Tribe Building Lessons from my recent trip to Frankfurt

Tribe Building Lessons from my recent trip to Frankfurt

Don’t know about you, but I find it can be really overwhelming coming home from a conference with a notebook full of actions, heaps of people to connect with, and a billion thoughts on how to improve your business/life/whatever else the conference might be about.

Of course I do take notes and have little tick boxes next to things which need to be actioned, but the thing which I have found to be most beneficial is to set one clear objective off the back of a big event.

So just like I ask my clients, I ask myself…

What is your BIG FAT STUPID GOAL moving forward?

I remember a few years ago, probably around 2017 sitting in the closing session of the Professional Speakers Association Conference held in Nottingham and writing as my BFSG.

“I want to become an international keynote speaker”


I’d said it.

And then the following day, I kid you not I saw a friend of mine posting about a gig in Cape Town that was looking for speakers and I applied.

5 months later I was heading on a plane to deliver a talk called “Big Fat Stupid Goals” to an audience of speakers at the annual convention of the Proffesional Speakers Association of Southern Africa.

Intentions are EVERYTHING, as is taking inspired action, and getting out of your own way. Because for sure I had little voices in my head saying “You’re not ready yet” “there are bigger and better speakers than you” “you have a young child, how you gonna make this work”


I sit here in 2019 with a range of international speaking gigs now behind me, a network of friends and advocates across the globe, and an action plan for how to grow my brand as a speaker even more as we head towards a brand new decade.

I have just got back from the German Speaking Associations annual conference where I gave a keynote, “Leading from behind” which I think is safe to say was a resounding success.

And as I try and get myself back into work here in the UK, I wanted to share some observations, some lessons. Not really about me as a speaker, or even about that conference (Which was a bloody good one I can tell ya) but more from my area of expertise.

Tribe Building.

The process we undertake to attract the right people into our business world to support the growth and ultimate success and impact…because sorry to break it to you folks but Tribe Building is NOT just social media marketing.


So here are my top 7 lessons from the weekend.

Lesson One – Join an association where your people hang out

I joined the PSA in 2014 when my life was an absolute shit show, I’d been unemployed for a while, had a young baby, a failing relationship, and a business I was struggling to get off the ground.

When I went to my first conference I was of course a little overwhelmed by the level of success of the speakers, but I also knew I had found my people…I knew by surrounding myself with these folks I would uplevel. I would find the practical and emotional support I needed to grow as a speaker.

Now this doesn’t need to be a speaking association for you, but for goodness sake find some groups of people who are doing what you are doing and stick close to them. Business is lonely…we can not reach the levels of success we are looking for on our own.

Bonus tip…if you have aspirations to be global, make sure the groups you join have a global mindset too. I love that the PSA has such close links with the equivalent associations in 15 other countries.

Lesson Two – Find yourself some advocates

In a meet the experts session on Saturday my friend and mentor Alan Stevens (40+ years in the speaker game I might add) said “find yourself 20 advocates and nurture them. Let them know what you do, what you need, and how you can help them.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Referrals are key in business, and we tend to refer people we know, like and trust on a personal level. So go for dinner, book tickets for the theatre, socialise.

But also keep them abreast of new avenues of work so they can be up to date with how best to serve you…and remember this is a two way thing, make sure you are referring good people in your network too.

Lesson Three – Don’t be a Diva

You might think that the speakers are the stars of the show at these conferences. NOPE. I tell you who are. The staff who work all year round to make it happen. The people who quietly sign you in, and issue you with everything you need, and deal with issues on the day.

What they don’t need is a speaker making demands, not showing up on time for sound checks. Being a dick basically.

These folks can often be bookers and referrers too, so don’t be remembered as difficult or up your own arse (thats a UK term by the way). Be helpful, respectful, and take time to say thank you.

I made some wonderful friendships with the sound guys, interpreters etc

Lesson Four – Don’t make assumptions about who might be in your tribe

In the early days of my fitness business I used to think that my advocates and fans were all middle aged, overweight women, who wanted to run…turns out a heap of blokes kinda appreciate what I do too.

I had a lovely chat with my interpreter, turns out he loves parkrun in Germany. I gave him a copy of a poem I was performing in my talk so he could prep…he said he really appreciated that as it made his life easier.

He also gave me some beautiful feedback after my talk, which actually made me cry a little (but don’t tell him that ha ha)

Lesson 5 – Create an inner circle of Tribe Members

I can’t tell you how important it is to have folks you can be 100% honest with in business. Yes, you have your wider tribe for support…but having a handful of go to people for when the shit hits the fan is critical.

I’m not going to lie, on Friday night I had a bit of a meltdown.

I was second guessing myself, imagining that none of my jokes would work, feeling like I was an absolute fraud. My friend and mastermind buddie Julie Holmes wasn’t having any of it though, she gave me a firm talking to, and then helped me get clear on my goals and make a few tweaks to my talk.

She also helped on the day with practical things like getting some B roll footage and recording my entrance. You don’t have to do it all yourself at this big scary important events in your life.

I also had a lot of support virtually, people offering to give me a pep talk…and generally wishing me well. This stuff really does help.

Lesson 6 – Follow Up

You know what it’s like, you have a fab time at an event, you meet some wonderful people, you make a shit ton of promises to stay in touch, and then you go home and get consumed in your own stuff.

Don’t be that person.

Make a list of people by priority…starting with event hosts, fellow speakers, and event crew. Then the folks you felt super connected to who you promised to follow up with, and then (and I think this is a really important part) is follow up where possible with people you didn’t get a chance to connect with fully, folks who perhaps said something kind on social media, or a speaker that you heard good things about their session, but sadly missed it.

Lesson 7 – Have fun

People often think that doing business or being a speaker overseas is glamorous. It isn’t always. It often involves lots of travel, long days, little sleep and a heap of logistics.

Find ways to let your hair down.

Book an extra day or two if possible and take up any offers of local people to show you around. A highlight of my trip to Cape Town was one of the delegates Huni offering to take me to a women’s project in a local township, and inviting me back to her home for dinner.

I am a very sociable person, and the Gala Dinners and discos are just all part and parcel of the event for me…I think a lot of relationships are forged around the bar (or the occasional bottle of good whisky) and even if you are not a big drinker, there’s still a lot to be said for joining in with the party at the end of an event.

I hope these thoughts are helpful.

