Calling all solopreneurs...

Build your audience of perfect peeps

without sodding about on social media all day

Fed up of not being able to attract perfect-for-you clients online?

Are you sick of posting social media content on your channels and still not connecting with enough of your ideal clients? 

Are you done with giving all of your knowledge away for free and running out of things to try in order to find your perfect peeps? Heck…any peeps would do right now, right?


What you need my friend is an audience of buyers not browsers…but what you have are empty places on your programmes, not enough folks registering for your services and  limited sales of your digital or physical products.

And here’s the thing…

Maybe you are not even launching these things because you know you don’t have an engaged audience yet. What an absolute waste? There are people out there that need what you have to offer, and they simply just don’t know about you yet.

Can You imagine instead...

I can't wait to welcome you into my world...
so you don't have to do this stuff alone

ready to become visible online to attract more of the right clients?

you're in the right place.

I’ve been working in audience development and community engagement for more than 20 years, activating millions of people around the world to get involved in my initiatives, projects and programmes…turning hard to reach folks, into nice to meet ya folks. 

And I love helping small business owners just like you to find (and then activate) the people in their network and beyond to become clients, collaborators and cheerleaders.

And I do it in my unique, no nonsense rough round the edges way….more ease, less sleaze, never having to compromise on who I am and what I stand for.

When you do audience building the julie creffield way


to this:

Using hope as a strategy when it comes to finding clients, collaborators and cheerleaders

Having an actionable plan for attracting and activating the right people to support your business

Not being able to face the idea of having to do even more social media content

Getting excited about creative marketing campaigns and showing up online in your own unique way 

Not having the impact or income you want from your business, and wondering if it’s even possible or even worth it

Knowing not only that it is possible, but having a route map of how you are going to get there AND the confidence to go get it for yourself.

I created audience builder bootcamp especially for solopreneurs like you!

Audience Builder Bootcamp helps you do YOU when it comes to growing your audience, so you never have to put on any airs and graces or pretend to be someone you are not EVER again. 

what is the audience builder bootcamp?

The Audience Builder Bootcamp is a  90 day fully facilitated, simple to apply 6-module, with live support programme, that teaches you how to show up authentically online so that you can find and activate your perfect people.

It both teaches you and supports you to implement audience building strategies that work, so that you can activate your followers and turn them into your fav clients. 

Our main focus is getting you 100 qualified leads…and then showing you how to activate them.

What’s different about this programme is that we don’t just use the same old social media tactics that everyone bangs on about online (that quite frankly you never do), we use REAL audience development strategies from other industries including, the arts, sport and volunteering sectors.   

By the end of the program, you’ll…


No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.

the curriculum has been designed to make sure you reach the finish line...and actually find your 100 perfect peeps

Weekly Coaching

Live coaching takes place every week, and once a month there is an extended strategy call called The Gathering.

accountability pods

Join one of our accountability pods for a bit of friendly support and competition against the other pods.

Live Workshops

As well as our weekly sessions, there will also be live workshops, trainings and co-working opportunities

Covert missions

You will be set top secret infiltration missions that will put you on the radar of my audience.

prizes & rewards

There are prizes and surprises to be won when you reach various parts of the programme.

vibrant community

Get involved, ask for feedback and share your progress in our safe space for programme participants.

join audience Builder bootcamp

Choose the best plan for you...

pay in full


3 instalments of


register today and you'll also
get access to these bonuses...

(AND AS YOU CAN SEE I HAVEN'T INFLATED THEIR price...cos only dickheads do that lol)


Nail Your Niche Mini Course

Not clear enough on what you do and who your ideal clients even are? This mini course will get you thinking creatively about how you cut through the noise, giving you practical guidance on how to create your bios, and disruptive marketing materials that cut through the noise.

(£49 value)


getting the important shit done System

Not sure how to get ALL THE THINGS on your todo list done in your business? How to find time, how to prioritise, how to actually have a life? This fun workshop will give you a simple system for ensuring the stuff that actually makes the biggest difference in your business doesn’t get forgotten.

(£49 value)


Content Creation 101 System

Want to learn how to make and schedule 30 days of high quality content in just 2 hours, this workshop will help you create unique and disruptive content to use across all of your social channels, and give you enough ideas to keep you going for the rest of the year.

