Let me tell you what resistance looks like

Let me tell you what resistance looks like

Hands up who writes to-do lists?

Who plans out their week? Gets super clear on their objectives? Knows 100% what they need to do today…and yet for some bazar reason, they still don’t do it?

Writing that proposal, going to the gym, making arrangements to see friends and family…we want to do these things, but we don’t want to actually do these things.

Doing a Facebook live, updating our website, following up on leads, doing a bit of outward-bound marketing?

We are resistant to them.

And then we feel shit about ourselves.

Why don’t we just get on and do these big and important things, instead of popping off for another cup of tea? Or scrolling through Facebook again?

Maybe because they are too much hard work, maybe because we have too much other stuff going on…or maybe we are just avoiding them like the plague because there is too much at stake if we actually do them.

I once had a client in one of my running programmes who told me,

“I’d rather be fat and not do anything about it than be fat and try to do something about it and fail… it’s OK to be a failure if you’re not trying, but if you are and you still fail…that’s just too much

That comment hit me right in the gut.

Because I felt a bit the same, not so much about my weight but about my business…telling myself I do things last minute, and don’t care about perfection because that’s just my down to earth brand…when in fact its too scary to think about all that extra work and it not paying off anyway.

Some say it’s not failure we are afraid of but success, and that resonates too. Who would I be without the struggle? Would people still want to be my friend? Would I be even more lonely than I am now?

Resistance is a sneaky little bugger though because us high functioning folk are masters at covering it up with shiny shit, my excuses are like a flipping swarovski encrusted handbag…so flipping shiny you can’t help but be dazzled by them.

Today resistance looks like…

  • Having a million windows open on my Mac so it slows down and I can’t possibly do any important work
  • Doing the washing up…I hate doing washing up
  • Reorganising my desk for the 4th time this week
  • Signing up for another mini-course that I won’t probably do
  • Buying another cute journal
  • Spying on a few folks on social
  • Popping to the shops to buy vitamins
  • Creating graphics in Canva even though I have someone who does that for me now
  • Moaning to some business buddies that I am struggling today

And gosh we are only just at 10am…I’ve been busy.

When in fact I know what I need to do.

I’ve been here before.

I know this feeling.

This is resistance brought on by fear, fear brought on by accepting what it is I really want, accepting what I really want because I know I am worthy of that level of success….and boy oh boy is that a difficult thing to accept about myself.

How dare I be worthy of incredible commercial success?

How dare I attempt to pull of my biggest launch ever?

How dare I change the trajectory of my life, my daughters life, her kids life?

How dare I muck up the status quo of being broke and maybe even a little bit broken?

I started this challenge of writing a blog every day until the end of 2019 to help me get out of my won way. I felt constricted. I felt tongue-tied. Like I didn’t know what I wanted to say. I felt pressure…but that was self-inflicted pressure…cos here’s the truth nobody is really willing to tell you…

Nobody really gives a shit about your business other than you.

People give a shit about their business, their family, their life…and that’s OK.

Writing these posts every day is helping me to care less about what I put out there, its helping me to get clarity over what I want to say, and its helping me to express myself.

There is no content plan, I don’t know what day to day I am going to write, and that feels brilliant. It reminds me of when I set up my blog The Fat Girls Guide to Running nine years ago…no plan, no ulterior motive…just a real appetite to share what was in my head, and what was in my heart.

Somehow I don’t feel any resistance to that.

So I will continue in this vein.

Next week I am revealing my plans for 2020…I’m doing this more for me than for anyone else, I have been keeping this all to myself, other than sharing with a few people in my circle of trust…but I feel agitated, I feel like a fraud not sharing my bigger vision for what is to come.

Once it is out there, I can just get on with doing my thing.

If you would like to join me on my next FREE challenge and get clear on your vision for 2012, join Dare to Dream which starts on the 2nd December....if you would like to talk to me about working with me in 2020 drop me a line…or you could wait until Tuesday when I make my BIG announcement.

My most embarrassing moment as an entrepreneur

My most embarrassing moment as an entrepreneur

So 9 years ago I set up a blog all about being a plus-size runner. I was frustrated with the progress I was making, how difficult it was to find running gear to fit AND coming last in races.

