What’s Your Thing? Flowers, Underwear or Things That Buzz?

What’s Your Thing? Flowers, Underwear or Things That Buzz?

We all have a thing don’t we?

Something which we are known for?

Something which makes us stand out from all the other coaches, experts, speakers or entrepreneurs?


Am I talking about a niche? Am I talking about a Gimmick? Am I talking about personal brand stuff?

Well, it kind of doesn’t matter, as long as it helps to differentiate you, AND (and this is the important bit) it helps your customers and clients to take action.

So let me give you some examples…

I have a friend and fellow health coach called Melissa Wells, she does a self love challenge on line and on Day 1 she gets her followers to buy themselves flowers, as a reminder that they are worthy of being loved, and that where possible should surround themselves with things which bring them joy. When I first did this challenge I realised,

I never by myself flowers, yet I love receiving them

So now, most weeks I buy myself flowers…and I have Mel to thank for that.

And on to my underwear drawer….cos you knew I was going to go their right?

Another coach I follow is a lady called Denise Duffield Thomas who helps women to address their money mindset issues. In her bootcamp programme she gets us all to upgrade our underwear drawer, and literally it is the funniest week with women posting things like,

Look at the these beauties

While posting photos of panties in all kinds of distress


My ex husband bought these for me in the 80s why do I still have them?

As a coach she gets us to think about something we all have (underwear) and she gets us to take action (by chucking out the old and buying new ones) and so forever more I will associate the upgrading of my pants with this woman…and never again will I think so badly of myself not to own gorgenous undergarments.

And now onto things which BUZZ…yes I am going there.

Imagine the scene, a tall handsome German guy arrives into the scene, and after a well pulled together talk he pulls out of his bag, a BIG yellow buzzer.

A buzzer that once you push it says,

“Ooooooohhhhh Yeeeeaahhhhh”

I met Ilja at a Professional Speakers Association meeting that I myself was speaking at too, I didn’t know who he was before, but we have since become friends and may, in fact, be giving a shared talk in the states later this year.

Ilja Grzeskowitz is an award winning Keynote Speaker and bestselling author of nine books, who has given presentations in fifteen countries on four continents. As a change management expert he inspires, influences and motivates leaders, entrepreneurs and employees to combine innovative thinking with taking massive action. 

His buzzer is a visual aide, and a reminder to the thousands of clients he speaks to (who all get one of his yellow buzzers) to take action, and it 100% differentiates him from the other keynote speakers out there.

So what’s your thing?

What are you going to be known for?

How are you going to motivate your tribe into taking action?

How are you going to get people to love who you are, what you do, and what you stand for?

Me personally? Its words, or seeing as its Valentines Day here in the UK lets call it poetry.

I am a blogger, a speaker, a writer who has a way with words. I have been able to grow a powerful tribe of followers, fans, customers and partners through the power of words.

Yes, I have provocative branding

Yes I have a love of the F word

Yes I’m different because of my East End roots.

But my thing….is most definitely my ability to use words to share my vision with the world, helping people to buy into the ideas I have, and therefore come on a journey with me.

Isn’t that we all want as business owners?

Would you like to know more about how to levergae your personal brand and the things which make you YOU, to build and monetise a loyal community of customers and clients, who keep coming back?

Tribe Builder is a 8 week programme, with an ongoing business mastermind, for business owners who want to make more money and more impact online.

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What on earth can your local green grocer teach you about business?

What on earth can your local green grocer teach you about business?

When I was little I used to live in East Ham, and I will never forget the sound of the fruit and veg man shouting at the top of his lungs,

Come and get your juicy pears

And a range of other call outs, rhymes and jokes telling anyone within ear shot just how wonderful his fruit and veg was.

In fact there were more than one fruit and veg men in the small market outside the indoor market on East Ham High Street, each competing for passing trade.

I assumed you just went for the first stall you see, but my Mum told me once,

Not this one, we go to the bloke further along

And I can remember wondering why?

