Ouch…did you feel that?

Thats was the sound of a small business owners dreams dashing to the floor, as yet another social media post goes unnoticed.


Thats the feeling of tech not bloody working again…just when you need it.

The world of small business is a tricky place right now, it can be filled with sharp edges and dangerous dark caves which you seriously don’t want to get lost in.

I did a Facebook live today….and nobody came on live!!

Dun, dun, duuuuuhhhhhhh

But guess what?




Thats the thing in business, particularly in the world of online business we can blow even the smallest of things into the biggest of things, we can let these little micro disappointments accumulate and before you know it you have convinced yourself that you are not cut out for it.

So in this blog post I am going to share what my clients tell me are the things which hurt most…and I’m going to share with you my solution to that problem.

You ready

Pain Point One – Not having enough clients

OMG the age old problem. Not having enough clients is not just about not having enough income, but it also means you can’t do the work you are bloody brilliant at…and then you start questioning yourself and doing all manner of strange things like offering discounts, and exchanges, and thinking about getting a job in Tescos.

The Solution – Turn your business into a magnet for what I like to call your perfect peeps. And how do you do that? By ensuring your business model is designed for that purpose. If you are still finding clients one by one, serving them one by one, seeing them disappear into the distance never to be seen again one by one…then it is always going to be challenging.

PS. Think about Building a Tribe.

Pain Point Two – Not getting any traction on social media

AKA the tumbleweed phenomenum. You post on social but nobody sees your posts, or buys from you so whats the bloody point? The internet can be a noisy place…its full of posers, promoters, and other rude words beginning with P and so before you know it you find yourself scrolling aimlessly, consuming other peoples stuff rather than your own.

The Solution – Learn how to be engaging online (and no that’s not an insult). Learn how to be disruptive. Learn the language your ideal clients need to hear. And most importantly learn how to activate the people that are seeing your stuff into taking action to help your business grow.

Cough Cough….Build a Tribe.

Pain Point Three – Playing it safe…afraid to take a risk

What this often looks like is doing the thing that other people in your niche do, you know accountants acting like accountants, life coaches, acting like life coaches…because I mean, whoever wants to stand out in life?

What we often fear most is being judged…even by people, we don’t know. Its ludicrous. We let our future security and wellbeing be affected by the thoughts and opinions of people we don’t know, and don’t even know if they give us the time of day.

The Solution – Become your own person online, lean more into who you are. Be vulnerable, be fearlessly visible, and be of value to the people who need you the most…your future and existing clients….sod everyone else.

BTW…when you have a Tribe, they love you exactly as you are…the encourage and support you to take risks and be brave

Pain Point Four – A lack of vision

Not knowing where you are going with your business can feel a bit discombobulating (always wanted to use that word in a blog), but also being super controlling over the vision can stifle your business growth too.

Things in the world change and as a business owner you need to be able to adapt to the changing needs of the world. When you are a mission-led business owner, and you have a community of people who want to come with you… it’s all just about riding the wave, and collecting more people as you go. Its OK for the vision and the strategy to change…in fact I insist that it does every once in a while.

The Solution – Build your vision around the impact you want to have on this planet, and don’t limit to the evidence you have now of what difference you make…this is about trusting in your ability to affect change on a massive scale….then you can scale down as appropriate if you must.

In 2014 I had a vision of working with a million women, and set about building a tribe to help me with that mission, my content for that business has been seen by more than 10 million globally, and I have been featured in the press in more than 50 countries.

That community continue to inspire me to take bigger and bigger leaps

Go build a tribe…they will help you see clearly

Pain Point Five – It’s just so bloody lonely

Doing it by yourself hurts. Sometimes your nearest and dearest don’t get it. Its hard to find safe places where you can be honest and offload. It can also be challenging having somewhere to celebrate the wins…the little ones AND the big ones.

We were not born to do all this stuff alone, we need community ourselves, we need to feel connected. When building a tribe you need somewhere else to communicate your vision…a place where other people get it.

The Solution – Build Your Tribe, Join a Tribe…like seriously. Stop scrabbling around in free groups and reading a bazzilion books trying to pick up nuggets of expertise. Its not knowledge you lack necessarily, its the ability to implement the right knowlegde…and to keep going when it gets scary…I know…I struggle to do it alone too….which is why I have a high level coach.

Find your peeps, love your peeps, change the world….don’t try and do it alone.

And so in conclusion….


Sorry for the shouting, but your email list isn’t going to grow by itself, your social media following too…if you want change, you have to be the change and believe in your ability to lead.

You ready to lead a tribe?

First you need to learn to lead yourself…and work out what kind of Tribe Leader you are….because not all leaders are born equal…and believe it or not there isn’t just one way of doing things.

If you are looking to build a tribe (and be part of one)…we need to talk. The doors are about to open for my 12 week incubator…TRIBE BUILDER…this week though I am offering a limited number of super early bird places…for the risk takers, the action takers

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Not ready to buy a programme from me yet? I get it…maybe you don’t know me well enough to jump into the coaching bed with me so to speak. I am running a FREE 5 day growth challenge…its called Nail Your Niche...which is very much the first part of this process.

Either way let me show you how to be a master tribe builder…and take away at least some of the pain of being an online business owner.


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