I did not intend for this blog to become a business, or for me to become a full time serial entrepreneur.

OK so I had done some freelancing, and worked as a consultant…but that felt different, that was being commissioned to deliver on specific briefs, that wasn’t me being completely responsible for the creation of employment for the rest of my life.

But lets go back a minute.

The year is 2012, I am in a full-time job…my blog has gained popularity despite being anonymous, and me only posting every now and again, I am 7 months pregnant…and my boss at the time calls me into his office and I find out I am being made redundant….for the 4th time in 10 years I might add.

In that moment…OK well maybe after I cried the whole way home on the bus (never a good look for a pregnant lady) I decided never again would I let someone else be in control of my wealth.

About a year went by before I decided to officially turn my blog into a business, a loan from the jobcentre helping to make it happen. Things were moving fast…I was selling branded merchandise, and working with brands, I’d even managed to put my daughter into nursery a few days a week.

And that’s when I got a phone call from a major TV company asking if I’d like to go on a well-known TV show hosted by a well-known TV gardener.

The premise for the piece was a makeover.

I had been nominated for a blog award, and I had nothing to wear…so it made for a great story.

“Should I wear my running gear?” I asked the lovely producer

“Yeah that would be great…I’ll send a car”

I was so excited I told everyone, my friends and family, and my thousands of blog readers….my first stint on national TV…it was going to be fab.

Turned up at the studio and was told,

“We’ve had a bit of a change of mind, we didn’t realise it is valentines day so the feature is going to be valentines themed”

“OK’ I said. Thinking about how I could spin this for my business.

Then the bigger picture unveiled itself. The feature would work like this.

They had pulled two random people from the audience, and the three of us would have to find boxes in a heart shaped pit, one of them would have the prize of the make over.

It all just happened so fast.

We were ushered onto the stage. The man himself said hello briefly. And then we were live….and we were being introduced. No background info just our first name, and then we were scrabbling around on our hands and knees for the bloody boxes.

I’ve never felt so embarrassed in my life.

In part, because I was the only one in my running kit, which hadn’t even been explained properly…it must have looked like I had literally been dragged in off the street.

Needless to say I didn’t find the right box.

As I waited in the green room for the private car to come and collect me I could feel my face flush, my throat tense and my eyes start to well up. How bloody embarrassing. What a waste of an opportunity. I’d bloody paid for childcare for this. What would people think?

I was mortified.

I think the runners thought I was crying because I didn’t win…when in fact I was crying because I felt like such a big fat loser…just generally.

When the show went live on the TV I could barely watch it, and I cried all over again.

I was mortified. The TV adding all those extra pounds people often talking about, and then some. My running clothes riding up as I dug around in that stupid box.

I can laugh about it now.

But I was broken back then.

That’s the thing as an early stage entrepreneur, you throw yourself into every opportunity, you never ask enough questions, you somehow can’t find the way of saying “no this isn’t going to work” well at least I couldn’t.

I later went on to do 6 weeks on ITVs This Morning with my programme 5 weeks to 5K, helping 3 viewers who had never run learn to run in just 5 weeks….and I’ve appeared on numerous over programmes since.

I will never forget that experience though.

Heres the thing though. I am proud of that person back then. She fearlessly went after what she desired, even though it didn’t work out. Yes, she felt embarrassed, but she didn’t let the fear of embarrassment stop her from moving forward.

So many small business owners are afraid of visibility in case it all goes wrong, but you can not have success without putting yourself out there, its just part of the territory.

Being an entrepreneur is a relentless life filled with opportunity, choice, review, reflect, and then more choice. The one thing you can not do as an entrepreneur is staying still.

We must be brave, we must be bold, we must be decisive and say yes to things even if there are no guarantees of success.

The only thing I have regrets about in the early days of being an entrepreneur was not surrounding myself with other small business owners sooner.

I was lonely.

I had nobody to seek advice or commiserations with.

I had no strategy for PR or Media, I had no strategy at all. And even though my rise to success as a business owner has been pretty swift, I made most of that progress the moment I started working with coaches and building my network of other business owners.

