Please do not wait to grow your tribe

Please do not wait to grow your tribe

We all know that Chinese prover that says ,

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is NOW

Well this couldn’t be more relevant for growing your business audience.

I am not talking about followers, I’m not talking about people on your email list (although they can be useful) I am talking about giving people permission to want to be in your world.

I set up a plus size fitness blog a decade ago…I never intended for it to make me any money, but when the shit hit the fan and I found myself having been made redundant for the 4th time in 10 years…this time with a baby on the way…at least I had my blog.

Then I had to find away of leveraging and monetising it.

I see so many business owners going round and round in circles because the shame and embarresment of not being further ahead. With feelings of, I should be further ahead by now or I can’t compete with the other people in my niche because they are more popular they have more followers.

It’s a form of self sabotage.

Whats the point in starting, it will take me too long to catch up

It’s never about catching up, its instead about taking people with you, at wherever you are in your business now. Those emotions of guilt, shame, embarresment, fear, jealousy…they keep you stuck.

When you focus on staying in your own lane and building your business honestly, without the hype or vanity metrics, it takes the pressure off you to be anything other than who you are.

You can stop with the pretence, you don’t have to pretend to be further ahead than you are…and you find exactly the clients you need to find.

Start today.

Start tomorrow.

But bloody start.

This year has been so shitty for so many people, but around 1200 small business owners have bitten the bullet and worked with me to grow their tribe.

And they are further ahead of all of those people who considered it but decided for whatever reason not to.

You don’t have to have a massive tribe to have a profitable one. Size does not matter. The depth of engagement is what counts. We all hear of people with thousands of followers who can’t even sell out a limited edition tshirt print run.

  • Tribe building is NOT about having a FREE Facebook group
  • Tribe Building is NOT about funnels and webinars
  • Tribe Building is NOT about having a million social media followers

It’s about you stepping up as a leader, and standing for something. Taking people somewhere, taking yourself on a journey to a destination worth going.

For sure we can learn tactics and have strategies for growth in place, but without the basics of self leadership, authenticity and mission in place, and a business model that allows for growth…it will always feel like hard work.

Start NOW

Let me share something.

When COVID hit and the world went into panic, I allowed myself one day, 24 hours…and then I pulled up my big girl pants (and I do have big pants) and I trusted that my tribe would come through for me.

I had something they needed, and I knew they would not go elsewhere for it, because they trusted me.


I’ve had my most successful year in business, despite having some pretty uncomfortable personal challenges, and in part this has because I have built a wonderful tribe that supports me as much as I support them.

If you are interested in how you scale a business ethically during these challengeing times, we should talk.

Doors are now open for the October cohort of Tribe Builder, and the early bird rate is valid until Monday

Find out more here

Julie Creffield is a community engagement strategist and business mentor with more than 20 years experience under her belt. She helps coaches, experts and consultants to grow profitable and impactful tribes, and is passionate about improving the health, wealth and happiness of business leaders the world over.

I made £30K this month, and I’m not quite sure HOW!!!

I made £30K this month, and I’m not quite sure HOW!!!

OK…so first things first.

Of course I know how. I sold a range of online programmes and took on a number of one to one clients, so apologies for the click batey headline…but I really want to talk to you about something super important.

On Friday I ran a VIP mastermind with some clients and we were discussing our plans for next year, setting targets, looking at the mindset blockers that might get in the way of achieving all of our goals…especially our money ones.

And what I often experience with these kinds of expansive days…even when I go on them myself with my own mentors and coaches…is that it’s all exciting, and inspiring, and wonderful dreaming, scheming and playing make-believe about what could be until you get to that big old bummer of a question…

But HOW????

The idea of what and why when positioned in the right way can always help my clients to tap into their biggest resources of magic…they start to imagine the life they can build for themselves and their family AND the impact they can have for their clients, and they feel powerful…like super powerful. UNSTOPPABLE even.

But when they start thinking about the HOW, their energy drops, panic sets in, and all of a sudden they start reviewing their goals to make them more realistic.

  • Oh, but I’ve never made that kind of money before
  • I’ve never delivered that kind of programme
  • I don’t know how to work that bit of technology
  • I’d have to hire staff
  • I’m busy now…I can’t imagine having to work twice as hard

At the start of 2020 I sat down in a swanky hotel off Covent Garden in London with my business coach, and my mastermind buddies 16 awesome ladies who I’ve been sharing this crazy year with, and we set our goals for the year.