This morning I remembered that story as I walked through the shopping centre near where I live and I saw a guy setting up his stall with his Avon products.

He was busy setting out all the perfumes, make up and other toiletries, oblivious to the hundreds of people walking past him. There was nothing attracting customers, nothing to make me ever consider having a look at what he had on his stall.

It made me wonder how many hours of his life he must spend setting up and then packing up the hundreds of products he sells…and whether he made any money from this stall.

The fact he was missing the morning trade, not making eye contact, not being available if anyone had forgotten their mascara or worse still their deodorant, not making eye contact…or maybe even having some testers…and plus don’t people mainly sell Avon online or via their network these days?

As I walked past the other stalls I wondered about the sales and marketing (or lack of) activities of the other traders.

I walked past the guy who sells the fruit in plastic bowls. Not the best quality fruit (I know it will go off a few days after buying it) but perfect if I fancy something to eat on my way somewhere. It is like 30% cheaper than the other stalls, and I like the guys that sell from there.

The other place I buy fruit from, the bloke always says “alright darlin” whether I am buying that day or not. Plus the fruit is always good quality and service is fast and proffessional.

Each of these serve a different purpose and I am happy to support both businesses….wheras I am indifferent to the 4 or 5 other fruit and veg stalls in the market.

I also realise I get great joy from buying my eggs from the egg stall. Mainly because its an old guy who runs it and he has been there for years, he sells all kinds of eggs (including pickled) and I get a sense of old east end nostalgia…I don’t care if I can get the eggs cheaper in Sainsbury’s, or can get double the number of eggs for the price in the 0.99p shop.

I did a lunch and learn about my observations over on Facebook today, if you care to listen

But here are my top lessons which I think are applicable for most small businesses.

Lesson One

Don’t waste too much time and money making everything pretty, it doesn’t need to be perfect to make your first sale. So many entrepreneurs fiddle around with logos, and colour pallets, and think they can’t launch things until everything is perfect. This is a waste of time and energy, especially if you haven’t tested the market yet.

Lesson Two

Setting up your stall is important but don’t ignore the early footfall in your business. If there is a need, be ready to go immediately. The rest you can do when there is a break, or gradually while still serving customers.

Lesson Three

Think about how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors, can you have quirky slogans, better customer service, a fast turn around, friendly staff. Bring your personality to the front

Lesson Four

You don’t have to compete on price, but know that people will always want things at different price points, so be comfortable with what you charge…and even if your products are the cheapest you can always add extra value without it costing you massively. (The cheap greengrocer lets you taste the fruit to check for sweetness)

Lesson Five

And finally, my favourite one…Treat your customers, or even your potential customers nice, even if they are not buying from you today…they might tomorrow.

Hope that has given you some food for thought, would love to know how you can implement any of this in your business…or any other business lessons you can learn from business traders?

Every day this week at 12.30pm I am doing a FREE lunch and learn over on my Facebook Page all about growing online businesses.

On Thursday I am offering some FREE clinics where I will give you some ideas for easy ways to attract new clients, and to make more money and more of an impact online. Email me at julie@juliecreffield.com to secure your spot.

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How do you get 100 old people dancing?

How do you get 100 old people dancing?

No this is not the start of a joke?

Nor a question asked in a team meeting in a care home?

This is the question my boss asked me when I unveiled a crazy plan I had back in 2010 when I came back from an old age pensioners community meeting which hadn’t exactly gone to plan.

It was back when London was getting itself ready to host the greatest show on earth…long before Hugh Jackman and his tribe were on the scene. I was working as an Olympic Development Manager in an outer London borough, Redbridge. My job was to get everyone excited, to bring opportunities into the borough and to help teams across the council understand the impact of those 6 weeks of disruption.

It was a tough job.

Not everyone wanted the games.