I literally wasted 3 years in the wilderness

Do I still get embarrassed at things these days?

Hmmmm not so much.

As I like to say,

“Shame is something others feel on my behalf”

Failure is not embarrassing, going after what you want is not embarrassing, asking for help, not knowing all the answers, getting things wrong, asking for a sale and being told no is not embarrassing…this is just the mechanics of business…and if you are not willing to put yourself out there, chances are you are leaving money on the table for those people who are willing to be vulnerable.

My name is Julie Creffield and I am a serial entrepreneur and transformational business coach and strategist. My expertise is in growing vibrant and profitable communities around your business and finding creative ways of engaging your customers, followers and fans.

Next week I will be revealing my enormous plans for 2020.

In fact, on Tuesday 19th November its Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and I will be revealing my plans and offering a no brainer way of working with me next year. This opportunity will be for just 33 small business owners, and the offer will go out to my Tribe first for the first refusal.

I get goosebumps whenever I think about the impact this next step is going to have for my life and of course the lives of my clients (and their clients)…coupled with occasional bouts of self-doubt…but that’s just normal. I can not wait to share my plans.

Make sure you subscribe to my monthly Tribe Builder bulletin to be the first to hear my news.

My love hate relationship with…(I’d better not actually say that F word)

My love hate relationship with…(I’d better not actually say that F word)

The irony is not lost on me that this afternoon I am due to run a FREE masterclass on the pros and cons of creating a FREE group on Facebook, and Facebook are fucking around with my page and not letting people see it.

I guess I only have myself to blame because a few days ago I wondered if Facebook would actually allow me to boost the event to my followers…the answer NO? As it infringed their IP rights apparently.

So let’s go back…..way back.

I am an early adopter, I got myself a Facebook like most people did in the early 2000s…I’d had a MySpace account before that, and was an avid forum user while at University.

I liked Facebook though it allowed me to keep in touch with all manner of people from my many lives…I also liked that this global phenomenon had been the brainchild of a single person…genius.

I started blogging in 2010 and would occasionally post links on my personal page, but Twitter was where my blog following actually grew…and I wouldn’t go on to have a Facebook business page for The Fat Girls Guide to Running until around 2013…I resisted, resisted, resisted…as I already spent far too much time online (if only I knew ha ha)

But then as I turned my blog into a business after being made redundant from my job on the London 2012 Olympics, I succumbed created a fan page and not long after that worked out there was money to be made by creating my own little communities on this platform.

Now let’s get something straight.

I have been creating communities for more than 15 years prior to this point, and had never needed a digital platform to make them work. I set up my first community back in 1986 when I turned my brothers attic room into a library for the local kids (I was 8)…I would go on to work in all manner of communities in my early career as a drama practitioner…in fact before I’d even left university I formed a community dance company called Urban 8.

I bring people together.

It’s what I do.

I’m good at it, because

A. I like people

B. I am a born problem solver

So where I see problems, challenges, issues, room for improvement, I like nothing more than bring the people affected by this together to find solutions and feel less alone in their struggle.

I ran my first online programme using Facebook as the platform around 6 years ago…the programme was called Bish, Bash, Bosh and it was £10 a pop…I made £300 in October, November and DEcember…and by January that programme had developed into the first online running club for plus size women in the world.

Combined with an online portal for resources, and regular guest experts and live coaching calls with me, this programme was has been the lifeblood of my plus size fitness business for more than 5 years and it’s still going strong.

More than 1500 women have been part of that club, and more than 10,000 women have taken part in my other online programmes, including pop up challenges like my upcoming Countdown to Christmas Challenge…and more detailed support programmes like my current Spring Marathon Training programme which is supporting 53 women to run 26.2 miles next year.

I like hosting communities on Facebook because it’s where my women are.

I do not create and host facebook communities though, I create and host communities that just so happen to be hosted on this platform….there is a difference in my view.

So when my business clients start a conversation with,

  • Should I start a FREE facebook group
  • Or should my online coaching programme really need to be on Facebook
  • How much should I spend on Facebook ads

I tell them you are starting from the wrong bloody place.