I can remember the panic in my heart as I boldly said,

“I want to double my income”

I found it so easy to tap into the why, I want to move out of London, I want to impact on the lives of a million small business owners, I want to change the trajectory of my families lives…create real legacy. So yeah…I’m all good with that stuff.

But then the how?

I sat in that room frantically scribbling different ways of doing it, I used the processes I teach my Tribe Builder clients, a process that I’ve used myself a hundred times, but with every different way I laid it out, I got more and more tangled up in the logistics, the tactics, all of the moving parts that do need looking at when you run an online coaching business…and before you knew it that doubling of my income goal not only didn’t seem possible, but it didn’t even seem worth it.

But my coach reminded me to trust myself, to trust the process, to trust that I would work out the how, as long as I focussed on the feelings I wanted to create in my life…FREEDOM being the main thing actually.

And so that was that.

I had my goal for the year, I had a baseline amount of what I wanted to make each month, and I left the how a little bit fuzzy round the edges for the time being, trusting that the right products, services, opportunities, lightbulb moments would come.

And they did.

The fact we were all in a global pandemic didn’t help…or perhaps it did, perhaps it was that which kept me going, focussed on the outcome rather than the process.

And this month?

I set my income goal like I do most months.

For September it was £20,000…other months this year it has been less.

I had of course done some of the maths in terms of what was going on in my business. I was in launch. Well pre-launch. And I was introducing some new ways to work with me. But other than that…I wasn’t able to account for where all of the money would come from.

Sitting down a few days ago I realised I actually managed a £30K month…not all cash in the bank, and not all profit, but I invoiced for over £30K in a 30 day period….well 28 if I really want to show off.

Yep, I’m kinda impressed with that even if I do say so myself. I used to go to work all month, all year for that kind of money in the public sector… it’s all a bit bonkers.

Half way through the month of course I had my normal panic.

“I’m never going to do it”

“Everyone hates me”

“I’m off to get a job in Tescos…I hear they are recruiting”

But that wobble lasted all of 24 hours and in fact coincided with my time of the month (so there is that!!!) and then I cracked on with the job in hand, and I brought in more sales.

The 3 main things I did this month

One ➡️ Invited folk to stuff…paid for challenges, free challenges, facebook lives, masterclasses, chinwags AKA sales calls but without the ick

Two ➡️ I followed up with everyone who had been in my world…I simply asked them if they wanted to work with me, and laid out the options…I mainly did this by DM

Three ➡️ I continued to share on social media what I am bloody good at…AKA community engagement and tribe building…yes I blew my own trumpet so to speak.

The other thing I did was I listened to the stories, the niggling little narrative that explains why hitting my goals are not possible…and after hearing them, I told em to piss off.

And so here we are.

And I get to do it all over again in October.

Now whenever I sit down to write these articles I often wonder if I come across as a smug mug (oooh just made that up), whether in this climate it is ethical or even kind to be talking about making so much money online.

But I want to show my clients what it possible.

I want to show how I do it.

I want to show that Tribe Building isn’t some buzz word, isn’t about fame and having a bazzilian instagram followers…I have 2839 in case you were wondering (come follow me)

I just want to give hope to the folks who have been doing this stuff for a while and feel like…”When’s it my time?”

I felt like that for a long time.

Waiting for the right strategy, the right coach, the right clients…when in fact I just needed to believe in myself more, and stop effing around.

I decided this year I would double my income…and I have, even though I didn’t know how I would do it.

So my questions to you are…

  • Are you ready to double your income?
  • Are you ready to give up on the how, for a bit?
  • Are you ready to trust yourself?

I am wishing you every success in the month of October.

Surround yourself with people on the same journey as you, silence or declutter the voices of the neigh-sayers…and keep your mission close to your heart.

Thats the thing that trumps the how…over and over again.

Let’s do this.

Now of course I am going to tell you about my signature programme Tribe Builder which starts on the 6th October.

It is a 12 week incubator for coaches, experts, therapists and consultants who want to grow a profitable and impactful tribe around their business, and fast.

It’s for small business owners who are done waiting, who are ready to step up, who are ready to create freedom in their life…or whatever it is they long for right now.

