Leave it, I can do it myself Mum!!!

Gosh if I had a pound for every time my 5-year-old told me that, I could pack up all this work malarky and take up gardening or cake making.

My daughter has been like this for as long as I can remember, putting on her own socks before she could even walk, doing up her own seatbelt in the car, and cutting up her own food.

She is very independent, just like me I guess.

This isn’t to say she doesn’t get unstuck sometimes…because she is stubborn too, just like me.

It is OK to ask for help sometimes Rose

I tell her and then remind myself to take that advice too.

In the early days of setting up my business, I really needed to hear that. After a few months of going it alone, I went along to a local business development agency in East London for some advice, and the uninspiring advisor said to me,

What you have here love, isn’t a business, it is a hobby and you will never make any money from it

Well, that told me…although it didn’t.

I steamed ahead with my idea and built my business anyway. It kind of put me off advisors and coaches though, I figured I simply couldn’t trust anyone to have my best interestes at heart and besides I knew best anyway.


I needed a coach. I was just too pig-headed to admit it back then. For years I scraped together bits of wisdom and support here and there, whether it was right for me or not, I read heaps, did FREE online courses and followed YouTube videos of how to do certain things….bouncing from strategy to strategy, exhausting myself in the process.

But I got to a point about a year ago where I knew I couldn’t go on any more…I needed a business coach. I was all out of ideas for growing my business, I was on the road to burn out, and I was starting to resent the amount of time and energy I had put into it with little reward…well there was reward, but not the rewards I wanted to see.

So I apprehensively took on a business coach…a digital strategist called Gemma Went, someone I had been spying on for about a year.

I joined her Flourish Mastermind in May, and within a matter of weeks I was quite simply able to exhale, knowing I was in capable hands, knowing I wasn’t alone anymore…knowing I had the support I needed to reshape my business brick by brick…webpage by webpage.

Since May I have,

  • Launched a whole new business
  • Invested in a new website and photos
  • Met a bunch of awesome women (other business owners) who I know have my back
  • Regained my confidence
  • Increased my online presence
  • Improved my working practices
  • Hired a personal assistant
  • Decreased my stress levels
  • Tripled my income…yes you read that TRIPLED!!!

So why am I telling you all this? Especially if you are not running a business? Well, the clue is in the title of this blog really isn’t it?

  • Why should you hire a coach?
  • Why should you hire a no bullshit coach…because let’s face it there are a whole heap of people faking it out there.
  • Why should you hire me as your life coach? There I said it…why me?

Here are my top 5 reasons

  • For Direction – Women often tell me they feel lost…or worst still they are overwhelmed with heaps of ideas or too many people telling them what to do, and not knowing where to start. My programme will force you to stop and take stock and then focus on moving in one clear direction….with the number 1 focus being on Living A Bigger more Exciting Life


  • For Accountability – Let’s face it if your parents didn’t nag and your teachers didn’t dish out detentions and bad marks you wouldn’t have done your homework right? That there my friend is accountability. But as adults, we often shy away from accountability in part because we don’t want someone telling us what to do, or frowning on us if we don’t do it. But what is the point in having goals if there is nobody there to ensure you do the work towards achieving them?


  • For Structure – My programme takes you through a tried and tested process which helps you deal with the challenges you are facing one by one. It has a clear process with regular opportunities for you to feedback on your progress, with a recommended 10-week duration making it urgent enough to actually do the work on. with lifetime access you get to go through this process over and over again focussing on new goals each time.


  • For Practical Support – I rarely tell women exactly what to do, but sometimes women simply get stuck and need ideas for how to actually do something. Where to look for inspiration. How to move to the next step. What to declutter. How to administer self-care. Sometimes women need to be reminded to sign up for the course they really want to do, or to open the savings account they keep promising themselves they will. Sometimes women literally need someone to hold their hand while doing all of this.


  • For Unwavering Love – And I do not say this lightly. Don’t we all want someone to love and care for us. Someone to listen for listening sake, not to offer an immediate solution. We want a place to offload, to work stuff through, to get virtual hugs or dare I say it a caring nurturing boot up the backside. Sometimes my love is tough love…but it is always unwavering, and unconditional…just as love always should be. We want like-minded folk around us who are not going to laugh at our ambition, who can be there to celebrate our wins and to support us through our challenges.


So finally, let me tell you a final story about the impact of coaching.

I recently become an ambassador for Swimathon a national charity swimming challenge in the UK.

I am not a swimmer. I am a runner. But I figured it would be a good challenge, and I would get the chance to meet Olympic swimmers Duncan Goodhue and Keri Anne Payne.

The launch event was very exciting. I met all of the other ambassadors who had interesting and inspiring stories, and varying abilities when it comes to their swimming capabilities.v And then we got in the pool.

I have never been a strong swimmer. I can swim breaststroke forever but with front crawl I have only ever been able to swim a lap or two…in fact I had built up to one lap of the 50 meter London Aquatic centre pool since it had become my local pool…but even then I always had to take a few minutes to catch my breath at the end of a front crawl lap.


A 10-minute theory session with Keri Anne, and then 20 minutes of practical coaching in the pool by the Olympians, and 35 years of bad technique and an absolute lack of confidence was replaced with a swimming technique which I now know to be life-changing.

Today I swam 1000 meters all front crawl, with no gaps at each end…and in 36 minutes.

All because I had access to great coaching.

Now I can’t promise to get you on an Olympic podium, but I can help you win at life (gosh that sounded a bit cheesy) but it is true. I will help you to see the potential that you just can’t see, and I will make you take the action you have always been to afraid to take…and we will have heaps of fun along the way too.

Hiring a coach is one of the best things you can do if you have a track record of looking after everyone else but you. It draws a line in the sand when it comes to that behavior, and who knows what progress you will make in just 10 weeks.

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