So the world is going nuts for Clubhouse, the new social media platform for folks who love the sound of their own voice ha ha

Only kidding.

It’s a great platform for positioning you as an expert in your field, creating new business contacts, and driving leads.

But do the numbers matter?

On this platform it 100% does, and here’s why.

The more people you have that follow you, the more people get access to your rooms, rooms are the spaces you create to share your content, and have conversations.

But like any social media platform, its the depth of engagement that matters.

Some of the best rooms I’ve been in have been the smaller ones, rather than the massive “I’ll make you a million pound in 5 minutes” ones.

I’ve been on the platform for two weeks and I have just short of 1000 followers, but more importantly that that I have driven 500 small business owners onto my email list AND made sales.

But here’s a funny story.

Last night I created a mini product to help people get their head around how to use clubhouse

You can check it out here

And I got a message on Instagram from someone who said,

“How can you teach people how to get followers if you have only got 950 followers yourself”

Here’s the thing.


That person wasn’t taking into consideration my background, where my expertise is, what I do for my clients, she was only taking things on face value…and that sadly is the world we live in.

So yes Follower numbers do matter….because many people do want to see that you do what you say you do…and people are impressed with audience figures.

BUT….and as always its a BIG BUT

Follower numbers should never take priority over good quality, deeper relationships…because thats where business is done.

I am passionate about showing people how to grow engaged tribes, buyers and action takers, not just passive followers and browsers. So community building isn’t just about numbers.

You can have a small but mighty tribe.

I’d rather have 100 engaged clients on my email list who love what I do, who buy from me, cheer me on, refer me to their peoples, than 1000 people who never open my emails.

So go grow your audience…

Come find me on Clubhouse, I am hosting a range of rooms this week including a session on Wednesday at 9am on optimising your bio…you can get a notification for it here

Julie Creffield is a community engagement strategist with 20+ years experience of building engaged and impactful tribes, online and offline. She helps purpose driven solopreneurs to build movements that matter to scale their business.

She is the author of Leading from the Back, a book about how to grow a profitable online business without selling out, burning out, or behaving like a dick!!!!

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