You can find out more here

There is an earlybird which ends on Friday next week, so if you would like to jump on a call and discuss whether this might be a good fit for you…here’s the link to book in

3 hard to ignore signs you need to niche…NOW

3 hard to ignore signs you need to niche…NOW

Do you ever feel like it’s just too damn hard to get your stuff in front of the right people online?

Are you sick of social media, do you run out of things to say, do you get triggered by people who do similar things to you having more success?

These are all signs that perhaps you need to niche…and even if you have a niche, maybe it’s time to revisit it.

I thought I had a niche.

I helped people build communities. I was a business coach. A no bullshit business coach…I even have a bullshit buzzer I use for fun with clients…I even bought the url.

But it wasn’t enough.

I had to go deeper, I had to make what I do so damn simple for people to understand, that when I explain what I do to people they had to get it first time…even if they were not my ideal client…because chances are they knew someone who was.

So here are 3 hard to ignore signs that you also need to niche further.

  1. You are not making enough money
  2. You are struggling to come up with powerful marketing materials day in day out that convert into engagement, leads and sales
  3. Other people find it difficult to explain what it is you actually do.

Lets have a look at these in a bit more detail


Correct me if I am wrong, but you are in business to make money. You might not completely be driven by money, but without sales in your business you just have an expensive hobby.

Sales = impact.

Making money in your business fuels it, plus it fuels your marketing, it fuels your development, it fuels your ego. Money is not the be-all and end-all but it gives you choices and is a sign that you are doing good stuff in the world.

When you niche and people get it, it becomes an easier job to get people across the line. There is no confusion over what you do and how you can help people…and sadly in this world success follows success.

A coach that doesn’t have any coaching clients is going to show up online very differently to one who has a revolving door of clients, plus a coach who knows how to build and activate a tribe, is also developing a living breathing marketing team…out in the world talking about how great you are.

So yeah…making money, is kinda important right?


When you don’t have a clearly defined niche which you are completely aligned to, it can feel hard constantly coming up with fresh ways of marketing your stuff.

You can feel like your messaging sounds like everyone elses, you find it hard to get traction and engagement, and you literally get bored of your own content.

When you niche…the way I do niching, you become a content generating machine. Literally everything you have ever done in your life becomes fodder for your marketing, and out of nowhere stories and ideas and concepts jump out at you.

And people start to see the real you….and want to be in your world, marketing becomes fun…seriously.


Very few people go into business to do marketing…apart from marketeers I guess. But it is a non negotiable part of running any small business. But it is challenging getting on top of it, finding a strategy that works for you, that you don’t burn out from.

When you have a clearly defined and exciting to you (and others) niche, it’s easier to activate your network to become your marketing minions.

Oh you should speak to Julie, she’s great at building Tribes”

“Have you come across Julie Crefffield, she is a real expert in online communities”

“Oh yeah I am working with business coach called Julie Creffield….she’s helping me to scale my business…we are working on launching that membership idea I’ve had for ages”

The thing with activating your network to talk about your stuff, is they don’t even have to have the right words, they don’t even have to get it completely right…but when you are known for one thing, and people see evidence of you doing and talking about that thing, day in day out…it will inspire conversations about you….and that drives interest in you and your work.

Some other signs to watch out for

  • Wearing too many hats
  • People still talking about the old thing you used to do
  • Being overlooked for gigs/opportunities that are perfect for you
  • Not showing up on social media
  • Being slightly embarrassed at your website
  • Procrastinating on things like being a guest expert or getting PR
  • Thinking about getting a job in Tescos


Yesterday was the final session of my Tribe Builder 12 week Incubator…my 5th cohort of that programme, and on the call there were tears…mine included.

Folks who can finally breathe a sigh of relief after finally finding their thing, finally being able to step out confidently into the world, finally unlocking their earning potential….knowing how to build and activate an army of paying clients and inspired advocates for their work.

And it all started with nailing their niche…so do not delay

Join my free 5 day training on how to Nail your Niche which starts next week….you will never have done an online programme like the ones I deliver…and that’s a promise!!!

Julie Creffield is a community engagement strategist and business mentor with a passion for building and activating powerful and profitable tribes. With more than 20 years experience she now helps small business owners to scale their business via a range of online group programmes and VIP consultancy.

The doors for the next round of Tribe Builder are currently open and the programme starts on Thursday 8th October.

Find out more here

What is Sell it Saturday

What is Sell it Saturday

When I first started working as a business coach, I was literally astounded at how infrequently my clients were asking for the sale.

