Because if you don’t back yourself and your future, how can you expect others to?

Starting on the 13th September I am running a FREE 10 day challenge called “A Grand in Your Hand” which shares the specific process I use to inject cash into my business, often when there is an investment I want to make.

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If you are interested in some of the lessons I got from my recent week in Mexico with Lisa Nichols, head over to my YouTube channel where you will find my daily (blurry eyed) video logs and a recent 1 hour webinar I recorded on the topic.