I am not an expert on Facebook. I am an expert on building communities, online and off. I am an expert on getting people in said communities to engage. I am an expert in creating social movements around a social problem, often headed up by a leader who not only has passion for the topic, but experience to help with a transformational journey for the people in that community.

One thing I know for sure is I am acutely aware that building a business that relies solely on Facebook, or any other platform come to think of it is risky and irresponsible.

For example…25,000 women opted to like my fitness business fan page…and I used to be able to drive a lot of engagement, conversations, impact and yes income through that page.

But over the years that engagement is more difficult to get without throwing money at Facebook adverts, and as my fitness business is based on a high volume, low price point model…that just doesn’t make financial sense…so I do not generally speaking use sponsored posts to drive sales.

See this is the thing about growing an authentic, sustainable and profitable tribe around you and your business…you need to be sure that even if facebook closed down tomorrow your people would follow you somewhere else…maybe not all of them, but enough to ensure you and the great work of your business survive.

Can you hand on your heart say that?

This is about

  • Building your email list
  • Building your personal brand, both online and off
  • Building your product and service offering to include offline stuff
  • Building your network of ambassadors and advocates

In other words,

  • Building a legacy

Facebook has been an incredible tool to help me connect with women around the world, I will be forever grateful for it as a platform. It helped me to grow my business at a time when I was most vulnerable, and it has helped me to grow a tribe of advocates, friends and fans globally….and long may that continue.

Just be smart people.

These free tools are incredible resources for you to grow your business, but they are not your business, don’t rely on them completely, and don’t forget that behind your metrics are a bunch of human beings.

Try not to get caught up in”how does the algorythm work” “What is the best time to post” and all that stuff…instead go back to basics and think about the old skool communities you were part of growing up…what made you join and be part of them.

Be human.


Do stuff together.

Be kind.

I anyone is around at 12.30pm and fancies hearing some more about this stuff, join me on my FREE masterclass about FREE Facebook groups…which until very recently I did not have, and is 100% not a requirement for building a successful profitable business.

Here is the link (although some folks are saying it’s not working)

My name is Julie Creffield and I am a serial entrepreneur and master tribe builder. If you are looking for serious growth in your business in 2020 both in terms of income and impact get in touch.

For the past year I have been piloting a 3 month incubator called Tribe Builder which has been helping entrepreneurs to embed community engagement strategies within their businesses….and the results have been incredible.

In January 2020 I will be taking all of the learning from these 3 pilot rounds, and the programme will be extending to a 6-month programme for up to 150 entrepreneurs.

This will be a community lof entrepreneurs like no other.

If you would like to find out more about how you can join this community at a founder member rate then get in touch before the end of next week. The prices will be going up 3 times over the next 3 months, so don’t delay, let’s chat.

Right…now let’s see what traction this blog post gets over on Facebook ha ha

Rodney and Delboy have a lot to answer for

Rodney and Delboy have a lot to answer for

It’s hardly surprising that growing up in the East End of London as a child during the 80s and 90s I had some quite questionable role models.

My TV and film influences for example.

Tuning into Eastenders, watching episodes of Minder and The Bill..oh and then later came the Lock, Stock era anyone would think that the only way to make money coming from the place I lived was to be a wheeler-dealer/criminal…or of course a drug dealer.

But the single most damaging clip from a TV show that has stuck in my brain all these years, the scene from Only Fools and Horses where Delboy turns to Rodney and says,

“This time next year we’ll be millionaires”

Now don’t get me wrong I love love love this show, I mean how could you not but literally I can’t have a serious conversation about money with my friends and family without some smart arse coming out with that phrase.

It’s like wealth creation is a joke.

And this often comes with an array of side dishes of the following statements,

  • “Oh I don’t want to be rich just comfortable”
  • “More money more problems”
  • “It’s not about the money, I just want to help people”
  • “Rich people are greedy/snobby/bad/evil/corrupt”
  • “Money can’t buy happiness”

I can remember clear as day about 5 years ago having an empty fridge, no money to buy some much-needed clothes to fit my growing child, nor cash to pay my council tax bill thinking…

“Sod it…I don’t want to be comfortable I want to be bloody rich”

And I set about on a journey to work out how one might do so. I knew I had to start with my deep-seeded money mindset issues which I had collected throughout my life.