Now these were brilliant folks, doing brilliant things…but goodness me I couldn’t find a link to the thing they sold for love nor money.

They did ask for the sale, just not enough.

So I started something called Sell it Saturday….where at the end of each week my clients in Tribe Builder would post 100 words, an image and a link to buy in the group for everyone else to see what they were selling.

It worked a treat.

Through lock down I started doing this on my public Facebook feed, just to encourage people to keep selling…keeping ourselves small and invisible as business owners helps nobody right now.

AND SO…to take this up a level…today (well OK tonight…as it’s now 9.30pm and I’m on my second G&T) I am collating all of the Sell it Saturdays from my Grand in Your Hand Challenge…to showcase what absolutely brilliant products and services my clients have to offer.

Imagine if everyone reading this blog committed to supporting one small business owner???

So here goes…in no particular order (cos alphabetical feels a bit of a challenge after that second drink)

Show your support folks…..


5 Days to Speaking up for Change – With Lisa Braithwaite

Is there an issue that’s close to your heart that you want to speak out about… but fear or uncertainty is holding you back?

The get involved in the 5 Days to Speak up for Change Challenge which starts this Monday. Get your message off of your heart, out of your head, and into the world!

Lisa Braithwaite is a speaking coach, trainer, and author. She mentors purpose-driven leaders to deliver memorable and engaging presentations in order to build visibility, credibility, and influence.

The Phoenix Rising Programme – With Jo Permaul

Are you a therapist, healer or wellbeing professional? Would you like support, space to share and grow your practice amongst others who have your back?

We are being called to support the health of a nation during a global pandemic. What do you need to develop to ensure both you and your business can handle it?

Jo Permaul is a homeopath and life coach, passionate about supporting therapists of all disciplines, her course starting October 8th.

Kickstart Your Body Confidence- Without losing your sh*t – With Sue Boardman

Are you going in circles trying to implement healthy habits that feel good?
Having the same mental battles day in day out?
Do you feel like you sabotage all your efforts?

Let’s get clear on your biggest challenge, achieve clarity and create your personalised steps and move you forward! Book your place for the earlybird price of £99 here:

Sue Boardman is an experienced fitness, wellbeing and confidence coach who helps show women they are enough already with positive mindset techniques and practical tools to improve their health and wellbeing.

The Turnaround Package – With Sally Potter

Do you need a shift of perspective? Is anxiety holding you back? Would you like to let go of stress and overthinking? Whatever it is, if you want to change it, I can help…

The Turnaround Package gives you three full sessions of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for just £129 (usual price £210) If you are ready for a calmer, more confident life, this package could be everything you need. Transformation begins from the first session.

Sally Potter is a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. She helps overwhelmed, anxious people change their lives through strength-based conversation and hypnosis. She has just 6 of these packages remaining! 

Dial it Down Together – With Helen Walker

Stressed? Anxious? Want to dial down those negative feelings?

Dial it down together in two weeks through tips, techniques and a bit of hypnosis. This is a small online group pilot at a small one off price of £55! We start 3rd October. Want to join us?

Helen Walker is a solution focussed psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. Her passion is supporting clients that experience stress and anxiety.�She has dealt with many of these issues first-hand, so considers herself an ‘expert through experience’ (!) with the tools, empathy and sense of humour to work with you to get your sparkle back.

The Sleep Deep Method – With Beatrix Schmidt

Join us for this live 10 Day Sleep Challenge group course to improve your skills of quieting your mind, sleeping peacefully, waking up both mentally and physically so you can be productive every single day. Supported by Beatrix personally, you’re going to learn practical ways you can improve your sleep.

Having struggled with insomnia and burning myself out in her mid-twenties, Beatrix spent the last 10 years researching sleep and learning that in order for us to sleep well at night, we need to look much deeper than how tired we are and the number of hours we sleep.

Writing Back to Happiness – With Mary Fenwick

Would you like to feel happier rather than just coping? Writing Back to Happiness is a four week group programme to help you set up a positive journaling habit. Daily email tips, weekly group calls and bonus expert interviews, plus a lot of love.