I have come away from the conference with a heap of ideas for new programmes I am going to create, a new webinar I want to deliver called “Lessons from a master Tribe Builder” and I am also going to get my finger out and get round to getting a new showreel done, now I have some great footage.

If you are a speaker or an aspiring speaker and would like to find out more about the PSA check out this link, I tend to go to the London Meetings, and you can also find me at the annual conference most years too.

Happy to have a chat to anyone thinking about joining.

If you’d like to know more about how I help entrepreneurs embed Tribe Building into their businesses, check this out, we start on the 30th September and places are limited.

Finally a massive thank you to The German Speaking Association, and especially the chair and host Ilja Grzeskowitz for inviting me, and doing such a great job all weekend.

3 proactive ways to overcome money shame in your business

3 proactive ways to overcome money shame in your business

So you have a business.

You have products and services that help people do something? Anything from file their taxes, to sorting out their health, find the right lipstick shade to never having to create another social media meme again.

The type of business you run is neither here nor there.

Because you still feel ikky talking about money…right?

You don’t want to put your prices on your website, you undercharge, you are afraid to be visible online, (especially anywhere your friends or family might see you) and you procrastinate on launching new things?


Money Shame!!!

It’s that feeling in the gut of your stomach that screams

“You greedy cow”

“Money won’t make you happy you know?”

“Nobody is going to like you if you are TOO succesful”

“Nobody likes a showoff”

“I’m gonna look desperate”

It’s the thing that keeps you playing small in your business, that holds you back from scaling up, that keeps you in your comfort zone.

Trust me I’ve been there.

In the words of my friend Brene Brown (did I ever tell you about the time she tweeted me the night before my last marathon??? #truestory)

“Shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we are capable of change”

I used to feel it so deeply (probably my working class roots to blame) and so I have been doing a whole lot of work on money mindset over the past 5 years with the ever so brilliant Denise Duffield Thomas…I was just sick of carrying that unnecessary load, business is hard enough without having that to deal with too.

And trust me shame can go two ways, it can be shame around not making the kind of money that other people do in their business “poor tramp shame”, and also making a lot more “rich bitch shame”. The thing is ultimately we are the only ones who can rid ourself of our shame….then it’s up to other people what they do in their judgement of us.

As I always say,

“Shame is something other people feel on my behalf…I’m good”

So the question is how do you overcome years of programming…cos this stuff starts early. Here are 3 practical, proactive ways you can declutter the shame every day in your business.

Set Clear Money Goals (and review them regularly)

If you are not clear on how much money you want to make in your business and why, how can you expect people to believe in you as a business owner. This is not about how much you think you can make given your sector, skill level, age, gender…or any other bullshit excuse you want to use….it’s I repeat, about how much you want to make and WHY.

The WHY is the important thing here, it’s the bit you have complete control over. It’s where you get to decide what you do with that income. If designer bags and expensive holidays are your thing great. If giving half your wealth away to good causes is instead super. Got a fuck off student loan to pay back…hey I see you. No judgement. Find the thing which lights you up and really zone into the change that additional resources could make in your life.

Your money goals dictate the scope and scale of your business…a personal trainer who wants to make £3K per month functions in a completely different way to one who wants to make £30K per month…and YES both are totally possible.

Communicate your WHY

I don’t need to know what you are going to spend your money on, but I do want to understand your values and the things which drive you. Its how we connect to businesses ultimately, it’s about brand value. It’s why socially driven businesses have a competitive advantage in many cases, because they attract like-minded consumers.

I want to know what your future world looks like, what world problem you are solving through your work, what impact you want to make…AND I want to know who’s coming on that journey with you (cos I’m nosey like that).

When I understand the end game for a business owner or brand, and I know I am contributing towards it, I feel part of their journey, and I get to celebrate when they celebrate… it’s exciting.

I remember when my business coach bought her new forever house, there was a part of me that was like “yay…0.0000000002% of my money helped her do that for her and her family” and that felt good.

Get used to celebrating your money wins

I have been tracking my income and my value in (freebies etc) for the past 4 years, and you can bet you I celebrate when I smash my income targets. I can remember the first £300 I made in my business from the first weekend sales of my first ebook….I brought new knickers yay!!

I can remember selling out 500 t-shirts, and reinvesting some of that money back in new stock….and the rest in a short family holiday.

And you can bet you when I had my first £15,000 month last May…I was sure to share that news with my mastermind buddies, business friends and anyone else that was remotely interested…because I refused to feel ashamed of that success.


Business is quite simply just an exchange of value.

I give you something you want or need, and in return you give me what we both agree it is worth…if we both walk away happy, its a win win…shit even the taxman wins right?

While you hold onto shame around making money you do yourself a disservice, and your customers, the economy more generally, and the evolution of this world.

Staying poor, and economically trapped helps nobody.

Trust me I know…I’ve been there and have no desire to go back.

So be brave, be bold…deal with that money shame, get out there and sell the true value of your products and services, and let’s do some good in this world with our wealth…or buy more shoes…shoes are always a brilliant second option.

If you would like to learn more about how I overcome money shame and take inspired action to inject cash into my business, join my FREE 10 day money challenge which starts on the 13th September.

Whether you’d like to make your first £1000 or make £10K in 10 days it doesn’t matter, I am going to show you the tried and tested system I have used over and over again to grow my successful coaching businesses.

Sign up here

Oh…and while I have your attention. I dare you to copy and paste this post, and share it on your social media feeds. Use it as an opportunity to share some of your own thoughts around money mindset….feel free to use the hashtag #iblamejulie and I will come and have a look at what you are up to.

Do you celebrate the investments you make in you?

Do you celebrate the investments you make in you?

A few years ago when I was struggling to grow my fitness business, working all the hours, fighting to monetise my successful blog…oh AND juggling being a single parent, I can remember thinking…

Will I ever get a summer holiday again?

I can remember journaling, and writing about my future ideal life (does anyone else do that?), I remember writing that August would be the month I took off each year to spend time with my daughter Rose and not because I had to, but because I wanted to.

But how on earth could I do that?

Well, I can proudly say that 2019 has been the first year that I can gladly say I have been able to do it, and it feels great heading into September knowing that I have had an actual break…and my business hasn’t folded while I was gone.

Because despite taking almost 7 weeks off work, and taking two vacations I have had my most profitable August in the future of my business and attracted new work, new opportunities, new clients.

This is because I have backed myself in bigger ways than ever over the past 18 months…and you could do this too with some simple tweaks to your mindset and the way you plan your business.

