So its been 30 days since my life changed FOREVER!!!

Only kidding, but it does feel a little bit like that.

The date was 30th December, I was in that blur between Christmas and New Year and slowly losing the will to live.

A client of mine texted me an invite to a new social media channel and I was like

“WTF another one?”

And because she is one of those annoying young, gorgeous and talented millennials I had these sense of doom in my gut that read

“GREAT another social media platform that I’m not cool enough to leverage”

But how wrong was I?

So quickly…clubhouse is a new audio-only app, that baasically allows you to host your own topic based rooms, collaborate with others on rooms, ask questions/give opinions in rooms…or simply be an audience member.

The first week was a it of a blur.

I jumped straight in, had a bit of a nose, ended up on various stages talking mostly about clubhouse but with a little bit about audience building.

It didn’t take long before I was being pinged into rooms, being asked to comoderate, being asked about the app, outside of the app…like,

“Julie…should I be on clubhouse?”

I wrote a simple guide to help people get set up (you can grab it here)

And this pop up product illustrated just how cool this platform could be for converting followers into paying clients.

You can come and find me on the platform @juliecreffield

So, anyway 30 days on what have been my lessons?

1. Don’t over think it

There are lots of people talking strategy, but bloody hell, most folks in the UK have been on the platform less than 6 weeks, and there is not just one way to leverage the platform. So don’t worry about the right way…rather worry about getting in your own way.

2. Get stuck in

The best way to learn and test is to just jump in. Nothing is recorded…so it doesn’t matter. Listen to a range of rooms, ask questions, host your own rooms…everyone is kind of figuring it out. You don’t need to know what you are doing before getting cracking.

3. Optimise your bio

Think about what you want people to think, feel and do when they come across you (there is more about the tactics of this in my clubhouse guide) and make sure you hook up to either Instagram or Twitter.

4. Think about what you want to be known as.

This is an AUTHORITY piece. Be known for just one thing, make it easy for people to get you, to want to bring you on their stages, to want to come to your rooms.

This is not the place to fake it until you make it, but also don’t short change yourself. Be confident, clear and credible in your bio and in the way you show up on stages…but also don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and real.

5. Embed clubhouse into your wider marketing ecosystem

Where does it fit in to what else you are doing? For me it’s not about replacing anything, but instead, it is complimenting what I am already doing. By default because it links to my instagram…my instagram game has been ramped up somewhat. And this strategy piece is evolving for sure.

And the results?

Everyone wants to know whether I am getting a ROI from the time I am spending on the platform….which is probably around 10-12 hours a week.

So firstly I would say, I am still testing and exploring, and I don’t have an aggressive strategy like some folks do. There are lots of stories about BIG COACHES making millions…I mean some of them appear to be on their 24 hours a day…so they must think its worth it.

For me I have settled down in terms of the amount of time I am on there.

My regular shows.

I am the creator of Breakfast Minus the Bullshit which I cohost with Helen Pritchard and Gemma Went….it’s a bit like Loose Women or GMTV…just about business…and of course more brilliant ha ha.

It is every weekday morning from 7am-9am….and I LOVE IT.

I usually jump on my peloton, or schedule my social media for the week, or sometimes just stay in bed…so it’s not like I have to be up and fully functioning every day…and let me tell you, to get to my desk for 9.30am having been in front of 100-200 of my ideal customers or potential collaborators each day is an absolute no brainer for me.

This for me feels like the most aligned way of showing up…its also great to be collaborating, so I’m not having to think it all through myself. We are getting so much positive feedback both live from audience members and in the DMs…folks are super grateful for the tone, and the quality of the room, a room which we are carefully moderating and being super intentional about.

The other regular rooms I run each week are

  • Monday 9am-10am Practical Audience Building with different topics each week
  • Wednesday 9am-10am Live Bio Surgery…where I critique peoples bios live each week

And I tend to run 1-3 other rooms throughout the week, depending on my time commitments and energy.

So let’s talk numbers.

  • I have gained just short of 4000 followers on clubhouse
  • I have increased my instagram by around 800 followers…and I had been completely stuck before joining clubhouse
  • I have added around 600 new people to my email list (haven’t tracked if this was all from clubhouse)
  • I had a successful launch of my Tribe Builder programme…and I know that at least 5 of those new clients found me via clubhouse…this has given me my first ever £30K month, and £100,000 launch (although clearly not all from clubhouse)
  • I’ve secured two 121 clients directly from the platform
  • I’ve sold around £1000 of passive income products
  • I have spoken on 2 podcasts, and been invited to speak on many more

But the thing which is slightly immeasurable is how much my profile, authority and credibility has increased in the last 30 days….and this is what completely lights me up.

Look, my thing is audience building so of course this is going to work for me….and I don’t even think I’ve been pushing with this yet.

But I have also been supporting my clients to leverage it too…and they are feeding back that they are building their list, getting leads and making sales…which lets face it is the lifeblood of any business.

This platform can work for you no matter what your niche, your field, your business model, and its also a fantastic place for folks not in business who have a cause or a mission they are committed to.

Basically, ut is a great place to meet your peeps.

I am sure to feed back in future months my evolving strategy as the year progresses.

If you would like to pick my brains on how to make Clubhouse work for you, get in touch. I am doing a limited number of 45-minute strategy calls in February to help folks get started.

However, if you’d like to work with me in a more strategic way to understand how to grow your audience and increase your income and impact in 2021…I have just 2 more places available for my Tribe Growth Accelerator 121 Service for this quarter.

Get in touch

Julie Creffield is a community engagement strategist and creative business mentor, she specialises in helping solopreneurs on a mission to change the world (and their worlds) to build influence, impact and income from their business.

She went from unemployed single mum to 6 figure business owner with her plus size fitness business Too Fat to Run? And now runs a multiple 6 figure business supporting other business owners to monetise their passions and their expertise.

10 times author, 5 time marathon runner, speaker and media appearances in more than 30 countries worldwide. When it comes to audience building its not the size that matters its the depth of engagement that really counts.

Her latest book Leading from the back is all about how to build a profitable online business without selling out, burning out, or behaving like a dick.

Available on Amazon NOW

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