Mary Fenwick is the agony aunt for Psychologies magazine, and has written a journal for more than 40 years. In 2008, her husband died and, on the day of his funeral, she found out that the magazine she’d been editing had also collapsed. In this programme she is sharing what she know works when you need to re-build. Starts 3 October, early bird £127 until 25 September. contact Mary Fenwick

Tech Shy to Mega Geek – With Cathy Fieldhouse

Are you tech-shy? Do you struggle knowing the best tools or devices to use for your business? Join Cathys new VIP community to get personalised advice and training as well as access to all of her online courses.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL for 20 founding members – only £150 for Lifetime Membership!! Normally £45 per month.

With mega-geek skills and 20+ years’ experience she supports clients from local sole traders to multi-national chains across multiple continents and time-zones. Training? Testing? Analysis? Project management? “whatever the client needs

So what do you need?

Let’s Stop Talking About it – With June Rodgers

Anxious, stressed, don’t want to talk about it, is this you? Imagine if by tapping certain points on your upper body and hands you’d feel better.

June Rodgers is an Advanced Thought Field Therapy Practitioner helping people to overcome anxiety and stress without having to constantly talk about it

She used this practice to overcome an issue she refused to talk about for 24yrs. Interested? Contact June at

Soul Power – With Maria Antoniou

Interested in spiritual development? Soul Power is your next step!

Soul Power is a 6 week course to help you connect deeply with your spiritual truth, including your past & future lives, for more inner peace, self belief, authenticity and alignment in your life & business.

We start 1st October and it costs just £139 for 6 weeks of teaching, guided visualisations and support via a Facebook group. Are you joining us? Feel free to ask me any questions about the course.

Maria is an experienced Psychic & Spiritual Coach for women entrepreneurs, working with the akashic records, past and future lives.

Are You Hiring – With Vic Offarell

How are you interviewing – video?

With more than one candidate how do you choose, experience – yes – but imagine if you could see inside their mind and understand their motivators and drivers ? Imaging if you could also scope out the ideal behaviours and drivers for the role too?

Welcome to #QueenOfBehaviours, helping you to find the ideal candidate.
A 4 week programme to help you to read personality profiles, to apply this to both the role and applicants to give you have the best possible match.

Master Canva Like a Boss – With Angie Brown

Are you frustrated and pulling your hair out because you can’t get your social media graphics on point? Struggling to work out how to do it or where to start?

Well, if that is true then I can help resolve that issue with you.
I am Angie Brown and I am deeply passionate about learning new software packages and teaching what I’ve learnt to others. I am offering an 8-week course with weekly demos plus live Q&As aimed specifically to get you to Master Canva like a Boss!

For further information email:

Zero to Millionaire – With Juanita Duke

Are you working tirelessly but not getting ahead financially? Do you have a vision of your dream life but you just can’t make it happen? Do you worry about your financial future, or life after retirement? Wealth creation doesn’t just happen. You choose to make it happen.

Juanita Duke is a wealth coach whos aim is to teach you how to go from working for money, to having your money working for you, working together on three key strategies.

Generating Income
Creating Assets
Growing Your Wealth

Enrolment is currently open for a new cohort starting 1st Oct.

The Red Effect – With Mel Sherwood

Are you RED-dy to experience The RED Effect? I’m looking for 30 women who are ready to reconnect with the essence of who they are, explode their confidence and live their best life – is that you? Join us for a 5 week online programme commencing 11 October. Only £147 #BeMoreRED

Mel Sherwood is a pitch and presentation specialist, founder of The RED Effect™ and the author of ‘The Authority Guide to Pitching Your Business’. She combines 25 years’ experience in business with a background as an actor, presenter and singer to help business professionals to express themselves with confidence, credibility and charisma.

From Invisible to Remarkable – With Gosia Syta

Do you work hard and hope that your work will speak for itself? We all know how that ends. People don’t notice you, hijack your ideas, and then bask in the glory powered by YOUR work.

My name is Gosia Syta. I’m a personal impact expert, helping female professionals project more authority, increase their impact at work and move into bigger and more fulfilling roles.

“From Invisible to Remarkable. The Personal Impact Incubator” is a 6-week group online programme for women who want to learn practical techniques to increase their impact for the post-pandemic world of work.

It begins on the 19th October and consists of weekly 90-minute group coaching calls, a tailored online programme, and a private Facebook group.

The regular price is £297 pounds and the Early Bird is £235.

Time for Me – With Sarah Heron

Join an 8 week, online, group, style programme for midlife, empty nesting 🐣women who have spent years putting other people’s needs first and neglected their own.