(£49 value)


activate your tribe toolkit

Already got a small audience, but they just don’t seem to buy? Learn how to activate them NOW with this creative and engaging toolkit, with everything from ethical infiltration, to my Hands Up Process, to my 101 client container ideas handbook. 

(£49 value)

The Audience builder bootcamp money back Guarantee

I am backing you 100% because I believe in you

I know that spending money on courses and programmes can feel scary, and so I want to make this an absolute no brainer for you, so you can join with full confidence that if you do the work in growing your audience…so will we.

If you follow all of the steps, play full out in the Bootcamp and still do not grow your client base or active prospect list by 100 perfect peeps, at the end of the 90 days we will issue a full refund…can’t ask any fairer than that right?


How rude, I haven't even introduced myself

I'm Julie

I’ve been bringing brilliant people together for more than 25 years.

Trainer, facilitator, artist, project manager, consultant and serial entrepreneur, give me a problem to solve, and I guarantee I’ll get a bunch of people together to work on it…and collectively make things better. 

I have been working in the online space for more than a decade. My plus size fitness blog has been read by more than 10 million women worldwide, and over the past 8 years I have activated more than 20,000 people to take the next step to work with me…in 2020 I worked with 3000 paying clients.

I get people taking action, I install confidence and knowhow in my clients, and I am a huge empath so I know that sometimes this stuff is challenging….so I know when to push and when to hold space and offer a hug…virtually obvs.

I live in East London, in the UK, with my 8 year old daughter and our giner cat Tom. I am a 10 times self published Author, 5 times marathon runner, and 3 times mountain climber…but hey who’s counting?

I am passionate about helping people find their peeps online, WHY? Cos it can be a pretty lonely, and even scary place sometimes, and the fact is without being able to grow an engaged audience it is very difficult to run a sucessful business these days. 

What makes me qualified to do this work? Erm I’d start with my 1st class degree with honours, and my Masters in Multimedia, and have since worked with some of the worlds leading coaches and trainers in Marketing & Sales, but more importantly than that I have 25+ years experience or gathering people for a purpose, as well as experience of supporting entrepreneurs at every level online, from start up to scale up to 7 figures. 

What can I say? Community engagement is my bag. 


What my PEEPS say about working with me....

Now, lets see if you are a good fit for me

If  this sounds like you, you’re exactly where you need to be…you are here for a reason, and I want your clients to feel the same about you…by the time they get to this point.

If you're ready to find 100 of your perfect peeps,


2021 is not the year to turn your back on Audience Building…it is a skill that you will come back to over and over again no matter what happens next in the world. Showing up online isn’t enough these days, you need a strategic and effective plan, you need to know what works for you specifically, and you need to flex those engagement muscles consistently to attract and activate your peeps.

If you want to find 100 perfect for you people to bring into your business as clients, collaborators or cheerleaders, then come join us and let’s get cracking.2021 

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.

You may be thinking...

If you have enough clients, charge the money you want, like your clients, like the work you do…then maybe you don’t need to grow your audience. But having an engaged audience gives you choice, and options to pivot your business if ever you want or need to.

Everyone can audience build, the question I think you are asking me here is…should I trust you? Or maybe even should I trust me (as in you) lol. Remember I offer a money back guarantee, you do the work and play full out and it doesn’t work…full refund, no quibbles. There is no reason why this shouldn’t work for you if you truly acknowledge what having an engaged audience could do for your business.

This my dear is part of the work. You only ever have to be yourself online, and my Tribe Leadership Archetype Tool™️ will help you discover what that real you looks like.

Very few people do….that’s the point. I want you to be doing the “REAL” business of your business too, but I also want you to have an engaged audience on the platforms we have available to us so you can access the clients your desire. Once you crack this for yourself you can outsource it to a VA, but at least you will know what works for you and your peeps.

People put off audience building and then get annoyed when their business stagnates or worse still goes into decline. The absolute best time to do audience building was 3 months ago…the 2nd best time is now. Your future self is screaming at you to say YES, even if your current you is rolling their eyes and saying “Really”?

join audience builder bootcamp today!

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