I used to have a real phobia of speaking on the phone.

We didn’t always have a house phone at home growing up, and we were not really allowed to use it when we did…in fact I remember having one of those one yous had to put money in…any one else have one of those?

To get over my fear, as a teenager the opportunity came up to help out on one of those telephone things (I think it was pre-children in need) but me and my college friends spent the day in telecom tower taking phone calls all day to collect credit card numbers…it was relentless.

The fear surfaced again when I went into the world of work, and open-plan offices were all the rage? Are they still now? Wouldn’t know…couldn’t think of anything worse than being at a desk all day surrounded by the same people.

Anyway, I digress.

I think I still have some residual fear from those days, because I don’t spend much time on the phone these days, a lot of my interaction happens via Zoom and via Facebook groups and messenger (I HATE EMAIL)

Last week in my Tribe Builder programme my clients were all busy promoting their new pilot programmes, and I brought in my friend and colleague Anthony Steers AKA the telephone assassin.

Some might say a strange call for a guest expert, seeing as most of my clients are building online business, and dabbling some for the first time in a one to many model.

But the session was 100% what we all needed.

The art of telephone conversation has been well and truly lost, and Anthony gave us an hour full of strategy and advice around making more phone calls in your business, both by way of building your network and securing more leads.

I’m still a little frightened…especially if I don’t know the person that well, but the thing is once I’m on the phone it’s fine. But Anthony has inspired me…and on his advice I have turned it into a point-scoring game.

Check out more about Anthony here

So…today I am putting on my big girl pants and I am offering phone calls to people on my email list who are on the fence about joining the next round of Tribe Builder.

Some might call this a discovery call, or a strategy call, or even a sales call…I instead call it a chin wag…an informal conversation involving two individuals who are considering working together.

I have two booked in already.

I think in a world where so much business is done via flashy website, chatbots and automated email sequences, a bit of old fashioned “shall we just pick up the phone” could go a long way.

I’d you’d like to jump on the phone with me today book in here (we can do it via the telephone or zoom I don’t mind)

How much business are you leaving on the table?

How many relationships are you not developing?

What is it costing you due to your fear of not picking up the damn phone ha ha?

Call me????

Happy Black Friday!!!

There is currently a £500 off the early bird price of Tribe Builder my 6- month business coaching programme for small business owners. Learn how to grow and nurture a profitable community of clients, fans and advocates, while being in a safe space of other entrepreneurs for learning and growth. Find out more here

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

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