Explore how to express yourself and who YOU are through colour, clothes, accessories, make up and more and stop hiding away.
This is time for YOU.

Sarah Heron is a heart-centred, personal Colour & Style Consultant, with a supportive approach, who builds confidence, restores lost style mojo and helps you look and feel so much better about yourself!

As a single, empty nesting mama Sarahs walked the walk, rediscovered and reinvented herself. Please get in touch by dropping emailing to find out about the last 4 early bird prices available for this programme.

9 Steps to Your Best Job Yet – With Peter Milligan

How’s your career going?

Are you:
– At a crossroads, trying to decide the best direction?
– Stuck in a dead-end wondering how to escape?
– Worried about the security of your current role?
– Afraid to step into a job market with growing unemployment and competition?

There are keys to success that MOST people don’t seem to know!

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Peter Milligan is an inspirational speaker and business psychologist who helps business leaders and corporate professionals make a positive difference in the workplace and build successful careers.

Take a Break Before You Break – With Breeda Miller

Do you need help to Take A Break Before You Break? I am a recovering carer. I cared for my mum for six years including hospice care in my home. It’s something I’m very proud of, but it nearly killed me. I needed to learn to take care of myself.

Now, years later I have created a simple program to help you. Six weeks that might change your life. Early bird rate last just a few more days.

The Risky Thing – With Anita Phagura

Imagine being part of the collective power of 100 risktakers taking their own risks that really mattered. You’d face your fears, with firm accountability, compassionate support and celebrate every step of the way – whether you fail or fly 🦅

How much? Will you choose the safe bet price of £99 or spin the wheel to decide your price. Take the risk, email:

Anita Phagura is a project manager, coach, speaker and consultant. She’s a dissenter who challenges the status quo, because she want projects to be better. She’s also a bit of a scaredy cat who knows deep down to do that its going to take a risk to get to her next level. So here she is, asking you to take a risk with her.

Write Now – With Erin Chaimberlain

Do you have a dream to write a book but never find that you make the time? Do you want more clients but run out of steam for your written content by Wednesday afternoon?

Prioritise your words by making time to write them in my 💥Write Now💥 community of writers. £30 per month for a minimum of 24 hours of group writing accountability.

Erin is a book mentor and editor who has worked for traditional trade publishers for nearly 20 years. She started out selling books in a bookshop and has worked across most areas of publishing including editorial, commissioning, production and sales. She is passionate about bringing ideas into the world and creating books that will have an impact and change lives.

Do What Makes You Happy – With Kelly Drake

Are you feeling fed up and frustrated about your working situation?
Do you feel stuck or in limbo because you’ve been furloughed or made redundant? Are you harbouring new work ideas you would love to do but no idea where to begin? Did lockdown open your eyes to new ideas of what you could do for work; a new job or role or a new creative venture, a new business idea or a passion project, become more entrepreneurial?

If so, it’s time to ‘Do what makes you happy’…A 10 week pilot transformational step by step programme to go from work doldrums to a life where you do what makes you happy. Starts Nov 4th. Live group Coaching Incubator calls, weekly themed expert creative teaching with workbooks, an online safe community to get instant support and ideas Pilot Earlybird investment £333, VIP £480. Payment plans available

The VAT Calculator – With Rachel Allen

Have you ever wondered (or worried even) about how registering for VAT will affect your prices and your profit?

Have you ever wished that someone would just produce a calculator that would work that all out for you?

If so, then click on the link and, for just £17.50 you can nab yourself a calculator that will just that. You can thank me later 😉

Rachel is a business coach on a mission to help female entrepreneurs to understand and talk the language of money. Her unique combination of coaching and teaching allows her clients to really embrace their numbers and empower them to make more money.

Reduce the Pressure – With Susannah Alexander

Is your blood pressure heading in the wrong direction? Are you, or someone you know, curious about how food and lifestyle could benefit your blood pressure? If so, my online 21-day programme is perfect. You’ll understand your body better and learn the best way of eating for healthy blood pressure.

And you’ll get loads of friendly support.

Susannah is a size-friendly registered nutritional therapist with a passion for making healthy eating accessible, affordable and fun, and a special interest in blood pressure, and in mental health. She is an experienced educator and presenter, and loves public speaking and running cookery workshops for children, and wellness retreats for adults.

Flaming Leadership – With Danni Lu-Carr

Flaming Leadership is an 8 week group programme for professional women and female entrepreneurs to stand up, step in, speak out and lead the way for better change.

