Do you ever feel like it’s just too damn hard to get your stuff in front of the right people online?

Are you sick of social media, do you run out of things to say, do you get triggered by people who do similar things to you having more success?

These are all signs that perhaps you need to niche…and even if you have a niche, maybe it’s time to revisit it.

I thought I had a niche.

I helped people build communities. I was a business coach. A no bullshit business coach…I even have a bullshit buzzer I use for fun with clients…I even bought the url.

But it wasn’t enough.

I had to go deeper, I had to make what I do so damn simple for people to understand, that when I explain what I do to people they had to get it first time…even if they were not my ideal client…because chances are they knew someone who was.

So here are 3 hard to ignore signs that you also need to niche further.

  1. You are not making enough money
  2. You are struggling to come up with powerful marketing materials day in day out that convert into engagement, leads and sales
  3. Other people find it difficult to explain what it is you actually do.

Lets have a look at these in a bit more detail


Correct me if I am wrong, but you are in business to make money. You might not completely be driven by money, but without sales in your business you just have an expensive hobby.

Sales = impact.

Making money in your business fuels it, plus it fuels your marketing, it fuels your development, it fuels your ego. Money is not the be-all and end-all but it gives you choices and is a sign that you are doing good stuff in the world.

When you niche and people get it, it becomes an easier job to get people across the line. There is no confusion over what you do and how you can help people…and sadly in this world success follows success.

A coach that doesn’t have any coaching clients is going to show up online very differently to one who has a revolving door of clients, plus a coach who knows how to build and activate a tribe, is also developing a living breathing marketing team…out in the world talking about how great you are.

So yeah…making money, is kinda important right?


When you don’t have a clearly defined niche which you are completely aligned to, it can feel hard constantly coming up with fresh ways of marketing your stuff.

You can feel like your messaging sounds like everyone elses, you find it hard to get traction and engagement, and you literally get bored of your own content.

When you niche…the way I do niching, you become a content generating machine. Literally everything you have ever done in your life becomes fodder for your marketing, and out of nowhere stories and ideas and concepts jump out at you.

And people start to see the real you….and want to be in your world, marketing becomes fun…seriously.


Very few people go into business to do marketing…apart from marketeers I guess. But it is a non negotiable part of running any small business. But it is challenging getting on top of it, finding a strategy that works for you, that you don’t burn out from.

When you have a clearly defined and exciting to you (and others) niche, it’s easier to activate your network to become your marketing minions.

Oh you should speak to Julie, she’s great at building Tribes”

“Have you come across Julie Crefffield, she is a real expert in online communities”

“Oh yeah I am working with business coach called Julie Creffield….she’s helping me to scale my business…we are working on launching that membership idea I’ve had for ages”

The thing with activating your network to talk about your stuff, is they don’t even have to have the right words, they don’t even have to get it completely right…but when you are known for one thing, and people see evidence of you doing and talking about that thing, day in day out…it will inspire conversations about you….and that drives interest in you and your work.

Some other signs to watch out for

  • Wearing too many hats
  • People still talking about the old thing you used to do
  • Being overlooked for gigs/opportunities that are perfect for you
  • Not showing up on social media
  • Being slightly embarrassed at your website
  • Procrastinating on things like being a guest expert or getting PR
  • Thinking about getting a job in Tescos


Yesterday was the final session of my Tribe Builder 12 week Incubator…my 5th cohort of that programme, and on the call there were tears…mine included.

Folks who can finally breathe a sigh of relief after finally finding their thing, finally being able to step out confidently into the world, finally unlocking their earning potential….knowing how to build and activate an army of paying clients and inspired advocates for their work.

And it all started with nailing their niche…so do not delay

Join my free 5 day training on how to Nail your Niche which starts next week….you will never have done an online programme like the ones I deliver…and that’s a promise!!!

Julie Creffield is a community engagement strategist and business mentor with a passion for building and activating powerful and profitable tribes. With more than 20 years experience she now helps small business owners to scale their business via a range of online group programmes and VIP consultancy.

The doors for the next round of Tribe Builder are currently open and the programme starts on Thursday 8th October.

Find out more here

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