This all started last May when I decided to invest in myself in a way that I had never done before…oh and if you are one of those people who get nervous about other people talking explicitly about money LOOK AWAY NOW!!!

It started with a trip to San Diego to a conference hosted by transformational Life Coach Lisa Nichols, despite me bagging myself a free ticket to the conference the trip cost around £1200 in total…not an insignificant amount of money at that point.

I left that event completely inspired.

Ready to invest in myself further.

In fact, I had signed up to attend Lisa’s annual breakthrough retreat in Mexico…a retreat that would cost me around £7000 to attend….which at the time I had no idea how I would cover the cost.

But here’s the thing.

I know that’s a shit heap of money. But signing on the dotted line for that investment helped me to uplevel my business and my belief in myself in a way I had never done before.

That investment triggered a string of events which changed the infrastructure and direction of my business FOREVER.

I launched a completely new programme which brought in close to £20,000 of new revenue.

It gave me the confidence to start offering 121 life coaching…adding a further £10,000 of revenue

It gave me data, stories and other useful material to be used in my Tedx and accompanying book Living a Bigger Life.

It triggered me wanting to gain a more formal qualification in Life Coaching…so that was another £5000 investment in my learning and development.

This was a double-pronged approach, surround myself with the best of the best in my field (as I learn through seeing other people do what I want to do), and invest in my skills at the same time (as I also love to learn in a classroom setting too)

I tallied up last week that I have probably spent close to £50,000 on learning and self-development over the past 5 years.

Probably close to £100,000 in my lifetime…what with my degree and my masters…and I will probably go on to spend the same again in the next 5 years too.


Don’t I know enough already?


Because I want to continue growing and learning both as a coach and as a human, I want to accelerate my learning going both deep and wide, I want to be the best that I can be both for me and my clients, and sure you can learn through lived experience and low-cost investments like books, youtube videos and free events.

But for me, I choose to celebrate the investments I make in myself because I think they act as a reminder of how worthy I am of backing myself, as a reminder of the good I do in the world with my programmes.

I’ve noticed that for some people there is some weird kind of shame around buying courses and programmes, investing in coaches…with people not wanting to admit that they signed up for another “thing”

Yes there are sharks out there, yes there are courses that don’t deliver, conferences that are all hype with barely any real return on investment but I think those stories are mainly shared by people who don’t want to do the work, who are out there looking for the evidence of that. Because for the rest of us out there deep in the work we find that when we uplevel our skills and growth, it increases our capacity to support and serve our clients.

Look, we get to choose how we spend our hard-earned cash…some people like Prada handbags…others like spending a week with new people in a glorious setting working on our self-limiting beliefs…get over it.

So the next time you sign up to a programme, or take on a coach take some time to celebrate, take some time to journal about how excited you are to welcome in the new you, acknowledge the fact you are backing yourself.

Because if you don’t back yourself and your future, how can you expect others to?

Starting on the 13th September I am running a FREE 10 day challenge called “A Grand in Your Hand” which shares the specific process I use to inject cash into my business, often when there is an investment I want to make.

Sign up here

If you are interested in some of the lessons I got from my recent week in Mexico with Lisa Nichols, head over to my YouTube channel where you will find my daily (blurry eyed) video logs and a recent 1 hour webinar I recorded on the topic.

The Tribe Builder Class of Summer 2019

The Tribe Builder Class of Summer 2019

It feels funny writing that.

We haven’t even come to the end of term yet so to speak, but today does feel somewhat symbolic.

At the start of June 14 new entrepreneurs joined my 10 week incubator programme Tribe Builder.

These were all purpose driven small business owners with expertise, products and services that help people in some way, that solve some kind of world problem.

They joined my programme because they wanted to make more impact from their work, and be properly compensated for it.

They joined because they wanted to be in a supportive environment to test new ideas and learn new skills, not only from me but from one another.

This week they launched new things into the world.

And I feel like a proud mum.

So take a look…something might take your fancy. If it does, snap it up because these pilots are in many cases being offered at introductory prices.

Lucy Aditi – The Transition Project

Do you have a 16 year old who’s just completed their GCSEs? Wondering how they’re going to cope with the transition into study after their long holiday? Worried about results and what that means for their future?

How would it feel to know your child will settle into their next steps with confidence and clarity? What would it be like to feel assured that your young person is well on their way to becoming a self-assured and successful adult?

Level 3, whether A Levels, or BTECs, is a big step up from GCSE and it requires a huge mindset adjustment from parents and students. In my new programme starting the 19th August, I’ll help you identify gaps in their preparation, and we’ll find that delicate balance you need when your young person is no longer a kit but definitely not yet an adult.

I’ll support you through the build up to the dreaded results day, and help you pick up the pieces if things don’t go well. We’ll make sure your child gets into their ideal course and can speak up for themselves during the tricky enrolment process.

The Transition Project is a 4 week pilot programme, based on years of helping young people and their parents through this period. So I’m offering you expert support as a special introductory prince of £39 – cheaper than any school blazer….besides what is your child’s future success worth?

Sign up here

Lucy Aditi is on a mission to help young people thrive in their education so they can take control of their future. As the Life Tutor, she draws on 20 years experience as a teacher and pastoral manager. so she is qualified and well placed to advice on any aspect of your child’s education. Nothing a teenager presents with can faze her.

Rachel Allen – Finance Fridays

The world seems to like to split itself between those who love numbers and a good spreadsheet and those who loathe them. Some people even go so far as to say that they have no head for numbers and avoid anything to do with them whenever possible.

Are you one of these people? Who put their heads in the sand rather than do their books? Are you so busy that you struggle to find time to keep your finances up to date, or do you fear numbers so much you do everything you can to avoid them? Do you have red bills, uncollected invoices and tax fines accumulating?

Then I am here to help. My new initiative, Finance Friday, is designed to bring small business owners and entrepreneurs together to tackle this challenge. To face, head on, their fears around doing their accounts and to provide an accountability prompt each week to end the week on an administrative high

Imagine having all invoices raised, receipts and bills processed and a clear understanding of how well your business is doing. We will even face the limiting beliefs that we often don’t even know we have that are stopping us from having the businesses we dream of.

Will you join me? I will be posting a weekly video on LinkedIn and I would love to hear what you are up to and how you are using the prompts to take back control of your books….then if you need any further support in terms of accountability of coaching through these issues you can get in touch.

I look forward to seeing you on Friday.