Beliefs that you had to work REALLY hard to make good money, or that money always goes to money, that you have to spend money to make money, that basically people like me just don’t have the aptitude to create wealth.

Its been a long old journey, and I have invested in coaches and hundreds of hours of reading and journaling, and testing of theories. In fact its ongoing work…because at every income level, at every new stage of business growth you are forced to look at who you are, and how money is affecting you.

I remember 4 years ago I set the prompt £100K as passwords for all my electronics…as suggested by my money mindset coach…and it worked…but the first year this was a combination of cash in, free holidays and £60K of funding from Sport England…I had to get clear it was real turnover, and then profit I was focussing on.

You see you have to be super specific in your goals.

A fellow coach a few weeks ago when I was in Poland said to me,

“If you are so good at manifesting money (which I am), why don’t you put a million down as your password”

And I replied

“Cos I don’t need a million” (notice I still don’t speak proper ha ha)

And then it hit me.

I was great at making money when I needed it, to pay bills, to get me out of trouble, to fund my travels and adventures, to invest in learning. But without the need…somehow the motivation was missing.

What would you do if you did have a million?” she said.

“Oh easy, I’d buy a property by the sea and move out of London”

And BANG there it was my motivation.

“Besides….” she said

“If you don’t make a million pounds you are being a selfish cow”

“How so??” I asked

“Well if you don’t know how to make a million, how can you help your clients get there?

She had a point.

So something has shifted in my ambition, in my motivation to scale.

I don’t know whether being a 7 figure business owner is in my future but I know one thing for sure. Throughout my life wherever I have created wealth it has always been in direct correlation to doing good in the world…so more money more impact.

If I have got to 6 figures helping tens of thousands of women, then it makes sense that 7 figures would be hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of people.

And that realisation has opened all manner of ideas for things I am going to be offering next year as part of my Tribe Building work and support for entrepreneurs.

So if you are reading this thinking…I want a bit of what she’s having, and you’re sick of the narrative that you can’t make money while doing good in the world, drop me a line and let me talk to you about a new thing I am launching for business owners with the vision to work with a million clients in their lifetime.

Seriously drop me a message julie@juliecreffield.com I have something super exciting happening on the 5th December, but you have to be on my radar to get first dibs.

So yes, I’m on the look out for Entrepreneurs with enormous vision for making an enormous difference….and making a heap of money too.

And as for Rodney and Delboy…remember they did go on to make their millions, at Sotherbys in the 1996 Christmas Special, 6.4 million in fact….OK so they lost it all again in future episodes…but you had to give em props for their perseverance…and money or no money…those two characters have brought a lot of joy to the world right?

A blog a day helps me work rest and play

A blog a day helps me work rest and play

“If you want to be a writer, you have to write”

That was the frustrating phrase my Great Uncle Les would write to me over and over again as I sought our his writing advice over our 10-year relationship as avid pen pals.

I had met him at a wedding aged 10, he was one of my Nans brothers (there were 18 siblings in total) and soon after I began writing to him. By the time I went off to university 8 years later our writing became more frequent and he was a wonderful mentor, and believer in me.

I wanted to be a writer.

But he would not give me his secrets, nor his contacts…he would simply tell me again and again,

“Julie. If you want to become a writer you have to write. Find something you are passionate about and get writing”

But you know what it’s like telling teenagers anything.

Eventually, I did start writing. I found something I was passionate about. And so, a 10,000 word dissertation on cultural diversity, 1000 or so blog posts and articles on plus size fitness, and 8 books later…I guess you could say I am a writer.

However, I’ve been a bit distracted recently, and my writing has been restricted mainly to long form social media posts, which are OK I guess…but I miss the process of sitting at my desk and letting everything out…I miss the ritual of it…I miss knowing that all around the world my friends, and fans and followers…and occasionally completely new to me folks are reading my stuff.

And so I’m back.

I am committing as we steam towards the end of this decade to write a blog a day. Now I can’t say for sure what the topics will be, but it will most probably be my views on the online world, the things which bug me in business, my thoughts about growing engaged audiences…and anything else which inspires me.

