Do we all have bloody adhd now?

I can remember the moment last year clear as day

“Shit…I think I might actually have ADHD. How have I not thought about this before”

That was the thought I had as I came off a brilliant group call with my Tribe Builder clients in the Spring last year.

I passed it off as a fleeting thought, triggered by my client Leah who was working with me to grow her coaching business specialising in supporting adult women with late diagnosis of ADHD.

The more she spoke about her work though the more I wondered.

As part of our work together Leah created the “I am ADHD” campaign, which was a visual marketing and campaigning project to highlight awesome women who have the diagnosis, raising awareness and destigmatizing it…I was super proud of the direction she took the campaign and how it amplified her mission.

But then we went our separate ways…and I pushed it to the back of my mind.

Recently though, more and more of my peers and other entrepreneurs have started talking about their diagnosis, and it felt somehow like if I came out of the woodwork it would feel like I am jumping on some kind of bandwagon….and I have a business to run don’t you know, I didn’t want to be going off on some kind of tangent. 

This year has already been kinda tough for me, severe emotional burnout in the spring, a number of dodgy (OK FAILED) launches, a heap of therapy, family shit to deal with, cash flow issues, staffing issues and then to top everything off COVID, which involved a quite scary hospital admission.

The enforced rest throughout October, and being alone with my ever conflicting thoughts, made me realise I couldn’t ignore this prospect anymore?

I seriously do believe I have ADHD…and am working on getting an official diagnosis. 

I am working with my daughters school and our GP to explore whether my daughter has it too…because so many of her behaviours remind me of mine as a child, and the more I start to understand how my brain potentially works, the more I understand and can empathise with the challenges she faces.

What this brings up for me primarily are…

1. Why was this not diagnosed or even considered when I was a kid? I was just written off as naughty and attention seeking, despite my younger brother having an official diagnosis.

2. Maybe this is why so many aspects of my business seem impossible to me…and why I am such a challenge to work for and with

3. What will this mean for me as a business owner, mum and human moving forward.

It is the start of a new phase for sure…and I am not putting too much pressure on myself to make it mean anything.

But in the meantime I am also reading lots, discussing it with clients and peers who already have a diagnosis, and am committed to helping others explore this too…because apparently, it is quite prevalent in female entrepreneurs.

Next week I will be attending the ADHD Entrepreneur Summit run by my past client Leah Leaves which I have this week become a proud affiliate and supporter of….if you upgrade to the you will also get a FREE bonus of access to my Audience Builder Bootcamp programme worth £500+, as well as lots of other cool bonuses. 

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