What to wear? What to wear?

It’s the dilemma that so many women face day in day out. With a wardrobe full of clothes yet nothing to wear what is this all about?

FEAR…yes it’s that old chestnut again.

For many women what they wear is an expression of their identity, but it is also quite often a visual cue for so many other things? The quality, the cut, the style, the design, the designer label…they all say something about who we are and what our values are.

What if people judge me badly on what I am wearing, what if everyone looks better, more put together, more professional?

So why am I thinking about all of this today?

Well, tomorrow I am off to the USA, to Orlando to attend the National Speakers Associations convention “Influence2017”

When I asked my speaker colleagues who had been before what the dress code was the answer was,

Business Casual

Whatever that is.

I don’t do business casual for a number of reasons,

  1. I don’t wear heels (for every day, because I can’t walk in them)
  2. I don’t do smart trousers, because they don’t suit me…I am tall and wide round the middle
  3. I hate to iron…YES I said it…I hate wearing clothes that need excessive care
  4. I want to be comfortable and not having to hold myself in or sit in a special way

But also…I am kind of sick of having to conform to dress codes. I am an athlete, I am more comfortable in sportswear than office wear, and I have to keep in mind that I have a massive race coming up in a few weeks, that needs to remain my focus.

Yes I run a business, and yes I want to make a good impression. But I think I can do that in whatever I decide to wear, and I would rather rock up as me, than dress up as someone that isn’t me.

There is so much said about brand and image, but I think your vibe attracts your tribe and that people see through all those external factors most of the time…and if they don’t then they are not my people anyway.

Surely, its what I say, how I behave that illustrates the person I am, not how I am dressed?

Well, thats what I think.

Plus, Orlando is super hot at the moment…but the convention centre is due to have the air conditioning hiked up, so just another set of considerations to add to my packing list.

I think I am just about packed and I leave first thing tomorrow.

I will be wearing loose comfy trousers and flats, and a smartish blouse most days. But the thing that I will be wearing most that will stand me apart from other people there, is my smile, my heart on my sleeve and my sense of adventure.

I am looking forward to looking beyond initial first impressions based on appearances, and actually take the time to make some real connections with my speaker colleagues from across the pond.