I’d been putting off going to the Redbridge Pensioners Forum because I had heard that there was a lot of unhappiness about how little they were being consulted, and how it wasn’t going to impact them in a positive way at all.

But I braved the meeting, I gave my presentation, and then I braced myself for the questons and comments from the floor…and lets just say they didn’t hold back.

I held my own though, I told them my job was to involve EVERYONE, and one way or another I would find a way to get them involved.

And a few hours later while back at my desk it came to me.

“I’m going to get 100 old age pensioners from Redbridge dancing in the opening ceremony”

I said to my collegue

“You’re nuts”

I think was the answer.

But the following month I headed back to the community forum and I revealed my plans. There was a mix of excitement and some skepticism, but I asked them to at least give it a go and see where we got?

I employed a chair based exercise expert, and I utalised my skills from my performing arts degree, and together we choreographed an 11 minute piece which used the Olympics as inspiration….with the Chariots of Fire and Rocky theme tunes, it was an absolute blast.

We went from rehearsals of 10 people, to regular rehursals of 80-110 pensioners. From every corner of the borough, from every ethnicity you could imagine. 50 year olds and 90 year olds…we even had a couple of chaps that were at the 1948 games, who took great pleasure in sharing their stories.

These were folks that never really had a reason to spend time with each other before, and now they had this shared vision of being involved in the Olympics.

They never did get selected to be in the official opening ceremony at the games, but they were involved in every celebration that happened across the borough, and even performed at an event where the Queen visited…the actual QUEEN OF ENGLAND imagine that?

Some of those old people went on to become volunteers at the olympics, some went on to get involved in other arts programmes in the borough, and many will just have been left with lasting memories of that year where they were involved in the 2012 Games.

Let me tell you…The Golden Years Dance Troupe…was not in my job description. My bosses boss I am sure started having real doubts about taking me on when he heard about this scheme, but can I tell you out of all the projects I have ever been involved in…this one was 100% the most satistfying.

My daughter Rose has just started a new dance class at a local arts centre, the same arts centre I took my old people too, to get them performance ready. Seeing them see themselves in the full length mirror in the proper dance studio for the first time was so powerful I thought I might cry, and now every time I take my 6 year old there I remember just how magical that was an experience.

I love bringing people together.

I’m good at it.

I can create something out of nothing (well my mum always did tell me that…as have many of my ex partners, but thats a different matter)

There is something really powerful about allowing yourself to be part of a community, embracing the diversity of a group, helping others to shine, allowing yourself to also.

I am so glad that I have gone back to my roots and started to fully embrace the skills that I have in bringing people together with a shared goal.

Today is the last chance to sign up at the early bird price for my new programme for female entrepreneurs called Tribe Builders, its designed especially for female bloggers, speakers, influencers, experts and coaches…or women who run businesses where they want to grow a loyal customer base.

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The programme is designed to help you understand the power of community not only for doing good, but for driving profits, and creating capacity within your business.

I may not be able to get 100 female entrepreneurs dancing, but I can sure as hell get them smiling, and feeling ready to step up and be visible in the world.

Check out www.tribebuildernetwork.com and get ready to become a powerful Tribe Builder yourself…go on knock yourself out

Why is asking for help so DAMN hard?

Why is asking for help so DAMN hard?

Have you ever looked at your work plan for the day and been so terrified of what it entails that you instead make a cup of tea, grab the peanut butter and oatcakes and lose yourself for the day on the sofa with Netflicks.


Just me?

Give me a blog to write, a programme to deliver, an audience of 1000 to speak to, a challenging client to attend to and everything is gravy.

But ask me to reach out to my colleagues, connections and friends for a bit of help and man oh man it’s all over.

I know that asking for help is what we should all be doing. No man is an island and all that jazz, but the fear is just so powerful.

  • What if they ignore me?
  • What if they say no?
  • What if they say yes but secretly hate me?
  • What if they talk about me behind my back?
  • What if they lose trust in me as a business owner?
  • What if they realise I don’t always have my shit together?