Philippa Bowen – Loving LinkedIn, the 30 day challenge

Do you love or loathe LinkedIn?
Is your profile polished and perfect, or a little rough round the edges?

Our 30 day challenge is not a quick fix. It covers every aspect of your profile and the key areas of LinkedIn you need to understand to make the platform work for you .

On completing the challenge and the daily tasks you will: 

• understand the best practice techniques, 
• have a profile you can be proud of when it shows in searches
• know how to build your audience, connect with your ideal client and manage your incoming invitations
• understand what content to post – where and when
• Be able to demonstrate your experience and raise your profile as an expert in your field.

This programme is the culmination of our more than 12 years of training corporate clients, professional services businesses and business owners to maximise their impact on LinkedIn and get real results from the time they invest on the platform. We now want to share this knowledge and experience with you.

You will also get 3 months access to our friendly Facebook group where you can share your results, get access to additional resources, join our weekly lives for the latest updates and tips This is designed to allow you to complete the tasks at your own pace, while still holding you accountable in the group to ACTUALLY get it done!

Come and join us and see what a difference LinkedIn can make to you and your business.

Sign up here

Philippa is a business owner, consultant, trainer and entrepreneur with over 35 years’ experience working in and with businesses ensuring they have the strategies to survive and thrive in any environment. She has spoken worldwide on the benefits of making LinkedIn a key part of a marketing plan and utilising it wisely and safely.

Lisa Braithwaite – Speaking Up For Change

Do you use speaking to grow your business or organization? Do you use speaking to bring transformation to your audience of ideal clients? Do you use speaking to promote your cause or movement?

Do your desired results include more visibility, more credibility, more clients… or perhaps changing the world? What would it be like if you could powerfully influence your audience to change their thoughts, attitudes and behaviours? How would it feel if you could own the room with your presence and feel that deep satisfying sense of fulfilment at the end of your talk? What if you could feel confident in any situation, with any group, and know—deep down inside—that you were making a difference in their lives?

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

In my new online program “Speaking Up For Change: Engage, Inspire and Transform,” you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your fellow entrepreneurs and business professionals in a small, intimate coaching group, learn and practice new skills (yes, virtually!), and get inspired to break out of your routine, up your game, cut loose, and have FUN when you speak—while delivering meaningful and memorable presentations.

And by the way, here’s what we won’t fixate on in this program:

Impressing people
Being the smartest person in the room
Controlling every outcome
Following a bunch of dusty old speaking “rules”
Getting a standing ovation
Worrying about “ums” and “uhs”
Insisting that “people fear speaking more than death”

I bet that’s a relief. This pilot program is a fresh and fun new concoction, combining a dollop of my Shake Up Your Speaking live retreat and a spoonful of my Speak to Engage online course, drizzled liberally with my Speaking Up For Change 5-day Challenge!

“Speaking Up For Change: Engage, Inspire and Transform” starts August 15; early-bird registration opens on July 3,

Sign up here

Lisa Braithwaite is a speaking coach, trainer, and author of “Presenting for Humans: Insights for Speakers on Ditching Perfection and Creating Connection.” She mentors entrepreneurs and professionals to create memorable and engaging presentations in order to promote and grow their organizations. Her approach to public speaking is influenced by her theatre and education degrees, and 16 years as an advocate, teaching and training in the nonprofit sector.

Clare Braithwaite – Fiery & Fabulous Programme

Have you hit your 40s and think you are going mad? 
Brain fog, flushes, body aches, mood swings, weight gain, broken sleep, anxiety, low mood?
You’re not. It’s simply the Menopause. Some or all of these symptoms may be felt in the years leading up to and during the menopause.
Lots of women are struggling alone. I’m on a mission to make sure that stops.

Would you like to…

– Be part of a supportive group that will give you the energy to manage your physical and mental wellbeing? 
– Stop turning into a different person at home and at work?
– Start to get the old you back? 

Join Us!

The 4 week group programme covers – Body, Mind, Daily Life at Work and Home. It’s only £25. 

It’s not a medical programme but I’ll get you in the right frame of mind to tackle your symptoms whichever way you choose. 
You’ll come out with an action plan to get yourself back on track. You’ll have my support to make sure you put things in place and the support of a closed Facebook group to share your story and get help from others. 

We start August 12th. For more details email

Clare Braithwaite is a qualified coach with success in helping transform lives. She works with ‘stuck in a rut’ people of all ages to help them have happier, more balanced lives. She has over 20 years of experience in the corporate world, working as a marketer on major brands, leading and coaching teams. She left that world to concentrate on her successful coaching practice. She’s passionate about helping people improve their quality of life and be happier this includes helping ladies of menopausal age who need support. Her coaching is fun, full of energy, but practical and pushes people out of their comfort zone to get results.

Fran Davies – The Autism Garden

The Autism Garden is an online place for parents of children with autism to learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder, how it impacts on their child and which strategies to use to support their child’s development. The Autism Garden has been developed by Fran Davies a specialist teacher with over 20 years of working successfully with children with autism and/or Learning Disabilities.

If you are the parent of a young child who is awaiting diagnosis, or who has been given a diagnosis and you feel like you don’t know where to start, the Autism Garden can help you. Through monthly trainings covering the core issues that families face, where you get the assessment and resources you need to simply set up programmes at home, you will develop your understanding of Autism, exactly where your child is on the spectrum and what strategies you can use to help them.

There will be an on-going Facebook support group exclusively available to members to help answer your questions and give you the emotional support you need to stick at it and get results. At the end of the month there will be a follow up Q&A webinar with me, where we can examine the issues you faced and celebrate you and your child’s achievements.

As a result of this programme you will find you and your child are calmer, happier and achieving more. Then we can identify new targets to work towards, as they grow and develop new issues and challenges will arise, The Autism Garden will be there every step of the way to support and guide you.

So, let’s get started! I can’t wait to meet you and start working with you. I believe passionately that parents who get the right training and support can become their child’s best teacher, therapist and advocate.

You can sign up here

Fran Davies is a Special Needs and Autism teacher with many years of training and experience and a passion for sharing her knowledge with the parents of autistic children. She is the founder of The Autism Garden which offers a safe, online place for parents to learn about the condition and exactly how it impacts on your family. She loves gardening and walking with her dog in Wales, where she lives in a messy house with her husband and two teenage kids.

Michelle Gyimah – Mind The Gap

I’m going to say a word to you and I want you to think about what your gut reaction is, when you hear this word.

