A 21 day instagram reels challenge

To gain more confidence, become more creative, and get more consistent...so that you can grow your audience and ultimately make more sales.

Video has always been a great way of showing people who you are, improving your credibility and driving sales, but now more than ever. 

Content is getting more dynamic, more creative and requires more thinking than just switching on your camera and telling people what you do…and if you are not willing to even consider the shorter form, more creative style of video content such as Reels or TicToc as a business owner you are seriously leaving money on the table and we can’t be having that can we?

But I know just how difficult it can be to find the time, motivation and courage to get started.


Give me 21 days, and a bit of your hard earned cash so you have skin in the game...and let's get you in front of a whole new audience of potential clients.

Just £49



We start on Monday 14th March

let me help you find the messaging clarity & confidence to Show up regularly, and you'll find the right people to grow your tribe

Learn how to create clarity in your Reels messaging so that you drive the right kind of people to your profile

Learn the easiest way to translate views into sales by optimising the features available to you

Learn how to make Reels fast

Learn how to give your Reels the best chance of doing well with an understanding of trends

Learn how to step up and claim what is yours so you can see real growth

Learn how to showcase YOUR personality and have some fun...even if that means NO dancing.

But why julie???

I have a 1st class degree in Performing Arts, with a specialism in Filmmaking

I have a masters degree in Multimedia Design & Cultures and have been in the online world for a decade.

I have been making videos, and helping others to make videos for more than 20 years

My online businesses have impacted millions of people around the world

Although I was reluctant initially to doing REELS, they have been seen by close to 150K people in just a few months.

I have a process and strategy for them only needing to take 10-15 minutes per day

My pop up challenges are a lot of fun, I make them informative, easy to action and results based

I specialise in working with solopreneurs who want to leverage their small audience

You want in????