You see I have always been fiercely independent.

I’ve always had to be…I haven’t got time to wait for someone to come save me…if something needs doing, I will find a way of doing it and just get on with the job at hand. But that can be exhausting, especially if you have massive goals like I do.

I know now that I can’t reach the level of success I want without utilising my network, reaching out for support.

Nobody can.

So…yesterday wasn’t a complete write off.

For a start I wrote down a list of people who could potentially help me with a new business venture I am trying to get off the ground and made a start by contacting the least scary person on the list, my wonderful friend and colleague Pam Burrows – The People Booster who was of course as supportive as I knew she would be.

But it still wasn’t enough for me to tackle the rest of my list.

No I would need something else to boost my confidence.

So I did what I always do in these situations….I took to Facebook.

Why is asking for help so Damn hard?” I asked.

What followed was a string of comments from 20+ friends and colleagues, people I respect dearly, people who couldn’t help but let me know I am not alone.

A new business colleague Connie said,

Asking for help is hard because your tribe holds you up to a higher standard and now you are fearful they will look at you as weak, not a strong tribe leader.

Ain’t that the truth.

My lovely friend and fellow coach Joanna Hunter said,

I think in society we are taught to accept only perfection, (that is obviously getting better but its deeply ingrained) so to ask for help for some is like admitting your less than perfect, we are so conditioned to not show any vulnerability or flaws in the perfection – it becomes this ego battle with oneself to not ask for the help even though you know you deeply need it. 

However one of the greatest acts of self love is to allow yourself to ask for help you need followed by allowing yourself to accept it in

And yet the fear is still there.

People often describe me as fearless, but I 100% am not. I do things which make me appear fearless perhaps, but even those are driven by a powerful underlying fear, which is about not living a life which is insignificant.

So I guess fear doesn’t have to be a bad thing hey?

My fear of being broke and losing my home when I got made redundant prompted me to start a business, my fear of never having a night off as a single mum prompted me to get a babysitter one night a week, my fear of always having to do the dishes (the struggle is real) prompted me to get a cleaner.

So today I faced my fears.

I contacted more than 50 people on my list. I reached out. I asked for help. I offered to jump on phone calls (one step up in the fear ratings) in many cases I was open and honest about my apprehension about asking for the support.

And guess what?

People have started to offer their support and it feels super good.

The next step is to silence the mind monkeys that tell me “I now owe them something” or “what will I need to do in return?”

I realise looking back at those Facebook comments that 90% of them were from women, not sure if that is indicative of a gender difference or just the way it landed.

One of the best comments was from a bloke though, my pal (and flipping incredible photographer) James Burn who said…

Bloody pride that’s what. Stupid ass pride / ego

Couldn’t have said it better.

A massive thank you to everyone who has offered to support me in the launch of my new venture Tribe Builder. I have been growing and building tribes (online and off) for more than 20 years…I know my stuff.

But getting it out to the people who need to see it, in the short window of time I need to make this happen…well I just couldn’t do it alone.

The good news? Inquiries are starting to come through, and I’ve already had 4 women sign up which is awesome…as is the fact I haven’t reached for the peanut butter or the remote control today.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Remember, your tribe is probably bigger than you know, and they are more willing to help than you might expect.

If you are a female business owner who would like to understand more about how to build a community of loyal customers, partners and fans to grow your business, make more money, and ultimately have more impact in this world then get in touch.

Tribe Builder starts on the 4th March…and I am 100% adding a bonus module on effective ways to ask for AND accept help

If you want to run far…run together

If you want to run far…run together

It’s not often I talk about my running on this website…normally I save that for my other business venture www.toofattorun.co.uk

I am a runner. I have run hundreds of races all over the world. I write books about running. I have helped thousands of women across the globe to thrive and survive and thrive in the sport of running.