Are you ready?


When you heard that word, did you fist pump the air? Or did you think of men in suits who would sell their mother to get the deal? Or did you kind of cower away, did a bit of you inside just kind of die because of the word negotiation?If you were the person that thought of the last thing, then this is for you.

It’s time for my ‘Mind The Gap – Negotiation Bootcamp.

This September. I’m looking for 20 women, to start with me on this new programme, where for six weeks, we’re going to concentrate on mindset, family , working on your money stories, helping you identify what it is that you really want, looking at what success looks like for you and how to deal with objections. You get a private online group to talk to everyone, a weekly video for me where I’ll give you one small piece of homework for you to do on each of those areas and weekly a live q&a session so we can discuss the video and any challenges that are coming up for you around them so we work through them together.

When it comes to negotiating lets not pretend that you’ve not got other things to take into consideration, you may have a partner, children, or other responsibilities. You’re not doing it in a vacuum. So often we think we can’t go for those higher profile roles because you’ve got small children at home, or can’t do lots of travelling because of childcare etc. These family issues and mindset issues can make negotiating difficult, fraught with so much tension and so many competing emotions.

As women, we soak up stories that society tell us about women and money. We’re not allowed to be ambitious, we are called greedy. We are even called nasty women, because we dare to ask for things, whether it’s money, more responsibility, power, whatever it is. You need to be confident in yourself, that you have got all of those other moving pieces that are that’s in your life together and ready to enable you to be able to ask for what it is that you want for from work, whether it’s more flexibility, whether it’s more money, whatever it is that you’re asking for.

In order to make it a no brainer, you can join my ‘Mind The Gap – Negotiation Bootcamp paying in two instalments of £49. For the skills that you will learn and for the friendships that you will make that investment is a steal!

So, what are you waiting for!

Sign up here

Michelle Gyimah is a gender pay gap specialist with an absolute passion for empowering women. She combines her knowledge of corporate culture with her personal experience of what it like to be undervalued in the workplace since becoming a mum. She is a highly sought after international speaker on all things pay gap and empowering women related and contributes her unique insights to national magazines and newspapers.

Carol Hanson – Minimal Wardrobe Maximum Style Challenge

How Does Your Wardrobe Make You Feel? Think about your wardrobe for a moment. How does it make you feel? Does it make you happy? Or does it bring feelings of:

• Overwhelm – you have too many clothes and struggle to decide what to wear! 
• Guilt – the money you’ve spent – a massive de-clutter seems so wasteful
• Discomfort – you’ve seen the headlines about how we are destroying the planet with our buying habits but you just need to buy stuff sometimes 
• Unhappiness – your collection includes clothes that no longer fit. You’re hanging on to them for when you lose that weight 
• Frustration – you never have anything to wear for ‘that event’ so you end up buying more clothes

Now turn that concept on its head. How would it feel if you had a wardrobe that only had clothes you really loved?

• Clothes you never grew bored of because you could mix and match them with ease to create different looks. 
• Outfits that became your BFF they made you look and feel fabulous every time you wore them. 
• A wardrobe that filled you with confidence whenever you got dressed?

Minimal Wardrobe Maximum Style

Imagine a wardrobe where:

• You can see everything you own and easily mix and match items to create outfits for every occasion;
• Your attitude towards shopping shifts. You become much more aware of what you are purchasing and the brands you are buying into
• You feel empowered whenever you get dressed knowing your clothes are helping to express who you are

This is the wardrobe I’m going to give you the opportunity to create.

My 4-week program will take you from Wardrobe Overwhelm to Wardrobe Freedom. You will learn how to create a Minimal Wardrobe with Maximum Style. Are you in?

Sign up here

Carol Hanson is a Conscious Wardrobe Stylist who has empowered hundreds of women to look and feel fabulous whenever they get dressed. 
Carol lived with an eating disorder for over 20 years and uses her experience to help anyone struggling with body confidence issues. Determined to bust the myth we will be happier by continually adding to our wardrobes.

Aimi Healey Bracher – Fix Me Fridays

As a soft massage therapist I treat people, so if you’re in pain or having problems moving well, I want to help you get back to strong, confident, pain-free movement this summer. Athletes of all kinds can benefit from sports massage, so whether you’re working on your Couch to 5k programme while spending all day at a desk, in pre-season training for professional sport, or partied a bit hard at the weekend and are feeling tender, sports massage is for you.

Massage works alongside your training regime to enhance your performance and support recovery, rest and rehabilitation from injury. Treatments often include soft tissue therapy to reduce pain and restore movement to tight muscles and clients can expect to leave with homework – exercises and self-treatment to do at home, which will further enhance the work we do on the couch.

Praia Sports Massage was founded from a passion for sports and for working with athletes, injuries and rehabilitation. Aimi’s philosophy and personal experience is that movement is as good for the mind as it is for the body and so Praia Sports Massage was born to keep athletes at all levels moving.

To celebrate summer, the launch of my new treatment room and new Friday appointments, I am offering new clients the opportunity to pay for an initial consultation (75 minutes) and 3 one-hour sports massage sessions in my gorgeous new treatment room for only £100, and receive another one-hour session worth £25 completely free.

Appointments must be on consecutive Fridays from 9th August – 6th September and must be in-clinic in Ystrad Mynach. Aimi is a Level 5 clinical soft tissue therapist specialising in sports massage, injury assessment and rehabilitation and pitchside and event support. Aimi provides pitchside support for RTB Rugby in Ebbw Vale and works with athletes from a wide range of disciplines including rugby, running, cycling, surfing, windsurfing, climbing and roller derby. Aimi also provides event support, including pre- and post-event massage.

Aimi trained with The Massage School in Bristol and is a member of the ISRM and the Sports Therapy Association. Aimi is also trained in Rock Taping and Sports Trauma Management, as well as first aid.

To book your appointments, or for more information, contact Aimi at

Breeda Miller – The Caregiver Clubhouse.

Hi there – I’m Breeda Miller. Former caregiver and current caregiver champion. I’ve been there. Caring for my mother was one of the hardest and loneliest times of my life. I was often exhausted, frustrated and felt so alone, even when surrounded by people. I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I had to figure it out everyday. I was overwhelmed.

If you have ever felt like this and wish you had a place to find peace, support and creative solutions, The Caregiver Clubhouse was built for you. You don’t have to leave the house, you don’t have to make care arrangements, you don’t even have to get dressed.

