Urgh what a day I’ve had….and yes I know it’s not all about me.

You see, I’ve been trying to write this blog post all day but I have felt blocked…I’ve changed the title numerous times, this morning I had to go for a walk to clear some of my issues of being triggered by it’s content and this evening while on a session with a coach I’m working with…it all flared up again.

  • Ethical selling
  • Ethical pricing
  • Ethical marketing

Oh and let’s add to that…people getting on their high horse about all of the above.

The thing with ethics is, just like values they are subjective.

What one business owner things is fair and ethical, another might feel is misleading and just bad practice. What works for one business owner (as in feels good and generates income) could feel like the devil’s work by another….and let me just say the run-up to Black Friday in the online world is like a big old stick stirring the pot.

Earlier this week I posted a question,

“Black Friday Deals by coaches and experts yay or nay?”

What followed was a relatively tame discussion thread of peoples in my network opposing views….but it was all pretty mild natured disagreement…with some broader stuff around over consumption thrown in for good measure.

And then over the last few days the internet (and my inbox) has become awash with heartfelt arguments for and against doing Black Friday deals…even the mainstream news had something to say on it today…but surely they are talking hoovers and washing machines rather than online course bundles and coaching programmes.

So full disclaimer…

I have run Black Friday deals in the past on my running programmes…and I kinda have one running at the moment for my small business clients, a £500 off my current earlybird price of my Tribe Builder Programme that kicks off in January.

I feel good about offering this discount because I know some people love a bargain, some people are on a budget, some people need a bit of FOMO marketing to tip them over the edge.

Here’s the bit I don’t get though, is the amount of shame and judgement that is flying around the internet about whether you should or should not either offer discounts or purchase them.

Repeat after me…

“It’s my business and I will run it how I see fit”

And again so they can hear you at the back (and add a few swear words if it helps)

“It’s my M*****r F*******g business and I’ll run it as I flipping well want to”

Look it is 100% OK to have an opinion on how other people run their businesses, but expressing it like you are the be-all and end-all expert on the subject is both stupid and unfair.

You may be in a position where you don’t have to discount, where you run a well-oiled machine based on repeat bookings and a half a million pound spend on Facebook ads each year…but there are a whole heap of people just trying to make a living…trying out different marketing tactics to see what sticks.

Give people a break.

This level of opinionated bullshit online keeps people stuck, it makes them think they are unworthy of even trying, it makes them feel ashamed for wanting to make money in their business.

How we choose to run our business will repel and attract people who might want to work with us. Different horses for different courses and all of that. Live and let live is my view.

Choose to work with businesses that you resonate with, that you can afford to work with, that appear to have the same values as you…don’t be deterred, don’t be put off, don’t believe the hype…don’t feel less than because of something anyone else either in your industry is saying about the way you do business.

I hate that fear-based type of storytelling…”FB ads are dead and I’ll show you why” “101 reasons your funnels are not working for you” “10 things you must-do if you want to be a successful network marketer”


I hate the “I’m a better coach than all the others out there because of XYZ” and the “I hang out with 7 figure coaches (which reads I queued up like everyone else to get a photo) and that’s why you should work with me” bullshit.

Just do you.

Be authentic, share your thoughts and opinions but be mindful to know that they are not the “truth” even if you think they are “your truth” and also just because you think or believe a certain thing to be true or working for you now…the world changes…and you get to change your mind too.

Rant over.

As you were.

So my Black Friday deal…is literally just me reminding folks that I am offering a founder member price on my next cohort of Tribe Builder (A whopping £500 off, check it out here), which is valid until Midnight Friday (or the remaining places get snapped up)

Also…tomorrow I might collate a list of products I’ve got my eye on, that might be helpful for business owners…nothing wrong with a little spend up to oil the wheels of your venture….it will feature…

  1. This Awesome Headset – 73% off
  2. This Awesome Ring Light – Yep this is a must if you want to be taken seriously as a vlogger ha ha
  3. And This – A) because I’ve always wanted one, and B) I can stick pictures of the folks who wind me up online and throw sharp objects at them when it all becomes too much

Oh and while I’ve still got your attention…I am running a FREE challenge next week called “Dare to Dream” where you will not only get my expert coaching around creating an exciting vision for your business in 2020…you will also get to see me live rant in a kick-arse community of other entrepreneurs who are looking for a different way.

Because there is a different way….there is…

PS. Yeah…I do know you should only ever have one call to action in a blog post, but fuck it…I’m having one of those days where the rules are going out of the window.

Gin and Tonic anyone???

Photo by Bruno Kelzer on Unsplash

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