I am 100% a runner.

But…running is only part of the story.

I set up my blog The Fat Girls Guide to Running in 2010 after coming last in a race. I set up that blog not because I wanted to build a business, or become some kind of guru, I set up that blog because I felt incredibly alone.

I literally did not know any other runners who looked like me.

In fact I knew very few people who ran full stop.

I set up my blog almost 10 years ago because I wanted to connect on a human level with other people who could sympathise with my situation, who I could share my experiences with, where we could get stronger and eventually perhaps help others feel less lonely.

People often ask me why I run.

It is not because I love the action of running that’s for sure…most of the time I hate it. But what I do love is the community around the sport that just feels incredible when it shows itself in its best light.

When there is no competition, no power struggle, no them and us. When we all come together as equals with a shared goal and just do something ridiculously fun, and for a good cause. Thats when in feels good.

Like yesterday.

Yesterday morning my alarm wen off at 7 am and it was minus 2 degrees outside. I got up had breakfast got dressed and made my way into central London along with 20,000 other runners who were braving the cold to run the Cancer Research 10K Winter Run event.

This is the 5th year I have done this event, and I keep coming back.


Because it is 100% an example of people coming together with a shared goal. Everyone plays their part. The run organisers, Westminister Council, the sponsors, the runners, the spectators, the entertainment around the course, and the people who donate to all of the fundraisers taking part in the event.

Oh and their volunteers dress up as polar bears, wolves and penguins…whats not to love?

For the past few years I have run a meet up for the women in my running community, and anywhere between 10 and 20 of us will gather across the road from Charing Cross station and have a bit of a natter before making our way to the start line.

These are women who only know each other from a Facebook page….many have never met in real life before.

Women who quite often have issues with anxiety, and feelings of not being good enough.

But our community is like a family, and we support each other and do everything we can to make them feel safe and a valued part of the team.

A funny thing happened while I was running yesterday.

A funny thing between myself and another lady from my group Natalie.

We didn’t plan it, it just happened, and it changed the race for both of us. It might sound simple to you, but for us it was MASSIVE.

Firstly, we both run the whole 10K without walking…for her this was the first time ever and for me, I was in no way thinking I would manage it after coming back from flu at the beginning of the year.

The more shocking thing was we ran together.

We literally run the 75% of the race side by side. We chatted a little. We spent some time quietly plodding along. But we ran together nethertheless. At around 7 and a half kilometers Natalie found some speed, and a group of runners got in between us and she went off into the distance, but let me tell you having that company gave me the confidence not to stop and to keep pushing forward.

We spoked about it briefly on the tube home.

And then yesterday in my group she posted,

I’ve never run that distance before without stopping and would never have been able to do it without you beside me. As someone who is a staunch solo runner, today was a real pleasure and I learned how the right support can enable you to go much further than you imagined. I’ve never enjoyed a running experienced as much as today it wasn’t fast but felt strong. I actually think I enjoy running

There is an old african proverb that says,

If you want to go fast you go alone and if you want to go far you go together

This is not just true in the sport of running, it is true everywhere.

The power of community, or doing things collectively, of having a team, a mastermind, some business buddies…its is EVERYTHING.

The work I do with Too Fat to Run (which is about to become a social enterprise) is never just about the running.

It is about the power of togetherness, about using that collective power for good. That is what business should be about. Yes, of course, lets make money and work towards improving our lives…but lets not forget that business can also be a vehicle for so much more than that.

I have spent more than 20 years of my life bringing people together.

I am an expert community builder…that is my new self appointed job title and I’m sticking to it.

In March I will be starting a new programme for female entrepreneurs to help them build powerful communities of followers, fans, customers, clients and partners…to help them grow the kinds of businesses that really make a difference in this world.

Check out this link for more information, and drop me a line if you have any questions about your suitability for the programme.

And maybe I will see you at the start line of a mass participation race (of one kind or another) very soon.

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