The Caregiver Clubhouse is the place I wish I had when I was a caregiver. It’s a soft spot to land, to recharge, find some humor, and get support from others who really get it.

I’d love for you to join us.

Sign up here

Breeda is a caregiver with a voice and message that resonates with audiences worldwide. She cared for her mother for eight years including hospice care. Her focus on self-care seamlessly connects with Wellness and Work/Life Balance needs. As an award-winning author and speaker, Breeda brings humor and the power of story to create a lasting impact.

Stacy Moore – Milking Your Mat Leave

Maternity Leave.

It’s a funny period of time, isn’t it? Outside of the antenatal appointments, there’s not really a schedule. You’re told you should be ‘nesting’ but what the hell is that anyway? You should be resting but there’s a long list of baby-related paraphernalia to acquire, stuff to clean and you might not be sure you have it all. And then you’re told you should be getting a pregnancy massage…and stocking up on Raspberry Leaf tea (but I hate tea!)… and because you’ve never been here before you may feel a bit overwhelmed.

Yes, this is new territory. But come on! You’re an accomplished professional woman who has paved her way in her field and usually knows how to carve out her own pathway. So, with your mental health completely intact, let’s go on one last planning hurrah! Not for baby (there’s loads out there for him/her already) but for you!

Milking Your Mat Leave is for you to prepare for YOU in this phase of imminent motherhood. In this fast-paced, yet gentle prep fortnight of reflective activities, you will be able to take a few minutes every other weekday to prepare for the changes before baby arrives. Whether you’re just starting mat leave, have a few weeks to go or are currently playing the waiting game, this programme is definitely for you! Milking Your Mat Leave is a bitesize and manageable introduction to maintaining positive mental health throughout the maternity phase and beyond.

Amongst all the excitement of becoming a mother to your new baby that you’ve carried but never held, I’m equally pleased to see YOU here. 

What will we cover:

– The End of a Chapter: Celebrations
– The End of a Chapter: A time for mourning
– Making space to be More than a Mama
– Mobilising the Support Network
– Reconnecting with my Core
– Building and Using my Transition Toolkit

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Stacy is a highly experienced Chartered Psychologist and Practice Lead for Inner Circles Educational Psychology. For over 15 years she has helped school staff to understand and support children and young people on their learning journeys and continues to advocate for better mental health and wellbeing. She is fascinated by the ability of communities to draw on internal resources to problem solve and has written and presented internationally on the evidence-based approach of Staff Sharing.

Emma Shenton – The Change Maker Programme

Are you a Change Maker? Do you work on a change projects? Do your changes impact people? Maybe it isn’t called a change project but you know that what you are implementing makes a big difference to other people.


· You are not sure you have all the skills you need
· You know you want to talk to someone more experienced but don’t know how to find them
· You don’t know what tools to use to make your change successful
· You are not sure if it matters that change is successful because smoke and mirrors seems to be enough

Everyone feels that way at times during a change project particularly when things go wrong (as they inevitably do) and you need to find a new approach.

The Change Maker Programme is the solution you have been looking for:

– A community with a forum for sharing lessons learned and discussing best practice and guest experts from all around the global world of change. 
– A toolkit filled with simple and practical tools to manage change projects. 
– A mentoring scheme allowing you access to expert advice and guidance specifically on your project.

The Change Maker Programme begins on the 1st September with pre-launch promotions during August. There are only 100 spaces at the pre-launch price so register your interest via the link below

Sign up here

Emma Shenton is the founder of Oakwood Management Consulting Limited and is a global expert on delivering successful and sustainable change projects and programmes. Over the last 15 years she has worked in both the public and private sectors generating simple, transparent and effective solutions to business problems. She is a highly sought after mentor and her ability to translate the overly theoretical aspects of change projects into practical tools and techniques has won her plaudits from both senior leaders and impacted staff alike. She is committed to making every change successful and sustainable every time.

Mel Sherwood – Pitchtastic Elevator Pitch Challenge

How do you answer when someone asks, ‘What do you do?’

Are you ready with a confident answer that clearly explains your business and makes people curious to find out more?

Or are you one of the thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners who are leaving money on the table because you can’t easily talk about how your service or product helps your ideal customers?

Opportunities to promote your business are everywhere and you need to be ‘pitch ready’ at any given moment. As an entrepreneur, the ability to simply and consistently convey who you are and what you do is vital to your success.

Is this you:

• You feel awkward and find yourself fumbling for an answer when someone asks what you do?
• You sometimes see people’s eyes glazing over and you know they’re not really interested in what you have to say?
• You hate standing up in front of people talking about yourself and your business?
• You worry that your ‘pitch’ is boring, uninspiring and forgettable?
• You hate the idea of ‘pitching’ because it just feels too ‘salesy’?

If that sounds familiar, then The 2019 Pitchtastic Elevator Pitch Online Challenge is for you! Over 4 weeks you’ll learn how to craft and deliver a clear, confident and compelling pitch that gets results. The challenge includes videos, templates, expert advice and online support. Plus, it will culminate in an online Pitchathon with guest judges and prizes to be won!

Imagine how fab you will feel (and how much more business you will attract) when you can easily talk about what you do in a way that is authentic to you. And you can do it with confidence, credibility and charisma!

I’m looking for 100 entrepreneurs to join the challenge – it’s just £47 and it starts on 26 August. Are you ready to be Pitchtastic?

Sign up here

Mel Sherwood is a pitch and presentation specialist who prepares entrepreneurs and business professionals to present with confidence, credibility and charisma. Clients include large Government organisations such as Scottish Enterprise, SMEs from advertising agencies to engineering companies as well as individuals in a wide variety of industries. Mel’s first book ‘The Authority Guide to Pitching Your Business: How to make an impact and be remembered… in under a minute!’ was published in September 2017. She is a multi-award winning speaker, trainer and coach and combines over 20 years’ experience in business with a background as an actor, presenter and singer.

Heather Waring – Walk Your Way Toolkit

It’s a great time of the year to create adventures and memories for you, for family and friends and walking fits into holiday and everyday schedules so easily.

You can walk from your own front door, hotel or camp site, you need very little gear and it’s free!!

