So here’s the deal.

I always get super reflective this time of year, I start to review where I am now compared to where I was this time last year.

This time last year I was busy finalising my new website

It felt like a BIG thing. I had been doing coaching for a whole heap of years, but to actually call myself a coach and have a whole website dedicated to this side of my business felt weird. I felt like a fraud. Like someone was going to call me out and say…you are not a coach.

Imposter Syndrome….well hello my friend.

Anyway. I decided early in 2018 that I would nip this fear in the bud by getting accredited by the International Federation of Coaches, and I started that process a few weeks ago.

The course and accreditation pathway I am doing is brilliant, I love to learn new stuff to inform my practice, it’s been great meeting other coaches, and its helped me to realise what a great coach I already am, and how unique what I offer to my clients is.

And…It turns out what I have been doing as a coach isn’t real coaching, well not in its purest sense…I have been more of a coach/mentor/consultant/trainer for women through my existing programmes and services.

Which is fine, because women get the results they want…but…

The work I am doing to get accredited requires me to be a pure coach…to do 100 hours worth of paid pure coaching…and I have to do all of this by the end of 2019 to get my accreditation.

Now…I am going to be honest with you, I don’t do a lot of 121 coaching…a lot of my work has been with group programmes…in fact this year alone more than 1000 women have been through an online coaching programme with me.  Where as this year I have worked with maybe just 10 ladies maximum on a 121 basis who have all had an amazing success of course in reaching their goals and having personal breakthroughs, but all of that needs to change…I need to work with more 121 clients alongside my group programmes, well I do if I want to get accredited.

Which means I need people just like you to coach.

However, the other thing to mention is that I actually enjoy working 121 with clients, I wasn’t sure that I would like it but I do. I like being able to dig a bit deeper, spend more time, give more support, its very rewarding….and I have to remind myself not everyone wants to do things in groups….even me sometimes.

So I am looking for women interested in booking me for 6 transformational coaching sessions, from January – March to work on achieving their goals either in life or in their careers. These would be 60 minutes of coaching….not mentoring, not consulting…not telling you what to do, but using key coaching techniques to help you move from where you are now to where you want to be.

Things I am great at helping women work through

  • Fear
  • Procrastination
  • In-decision
  • Lack of Clarity
  • Overwhelm
  • BIG changes
  • Relationship Breakdowns (of all sorts)

Could you do with any of this?

I am offering 5 women the chance to work with me between January and March at a significant discount to what I normally charge for 121 coaching. This coaching will take place via Zoom video conferencing technology or over the phone, on a fortnightly basis.

These sessions will be in huge demand, so if you are interested let me know this week. 

If you have any questions or would like to secure your spot feel free to respond to this email.

This is a great chance to get to work with me at an affordable rate, and to head towards the end of 2018 knowing you have a plan formulating for next year

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