“A blog a day?” my accountability buddy said this morning.

Because yes, it’s quite a commitment. But for me writing is me in flow. Yes I can do social, yes I can make videos, yes I can run webinars (I’m doing one about the value of FREE facebook groups this Wednesday seeing as you asked) but my passion has always been writing and its where I find myself most at home.

And plus I think in blog post titles these days…but just never find the time to make good on them…and there lies the problem. We never find the time, we have to make the time, we literally have to carve it out of our day…it’s about intention, focus and discipline.

What could you commit to for the next 40 days?

Let me know.

Ha ha, this is how accountability works folks….you say you are going to do something to someone, and then you feel like an idiot if you don’t do it, so most of the time you will.

Blogging has literally changed my life, and no not in terms of getting freebies, or having millions of followers…no for me it’s been a vehicle to support me while I work out what I’m supposed to be doing in my life. It has given me the kind of freedom I couldn’t even have dreamed of when I was that 8-year-old girl meeting her great uncle who was a writer…who thought, “that sounds like a cool thing to be”

So join me tomorrow for a blog entitled.

“Rodney and Delboy have a lot to answer for”

Where I give you a bit more insight into my East End childhood, and the importance of good role models.

Hope you’ll join me


My name is Julie Creffield and I am a serial entrepreneur, master tribe builder and business strategist. I am on a mission to help small business owners better understand how to get traction in the online world to grow vibrant and profitable communities around their work.

Join me on the 2nd December for my FREE 10 day challenge Dare to Dream, helping you to get clear on your vision and goals for 2020, including some, never revealed info about how I went from unemployed single mum to 6 figure coach and international speaker in just 4 years…and what my plans for world domination are over the next decade ha ha

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Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

What are you saying no to in your business?

What are you saying no to in your business?

Remember when your Mum used to get you to try new foods?

And you’d say,

“But I don’t like it” and she’d say “How do you know…you haven’t tried it?”

Well, last week I was at my sisters house and she is a foster parent who has a lovely little boy in her care at the moment. When he came to her he only ate bland beige food and over the few months he’s been with her he has really started to enjoy more foods.

I had popped into her new house to have a nose around and she said she’d knock me up a bit of brunch as I’d had an early meeting and no breakfast, she started making pancakes with fruit yogurt and honey.

“I looooooooovvvveeee honey” this little 4 year old boy says

“Me too” I said

“It’s soooo nice” he said

“I know” I said

To which my sister mouthed

“He’s never tried honey”

Ha ha.

Well, he did that morning and he loved it.

I think we should all be a bit more like this excitable little boy.

Now on to some real business lessons hey?

A few months ago while at a speaking gig in Frankfurt I was invited to get involved with a new thing.

A new thing I’d never heard of before.

I didn’t know what it would be like, how much it would cost to go, what the return on investment would be, or even if it would suit someone like me. I might have hated it…it might have been full of weirdos.

The thing was the Association of Transformational Leaders, Europe…headed up by Marie Diamond a global Fung Shui expert (who I’m a bit embarrassed to say I didn’t know who she was until this weekend…anyone who has been to my apartment will know this to be true ha ha)

For those who don’t know who she is, Marie is an international bestselling author, speaker, and consultant not only in Feng Shui – but also Quantum Physics, the Law of Attraction, and other branches of ancient wisdom.


I looked into it…it looked interesting, there were other interesting people going, it would involve some travel (I looooovvvee travel) but I still had some reservations.

I’d just got back from a week in Mexico with one of the worlds leading transformational coaches. I’d just come back from a weekend in Frankfurt keynoting at a high profile conference…this niggling thought of…

“Who are you to enjoy a life of travel and adventure?”

Almost…you can have some, but not too much…cos that would just be greedy.

But there was also a bit of,

“People will start to think you are one of those personal development junkies…who doesn’t actually have a real business to speak of”

“I’ll look into it next time,” I said to the guy who kindly invited me.

But I kept looking at that slot in my diary. I kept wondering what if. It’s like I knew I would miss out if I didn’t go.

