Right…so I’m just going to say it outright….

I love cucumbers

And before you start thinking all kinds of smutty things, I am talking about the long green vegetable often enjoyed in salads and posh sandwiches.

I love cucumber in salads, as crudites with humous, on the side of curries, in yogurt dips…I just really like the fresh crunchy taste.

So chances are if you look in my fridge you will always find a cucumber or two.

However, this hasn’t always been the case.

A few years ago, I can’t remember exactly when as it is a time I have obviously chosen to bury deep down in my memory vaults…the price of cucumber went up from £0.50p to £1…like a 100% increase overnight.

I was in severe shock.

A whole pound for a cucumber…are they kidding?

Now I must have been on a bit of a budget with my shopping at the time, but maybe even not…but, either way, I decided it was an absolute outrage and I boycotted my favourite vegetable in protest, on the grounds that I simply couldn’t afford the price increase.

Like seriously.

A few weeks into my protest though, I realised the only person that was being hurt by my protest was me, I missed my beloved cucumbers.

Plus…of course I could afford them, I was just choosing to tell myself that I couldn’t.

So the following day as I did my weekly shop, I splashed out and bought two.

Now, why do I tell you this story?

Well, don’t worry I am not sponsored by the trade association of Cucumbers or anything, it’s just that the slightly humorous episode really taught me a valuable lesson about my money mindset and my quickness to announce that things are out of my price range even when they are not. It is a habit that I had had for the longest of time, judging all kinds of experiences and potential purchased based on this weird sense of affordability rather than value.

Since that time which I now refer to as my “Cucumber Protest” I continue to monitor the rise and fall of prices in the salad aisle, but it rarely affects my buying decision…heck sometimes I even opt for organic or those cute little snacking cucumbers which are very pricey in comparison…and it never fails to remind me of how lucky I am that I can indeed afford fresh fruit and vegetables at all.

Is there something larger at play though when it comes to this idea of what we can and can’t afford?

I think so.

When I started my fitness business this question of affordability and value continued to pop up.

I would be promoting one of my very affordable (in my mind) online programmes to which some women would happily sign up, but some women would go out of their way to tell me that they couldn’t afford it…which made me feel really bad.

I would receive emails with quite detailed explanations about current financial situations, and the fact that they “simply can’t justify the expense”. Now we are not talking massive amounts of money here, normally something in the region of £20 or so.

Look I know there are lots of people on low incomes, and for some people, £20 can feed their family for a few days so this is not a dig at them. But I do believe that some of these “I can’t afford it” declarations were more about not seeing the value in what I was offering, or a brilliant cover up for what was really going on which was…

I want to do it, but I’m scared of doing it, what if I fail, let me just stay in my comfort zone and convince myself and everyone else of a reason not to do it

That there my friends is what we call money blocks….and sadly a lot of women have them without even knowing about it.

I see it in the running world all the time, especially when it comes to women wanting to take part in races, overseas trips, retreats etc…the decision that they can’t afford it is made super quick, without A. doing any real research, and B. taking any kind of action to find the money required or look at alternative ways of making it happen.

Hey…there is no judgment here because heck a few years ago this was me too.

That was until I came across Denise Duffield Thomas money mindset extraordinaire, speaker and author of “Get Rich Lucky Bitch”…the first women, in fact, I had ever heard talk about money mindset and wealth creation for women…it was like a whole new world.

I joined her Money Bootcamp in 2015 at the height of me “I can’t afford it” and “I’ve never got any money” life and I have never looked back, so much so that wealth has become one of the core themes of my work too…I am by no means an expert, but I truly believe that women are held back by their sense of worth which is often reflected in their financial situations, so my work is very much about health, wealth and happiness these days.

On Monday next week, I am dipping my toe into sharing my views on this with my audience, showing specifically how by challenging your money mindset and breaking through your money blocks you can live a life full of adventure. Because it’s no good me inspiring you to come up with exciting life goals if your bank balance simply won’t allow you to progress with them.

So why not join me for my 100% FREE (see no money blocks needed here) 10-day challenge “10 ways to make money for adventure” where I will share how I have attracted more than £25,000 worth of adventure into my life over the last 4 years, sharing my step by step approach of raising your own funds to do something similar.

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I will be speaking a lot more about Denise Duffield Thomas over the next few months, she has been an incredible role model to me since starting my business, and her moneyboot camp has been truly transformational. Check out her story about how she manifested 6 months of FREE luxury travel, a woman after my own heart….and look out for some further info from me about how you can work with her this year.

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