Heather Waring is an international walking specialist who leads walks on ancient pathways in the UK and Europe and works with women of all shapes and sizes and all levels of fitness to introduce walking into their lives. Her signature Camino Experiences attract women from all over the world but camino walks are only one part of her offering, Heather wants to get EVERYONE taking a walk of their life”

In this toolkit Heather has pulled together her best tips, advice and suggestions to enable you to create walking adventures with ease and flow. Adventures that will give you and those you spend time with fun and lots to talk about….plus you can share all about your adventures online with hundreds of other participants around the globe.

Sign up for your toolkit here for just £14.99

Heather is a walk leader and camino expert; author, speaker and coach. Her mission is to impact the lives of women through the simple activity of walking. She loves the transformation that walking brings, creating space for women to rediscover and reconnect with their true self and re-ignite that spark and essence that has got lost along life’s path. Whether walking virtually or in person Heather taps into the energy, wisdom and stories of those who have gone before and brings these experiences and learnings to her work with her clients for their highest good.

Sarah Walsh – Chronically Kicking It

Living with a chronic health condition is hard. The unpredictability (when it hasn’t been your day, week, month or even your year), the change in life and career expectations (milestones haven’t shifted so much as turned into a game of Whack-a-Mole), and the lack of understanding from others (have you tried sniffing neat apple cider vinegar to cure that?) can leave us feeling low, frustrated, restricted, and isolated.

Chronically Kicking It is a FREE 30-day social media challenge where those of us with chronic conditions can come together to celebrate our daily wins (everything counts) and ask for help with challenges we’ve had. Every week, I’ll do an Insta Live where we can focus on our Win of the Week, we’ll state our focus for the coming week, and you can ask questions regarding your challenges. This challenge is designed not only to create a community, but a community where we can focus on growth and moving forward, even if it feels like we’re doing it at a snail’s pace at times. We still have things we want to do and places to go, we just have to do them a different way.

Come and join me over at , we start on 5th August for 30 days!

Sarah is a qualified Transformational Coach who is on a mission to help women to transform their inner worlds so that they can soar. 
In 2012, she was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobility Syndrome, a hereditary connective-tissue disorder which causes chronic pain and fatigue. She decided to train as a coach after the coaching she received on a specialist pain-management programme helped her to achieve things she had considered downright impossible. This gave her a feeling of freedom and reconnection with herself, a feeling she wanted to facilitate in others.
Sarah has a background in Psychology and values freedom, fairness, and kindness.

Jo Wilkinson – Climate Jobs Summer School Pilot

Ever been told to do what you love but not sure how that works when you have rent to pay?

Do you want to play a part in helping to limit climate change?

Do you want a job you can be proud to do, holding your head high and making the world a better place?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Starting 15th August 2019, the Climate Jobs Summer School Pilot is on a mission to find 100 bright future leaders to join a pilot programme which will last for six weeks.

The programme will include weekly modules and downloads designed to help you:

1. Find your why
2. Green your network
3. Score prospective organisations based on their ethics
4. Polish your CV
5. Wow at interview
6. Put it into practice

Delivered through an online Facebook group, the Climate Jobs Summer School ’19 Pilot will bring together ambitious professionals and graduates keen to make a difference. The pilot cohort will receive continued group access after the initial six-weeks and benefit from each others’ knowledge and expertise.

Sign up here

Climate Jobs is a non-profit organisation founded by Jo Wilkinson, an international event, PR and marketing expert with over fifteen years of experience. Jo has spent ten years focused on the renewable energy sector. As a hiring manager, Jo has recruited, trained, motivated, promoted and advised employees on their careers and helped them to excel. Jo is passionate about renewable energy, rural electrification and climate change mitigation and her mission is to bringing people together to limit climate change. Climate Jobs exists to help ambitious candidates into careers on the forefront of climate change mitigation.

So what do you think? Great businesses hey? Formidable female business owners.

I don’t know about you but I reckon there are some pretty epic women out there doing some pretty awesome things

These women from Tribe Builder are just the tip of the iceberg which makes this work so exciting…because I know some of you have equally exciting ventures and ideas just waiting to be released into the world.

Please show your support, many of these programmes are heavily discounted, and these women are absolute experts so you will be in good hands.

You know you and your business could be on this list next time

I run Tribe Builder 3 times a year…and the next cohort will start in September.

I am looking for small business owners who run businesses (or have an idea for a business) that have the potential to make enormous impact in this world.

I am looking for business owners who would love to be part of an incubator of other business owners helping them work stuff out.

I am looking for business owners who are in desperate need of a business coach who has been there…been there struggling through, but can now see out the other side. (yep thats me)

If you are interested in joining us in September sign up before 1st August for a discount and the option of an extended payment plan…making the investment (in you and your business) just £127 per month for 5 months.

You’ll be hard pushed to find this level of business support at that price elsewhere.

This programme is not automated, it’s not the same content over and over again, you get access to me, you get to ask questions, you get my eyes on your business…and you get accountability, structure and the tools you need to really take your business places.

Here is the link

I’d like to say a massive thank you and well done to this cohort.

They have worked incredibly hard…and have in the last week in particular been so supportive of each other as they prepared their offers.

Being in business isn’t always easy…but it can bring out sides of us that we can be really proud of

Onwards and upwards Tribe Builders

Yes, I will be working over the summer…and so will heaps of other people too!

Yes, I will be working over the summer…and so will heaps of other people too!

The world doesn’t come to a halt just because we have hit the summer.

OK so people take vacations, and the kids are off school…but this idea that everyone just shuts up shop and heads to the beach for 8 weeks is just bullshit.

For many entrepreneurs its business as usual.

For many of the clients and consumers, we serve its business as normal.

And yet I hear so many small business owners say things like,

“But nobody is interested in my stuff over the holidays”

“It’s my quietest time”

“Its too hard to get peoples attention”

And I just wonder how much of this is self-limiting beliefs, fear, laziness, and procrastination.

Don’t get me wrong I used to have similar thoughts. In my fitness business, the summer was my quietest time…I mean even I run less in the summer months.

But this is NOT the case for every business under the sun, and there are always ways to diversify and offer things in a slightly different way.

Unless that is you DON’T want to work this summer, and want to take some time off. That’s of course fair play…but just be honest with yourself and schedule the summer as the time where you choose to work less, rather than be like “What’s the point, nobody buys anyway” and then spend September plugging gaps in your budget.

I’ve just filled 36 places on one of my group programmes, STOP PLAYING SMALL which runs across the summer months…the first live call was last night and it was flipping brilliant.

These women are 100% up for doing personal development during this time.

