Can you remember what the hourly rate was for your first job?

Mine was £1.50…YES one pound and fifty pence an hour.

My job was waitressing in my local Wimpy restaurant at aged 13….serving clients, and clearing plates. But it wasn’t the first way I ever made money though. Oh no.

I’d already had a paper round, delivered taxi cards, washed cars, baby sat, done my neighbours ironing…and probably a few other ways too.

You see, I was one of 6 kids growing up in East London, and there wasn’t always enough money to go round. So if you wanted something that Mum didn’t have the money for, or wasn’t likely to buy even if she did, you had to get a job.

I wanted a Gameboy more than anything when I was 11 and so my Auntie hooked me up with her circle of girlfriends who needed babysitters, for while they were all at the local pub (5 minutes away) for one activity or the other, bridge, quiz night, karaoke, you get the idea.

And I bought the Gameboy (highlight of my childhood for sure)

But when at aged 13 I wanted a CD player, and needed a more regular income for the essentials like black school tights, deodorant, tampons, and of course the latest stationary from Woolworths, the regular weekend job at Wimpy was a godsend. I worked all day Sat and Sun, and the occasional evening after school…on occasion I also dressed up as Mr Wimpy for children’s parties…which got me out of loading the dishwasher.

My weekly wages never exceeded £40…but hey £40 a week for a 13 year old is LOADS!!!

I have never been work shy, and I have always been interested in the various ways I could make money, and so when a couple of weekends ago while helping my sister move home, my uncle who was the designated van driver (who I hadn’t seen in close to 2 years) asked, “So how do you actually make your money?”

I answered “as an online business coach”, for ease…but actually it’s not as straight forward as that and when I added up all of the different ways money comes into me, turns out I currently have more than 20 different income streams.

I thought it would be fun to list them all out.

So this is my ALL THE WAYS I MAKE MONEY blog…enjoy!!!

My Plus Size Fitness Business

I set up Too Fat to Run in September 2010 as a blog, and turned it into a business in 2013 after being made redundant from my job on the 2012 Olympics. It isn’t my main source of income right now, but I still make money from it and am currently reviewing where to go next after taking a bit of a hiatus during COVID. I grew this business to 6 figures using predominantly £25 products and services, and also as an “influencer” I received around £100K of free holidays, services, and products.

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Headbuffs
  • Medals
  • Challenges
  • Online programs
  • In-person training
  • Sponsorship
  • Product Reviews
  • Events
  • Books (I have 9 books on health and wellbeing)
  • Speaking gigs

Life Coaching

I trained as a coach 2 years ago, and life coaching was a nice bridge between what I was doing in my fitness business with women, and what I now predominantly do. I still have a few life coaching offerings though and really enjoy this work

  • Stop Playing Small Programme (on hold at the moment)
  • Dream board workshops
  • Speaking gigs
  • The Big Fat Wellbeing Experiment £90 (we are on day 47 of 90)

Business Coaching

This makes up around 90% of my income these days, and has been my focus the last 2 years. My turnover increased by 160% in 2020, and I worked with around 3000 business owners. My model currently is mainly group programmes, challenges and masterminds, with some 121 coaching. I am simplifying my model a little bit this year, but last year I launched 15 different offerings. I have put the prices next to some of these to give you an idea of the different price points.


I also make money from recommending products that I use. This started in my plus-size fitness business and also recommending my fav books on Amazon, but now it’s more often tech products. These are the ones that probably make me the most money. And yes if you click on these links and go on to purchase I might get a financial kickback at no additional cost to you.

There are others for sure, but I can’t think of them right now

FREEBIES (we all love a freebie)

Oh and on Tuesday 30th March at 8pm I am running a free masterclass all about scaling my business to multiple 6 figures. Its called From Zero to Hero

You can register here.

Products and Services in the Pipeline for 2021 and beyond??

  • ha ha…all of the ideas lol
  • Watch this space

I hope this has been helpful.

I am on a mission to demystify online business, and get rid of any of the embarrassment business owners sometimes feel as they grow their business. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right business model. Sometimes you have to test and pilot things to get to what the best solution is.

PLUS the mother fucking world keeps changing lol

Could my model be simpler? Should yours be? For sure. But we get to set the rules in our business and do what works for us.

I know I’m not normal. I’m a disruptor, I am a maverick, an alchemist, an ideas machine. And thats why business coaching is the perfect job for me, because as well as being able to be playful and just try a heap of different thing, I also love nothing more than gifting ideas, concepts and formats to my clients and the world more generally.

Julie Creffield is a Tribe Leadership Expert, Community Engagement Strategist and Creative Business Coach with more than 20 years experience of developing audiences, and scaling movements that matter. She is based in East London and has an 8 year old daughter, and a mischievous ginger cat called Tom.

She spent the first decade of her career working on large cultural projects such as the London 2012 Olympics, and with organisations as diverse as The Met Police, Sport England and The Royal Opera House, managing multi million pound budgets. She now supports experts, coaches and consultants to grow profitable and impactful businesses with community at their heart.

If you’d like to find out about the programmes, products and services coming up for business owners and leaders get in touch via
or set up a call (chin wag) to discuss how she can help you reach your business objectives

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