If you are a small business owner trying to scale your business right now, I have something I need to break to you which you might not like.

Something you might not be ready to hear, especially if you are interested in building a tribe.

That phrase “tribe” it does get banded around a bit these days doesn’t it?

Along with all those BossBabe, Slaytheday hashtags, and images of women working from laptops in Bali, and blokes standing in front of snazzy white boards sharing their latest advice on funnels.

Right, you ready for this?

Whether you buy into the hype of internet marketing or not, the fact remains that most of us are operating in the online space now.

Most of us do not have the luxury of just doing the thing we are passionate about, hairdressers, plumbers, yoga instructors, parenting experts, hypnotherapists, life coaches, stylists…it kind of doesn’t matter what you do for a living, what you are skilled in…

These days you must also become a skilled marketeer AND a business leader.

Yep I said it.

If you want to build a tribe you need to be leading them somewhere, you need to have a vision, and you can’t be afraid to share it.

“But I just want to do the stuff I’m passionate about”

OK love…but listen to this.

While you are there focussing on how to sell your one hour sessions, based on how good you are at “your thing” your competition is thinking strategically and building a real business.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but some folks are basically employees on a minimum wage working for their own business under the pretence of being in business, and others are ACTUALLY building a business….one that pays them, and not just for the hours they work.

To lead means to be a route or access point to something, and from your clients perspective they are looking for you to take them from one destination to another…their desired outcome…that my friends is called transformation.

But I bet you, you are also looking to transform.

You want your business to do all those things you dreamed it would do, you know things like…

  • Live work balance
  • Financial Freedom
  • Adventure
  • Validation
  • Acknowledgement

The ability to not have to work long past retirement age?

But what if you don’t want to lead, what if you are not ready, what if you are afraid?

I get it, I really do.

Leadership gets a bad press, and from the outside it can look scary.

But when you find a way of leading that fits who you are, the kind of person you want to be, it can be exciting and fun. When you find alignment and acceptance of who you are, rather than having to change to fit in to some bullshit idea of what leadership is…now we are talking.

As part of my 12 week business incubator Tribe Builder, I take all of my clients through my Tribe Leadership Archetype Assessment process, identifying from 12 different leadership styles which they are most aligned to.

I also help them to understand which of the archetype traits they need to develop to become a master tribe builder…it is a game changer of a process, and unlocks so much insight in regards to how to use your voice as a leader and how to unlock a mountain of content that your clients are going to not only consume, but take action on.

The doors for Tribe Builder close for the year this Friday…well Thursday evening really.

If you want to build an audience of buyers and not browsers, if you want to become a leader in your field, if you want to increase your income alongside the impact you make through your work then check it out www.juliecreffield.com/tribe

The real work on stepping into you power as a leader starts on Monday.

Julie Creffield is a community engagement strategist and business mentor with more than 20 years experience of building and leveraging online and offline tribes.

In 2020 alone she has worked with more than 1000 small business owners to help them scale their businesses.

She is currently working on her 8th book, Leading from the Back which will be available from the 1st December.


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