For those that are business owners with kids at home its a an opportunity to keep a foot in the game, for those in more traditional jobs again its a chance to reflect and recharge before the work ramps up again in September (trust me having worked in local government, it can feel like a bit of dead time over the summer months)

Getting clear on the rhythm of your business through the seasons is important, allowing for downtime and holidays to fit in with kids and other factors is important.

YES, I will take some time off over the summer…in 2 weeks I’m off for a week in Walton on the Naze with my daughter and 14 other members of my family, and at the end of August I have 10 days in Mexico to look forward to, but this is no more really than I take in other quarters in the year.

The show still goes on….summer or no summer.

I will have content scheduled

I will be looking after my existing clients

And I will be getting ready for the next round of Tribe Builder in September.

So have a think in your business are you selling yourself short by literally giving up over the summer months? Are you telling yourself bullshit stories? Are you reeling back on your sales and marketing activities? Creating unnecessary holes in your cashflow?

What could you offer to your clients now? How can you support them through the summer? How can you keep things ticking over rather than winding down or coming to an almighty stop?

My name is Julie Creffield and I am a business strategist and life coach. I help purpose led business owners to start, sustain and scale their businesses for more impact and more income.

Tribe Builder is my 12 week signature coaching programme that runs 4 times a year.

It is part incubator, part mastermind, part support network, with coaching and training to get you thinking more creatively about building a sustainable business that makes a difference in the world...oh and not just thinking but bloody doing!!!!

Each round works with between 20-30 entrepreneurs, coaches, experts, speakers, artists and small business owners…at a range of levels, from a range of industries and from all over the world.

The diversity of my groups are the nuts!!!

I am offering an extended payment plan and super early bird offer for 10 entrepreneurs who are up for taking action this Summer.

Join before 1st August and you pay just £127 per month for 5 months, saving you more than £100 and helping you spread the cost.

You will get access to the September cohort (ie 3 months of support) plus I will run a bonus virtual mastermind day on the 15th August, and set you a range of things to be getting on with before we get started in September.

Check out more details here

Are you making it easy for people to underestimate you?

Are you making it easy for people to underestimate you?

While meeting with a client yesterday she told me,

“You are not at all what you appear like on social media”

And I was like “oh no here we go”, here was me thinking I am Mrs Authentic herself, showing everyone exactly who I am, warts and all.

“Tell me more” I enquired…almost through gaps in my fingers…afraid to hear what she really thought.

“Well…you are much smarter than how you come across”

“Like you know so much, and you have this real ability to get to the heart of what an issue is”

Now of course I am paraphrasing here, as I was hardly going to whip out a note book and write it down word for word.

But basically she was trying to say that although I come across as authentic, down to earth, a “Cheeky Chappy East End Girl” (her exact words) what wasn’t coming across was my experience and expertise.

And I think she is right.

I have been so focussed on people seeing my personality and the kind of person I am, perhaps I’ve neglected to blow my own trumpet and share the unique skill set I have. The knowledge that I have. The diverse lived experience that I use to influence my work and help my clients.

Why do I do that?

So some things you might not know about me

  • I have a first class degree with honours (One of only two people in my graduating class of 2000 cohort)
  • I have a Masters in Multimedia Design, Technology and Cultures
  • I had my first project management job on a community arts programme when I was 16
  • I set up a community arts company called Urban 8 Creative Solutions while I was still at University
  • I worked for around 8 years with hard to reach young people on housing estates in East London and Essex
  • I worked as a practising artist, video maker, trainer and consultant with diverse communities
  • I managed the award-winning Newham Volunteers Programme
  • I influenced volunteer policy on the London 2012 GamesMaker Programme working with government officials and the organising committee
  • I was Olympic Development Manager for 2 years for an East London borough, working on anything from cultural policy to dustbin collection, and traffic light phasing
  • I managed a 10 million pound sports programme for young people in East London called Sports Unlimited
  • I managed artists as part of a multimillion-pound programme with the Royal Opera House across the Thames Gateway
  • I have been made redundant 4 times in 10 years, often as part of funding cuts or public sector restructuring
  • After hitting rock bottom…I set up and grew a plus size fitness business single-handedly while in the middle of becoming a single parent…attracting clients in more than 40 countries
  • I got into the top 10 of a Richard Branson business competition out of 6000+ UK businesses
  • Self-published 8 books, many of which remain best sellers in their niche
  • I have secured PR opportunities around the world, appearing on major TV stations in the UK and US, and being the face of global sports events
  • I secured £60,000 worth of funding to pilot Too Fat to Run in one of the countries poorest boroughs

Oh and in the last 10 years I’ve

  • Run 5 marathons, 40+ half marathons, taken part in Triathlons, Tough Mudders, Ultra Marathons, and various other races.

And there is probably heaps more I could share too.

Other things which make my move towards supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses with business strategy seem more fitting….and not just something I’ve done on a whim.

Now trust me that was not an opportunity for me to show off….but that comment from my client really shook me.

It made me realise that even me…the woman who encourages others to think big and not hide their talents, still misses the mark, still plays small, still minimises her achievements.

I’ve seen me do it in the company of others recently too, not wanting to show off, not wanting to be the one who says “been there, done that”, not wanting to take over.

All goes back to those childhood comments of,

“Nobody likes a show off Julie”

So here’s my call to action to you.

Are you holding yourself back too? Are you giving people the option to underestimate you by now being explicit about the skills and experiences you have that might be able to help people?

Look it doesn’t matter whether I am supporting women who want to run, women who want to fly, or women who want to take over the world…my skills are relevant.

I help people to truly scope out what is possible in their business and in their life. I help people to scale up, to stand up for what they believe in, and to show off and share the talents and skills they have with the world….ultimately to make it a better world.

So yes I am 100% qualified to do the work I do.

And no longer will I be hiding behind my cheeky chappy, east end girl done good disguise.

If you have been following me and my work for a while and you too have been a bit like, “hmmm I didn’t know all of that about you” and are now thinking perhaps we should work together.

Get in touch.

For business owners (or wanna be business owners) the next round of my Tribe Builder Programme starts again in September, but I do in person development days in East London if you are interested in getting my eyes on your business ideas and challenges. Drop me a line at

But if you are looking to explore more broadly what playing small looks like for you, or more importantly what living bigger could, then I am about to start a new 6 week coaching programme for women called STOP PLAYING SMALL which you can sign up for here.

Before you go...

Time small

Join my FREE 10 day challenge and take your first step to leading a bigger, BETTER life.

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