I spoke about this with my business coach, using cost as the reason not to go…and she said,

“If you had the money would you go?” to which I said

“Without a shadow of a doubt” so she said,

“Go make the money then”

And so I did.

I launched a new thing which I wasn’t sure if I would do this year and I made more than enough to cover the flights, accommodation and event fee…so now I had no excuse not to go.

“I’ve changed my mind, I want to come” I messaged my guy…and this was with a week to go!!!! And that’s OK…we are OK to change our minds…no shame there.

It wasn’t about the money really, I already had money in the bank, but this was an investment I hadn’t accounted for and like I had to test the universe to see if she was going to play ball.

Also turned out the event fell on half term and so my daughter was able to go to her Dads for an extra couple of days.

And so I headed off to Krakow in Poland to spend a weekend with a bunch of people from across Europe that I’d never met before…apart from one dude who I had a 45-minute conversation with at a Gala Dinner under the influence of wine.

Sometimes your intuition just tells you to do stuff.

You can’t explain why?

It doesn’t make sense to other people even, you just have a knowing in your bones that this was meant for you.

And so as I sit here at my desk the day after returning, trying to collect my thoughts and share the lessons from that initial resistance, it’s almost impossible to imagine a parallel universe where I didn’t go on the trip….(I know I’m going a bit sliding doors on you)

I had the most incredible weekend.

The content of the actual 3-day event, and the relationships aside…just the things which I experienced in Krakow, the adventures I had getting around on foot. From doing a photo tour with a local photographer to tasting local cuisine to exploring the architecture…these will live with me forever.

But it was the people.

It was the energy of that specific group of people, it was the journey we went on as a group (all you woo woo/personal development haters can turn away now haha)

I was meant to have found this collective of people, and they were meant to have found me. The conversations we had and will continue to have, the collaborations we will go on to create, the shared vision we now have for change in the world…they were all meant to happen.

Business isn’t just about having the right strategy, or the right vision, it’s not about the tools you use day to day or the range of products or services you offer…ultimately it’s about the impact you make the change you enable, and by holding yourself back from growing as a business owner and as a person, well you halt the scale of impact you can make…the scale of the change.

As we approach the end of this decade for sure you will be doing a whole heap of planning and strategising for 2020…but what’s the good in saying I want more money, more adventure, more support, more travel, more opportunities to grow my network, more clients, more ideas….if when these present themselves to you, you still say no.

You miss the opportunity because you didn’t see it coming.

And why do we say no?

Often its because we are afraid.

No? Really?

“Nope…I’m just being strategic with my resources” I hear you saying.

Well…that has been my excuse in the past too.

But here is the thing.

It’s fine to have a strategy and stick to it, and have boundaries around saying no to things which are not on that plan. And even to maintain your budget.

But when your vision for creating massive change in your life and in your business is so powerful and so clear I believe you can afford to let go of the specifics of how you are going to get there…because trust me what is meant for you will find it’s way to you…that’s just the way these things work.

And you can always make more money in business, but time isn’t so easy to make back.

  • What are you saying no to out of fear?
  • What are the signs you are constantly ignoring?
  • Where are you wasting that other important resources, time?
  • Where do you need to be braver in your decision making?

So I am saying a big fat yes to

  • More adventure and travel
  • Fabulous collaborations
  • Building a team to support my visions
  • Creating more wealth
  • Skyrocketing the impact I can have on this planet

If you are an entrepreneur who has a plan to create massive impact (and income) with your talents and ideas and want to join me on my mission to impact on a million lives…get in touch.

I have a range of things (programmes, events, offerings) coming up over the next 3 months…some of which I won’t be promoting publically…as they will be invite-only. I have full confidence that the right people will find their way to me and my work…but if you want to keep abreast of these developments then sign up to my spanking new monthly bulletin which is coming out in November…sign up here (there will be great free stuff to be had #justsaying)

So watch this space….

#1millionlives #tribebuilder #iblamejulie

A massive thank you to my new ACL family, I seriously felt like one of the gang by the time we hit the first coffee break…and that is the sign of a powerful and humble tribe…no ego, no hierarchy, just warmth and support and love.

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