You know what it’s like.

As a business owner, there are just soooooo many things to do.

Sooooo many things to keep on top of.

We have to be on 24/7 or at least thats what the social media gurus tell you….content, content, content…churn it out all day every day until people can’t ignore you


Even if I had the time to do this, I’m not sure this is the right way to go about communicating with your peeps.

We have got to this weird tipping point where everyone is producing content and too few people are consuming it…it’s exhausting, and a little bit pointless to try and keep up with this constant content creation.

And what it often leads to is somewhat of a different but equally problematic way of marketing, something I like to call Submarine Marketing….which goes a bit like this.

You’re heads down getting on with the job of doing whatever it is you do in your business…doing awesome stuff behind the scenes, serving your customers, creating new products and services and then you stop for a moment and realise…oooppps I don’t have enough clients, or worse still I’m about to launch something new and nobody knows what it is I do anymore because I forgot to communicate with them…I forgot that people like to be nurtured…woooo’d if you like.

So you pop back up everywhere with great content no less, you go at it with gusto, FB lives, insta stories, webinars, blogs…the works…and you know what?

Customers and clients spot this a mile off.

“Oh now she/he/they want to communicate with me cos they ‘ave something to flog” (cos in my mind thats how all people speak OK?)

Now if you are a product like mince pies or 18-30s holidays (do they even exist anymore) thats not so much of a problem, but if what you are offering is not at all seasonal, neither should your marketing be.

Stop popping up and popping down when it suits you and start being more consistent with your marketing.

And before you say,

“But Julie I don’t have the time”

No, the real problem is…you don’t have the system.

Nobody wants to be coming up with all of the ideas all of the time for new blogs (even me), nobody has the time to sit and create all that fabulous new content every day (even me), and finally nobody understands (ok well most folks don’t) how to leverage that content so that it actually gets seen by your ideal clients, followers and fans.

Which is where BLAB comes in handy.

Batch Like a Bitch is a programme I took part in with content genius Daire Paddy around 3 years ago. It changed not only the way I create content but it also introduced me to so many time-saving tips to ensure I don’t just bury my head in the sand and give up.

Earlier this year I convinced Daire to let me help her run this programme again as a week-long challenge, adding a heap of my community engagement/tribe building strategies alongside Daire’s genius…a brilliant partnership (as our personalities are sooooo different)

The summer round was awesome!!! Its been brilliant watching our clients out in the big bad world with their streamlines, super-effective content, hitting our feeds as expected.

So if you want to learn a system, and actually do the bloody work to create and schedule 3 months worth of brilliant content in just 5 days, you seriously need to join this next round of BLAB.

Or you can go into the next decade with your submerge, re-emerge, submerge, re-emerge approach and drive yourself and your network crazy in the process.

Sign up here…we start a week on Monday.

And trust me, despite the fun and slightly provocative title, this programme is proper, delivered by two leading business strategists, who get shit done…mainly because we ain’t creating content every bloody day.

Daire (pronounced Dara) Paddy creator of Batch Like a Bitch is the content strategist and visibility coach on a mission to help coaches + creatives stand out online through the power of personality. Check out her awesome podcast (on which of course I’ve been interviewed, twice I might add) called YourBiz, Your Rules

My name is Julie Creffield and I am the founder of Tribe Builder a 12-week incubator which supports entrepreneurs to build more impactful, more profitable businesses. With 20+ years of community engagement experience, and the practical know-how relating to growing a 6 figure coaching business from scratch.