Know, like and trust.

It’s what we are always told is important if people are ever going to buy from us, as coaches, experts, speakers or any other kind of small business owner…unless you have a product that is so shit hot people don’t care if you are complete dick or totally anonymous they just want to get their hands on it.


I have been thinking a lot about how I show up…and where.

For my paying clients? I am there in their faces daily. With blogs, in my Facebook communities, doing FB lives and prerecorded edited videos.

But for the rest of the world?

Hmmm…not so much. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I am shy and retiring and have no video presence online…but I could be more consistent, and I could 100% be more focussed in sharing my expertise around community building and scaling businesses.

I have had some video success…but often off the back of a collaboration, or when I’ve given it some special effort.

On YouTube for example…

My Tedx Talk on Living a Bigger Life has 4.5K view

There have been 1K views for my What if there was a different way, my spoken-word piece for entrepreneurs

Almost 400 for the embarresing video I did dressed as Mrs Incredible, from Disneys The Incredibles, about how to train in fancy dress


My daughter Rose smashes all of these with her “Bike is not just for Christmas” advert she did for Decathlon last Christmas…which has 10K views…well I guess she does have the cuteness factor.

The thing is it isn’t about the numbers, I find most of my clients on Facebook and Linked in, so my YouTube numbers are not all that important when it comes to sales at the moment…but turning up more consistently in video absolutely is.

One of my current clients from Tribe Builder…saw my spoken-word piece and within days had invested £2000 with me.

Another client who has just paid £999 to work with me on my latest programme One to Many, watched a webinar and said that the way I spoke was the thing which made her commit.

Video works.

Well, at least it does when we work with video.

So I have committed to doing a video a day in February, to get more into more of a swing of sharing my content more widely, and getting in front of people.

Watch this space.

I’ve already recorded and posted

And today’s video…is all about my views on swearing

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