It begins on 28th September and consists of a 90 minute group coaching call every Monday evening along with an extensive and tailored online programme.

Danni Lu-Car is a leadership coach

Ready to Return? – With Nicola Kelly

How do you keep your core business values alive when staff morale is low and your workforce is suffering with stress and burn out?

Welcome to ‘Ready To Return’. A program designed to help:

1. Employees feel supported.
2. Keep morale high with the continued need for remote working.
3. Employees feel more connected to the company and to their colleagues.
4. Develop strategies to prevent burnout, for example balancing work-life in a home environment.
5. Develop ways to support employees who are experiencing loneliness and feelings of isolation.

Nicola Kelly is a Sound Therapist, Life Coach and Artist, living in London and bringing people together to reconnect with their core values, experience true relaxation and learn simple wellbeing techniques to deal with and manage stress. 

Storytelling Made Simple – With Rachel Maunder

Story Telling Made Simple is an 8 week online programme designed to help you craft your stories into effective talks and presentations. Which story to tell, where to start it and what to leave out are key aspects covered.

Super Early Bird offer currently applies for 1st 3 people to book.
An experienced speaker myself, for a long time I struggled to find my story, believing I didn’t have one to share. Now realising the value of the heap of everyday stories we all have that can add value when told well, I’m now on a mission to help other speakers find and craft theirs.

Fast Track Your Career – with IJ Samuel

Imagine getting a ‘LIFELINE’ to fast-track your Career? Wouldn’t you want in? How would you feel if someone offered you a clear direction that shaves years off your learning curve? That’s what I call a LIFELINE!

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IJ Samuel has successfully built her career in record time up to an Associate Director and a Recognised Industry Leader! For over 15 years she has been working on multi-billion-pound major projects, helping clients like Heathrow Airport, High Speed Two (HS2), Kuwait Oil Company, EON and more to achieve significant success.

Melt-downs and Tears to Blissful Years – with Usha Chudasama

Do you feel guilty that you should instinctively know everything about how to raise a calm, happy and thriving family even during uncertain times? We are not given an instruction manual when our children are born!

Usha Chudasama is the author of Amazon best selling book ‘ Your Happy Child, 10 Proven Steps to Raising a Happy Child.’ She is passionate about helping parents to empower their children and heal their own inner child through the experience of parenthood.

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How to be more confident and engaging presenting online – With Kevin Cavanagh

Could you be one of the 12? I want to help you be more confident, engaging and impactful when presenting. A low cost, 4 week programme, relevant for those just starting out and presenters already delivering programmes that want to up their game. Sign up now for the pilot, get an early bird discount and be one of the 12.

After 24+ years of corporate experience working alongside the likes of AWS, Microsoft and top tier consultancies, Kevin followed his passion and became a speaker and coach. Being able to share hui methods of success has transformed my life in immeasurable ways.


Comfortable in your new skin – With Jeannette Sax

The world has changed since the beginning of the year. Have you changed too? Have you re-evaluted your priorities, lost your confidence or learnt new things about yourself and finding it difficult to align yourself with your current situation?

Imagine being comfortable with who are and being able to live that out at work, home and play. 4 individual coaching sessions with me will give you the space to connect with yourself, change your unconscious stories to being useful to move forward.

Jeannette Sax is a qualified coach with leadership experience in the public sector and education field. A committed Christian who works with people of all faiths and none. Jeannette helps women rediscover who they are and enables them to live the lives they were created to live with confidence.

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Shamanic Healing – With Viv Chamberlain-Kidd

Do you feel like life is pulling you in too many directions? Have you maybe lost part of yourself along the way? Through shamanic healing you can experience a unique reclaiming of your power, zing or passion for life. I’m Viv Chamberlin-Kidd, a core shamanic practitioner.

My healing, whilst training and since, helped me overcome feelings such as low self-esteem, ‘imposter’ syndrome, etc. and instead shifted my focus to my power and the unique gifts I needed to share.

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Becoming Unstoppable – With Leah Leaves

Having ADHD can feel like fighting the tide.

You want to enjoy life and live up to your potential, but somehow it doesn’t end up working out.

What would life be like if your mind was working with you instead of against you?

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Leah Leaves has been helping women to feel more confident, calmer and less overwhelmed for nearly ten years.

After being diagnosed with ADHD at age 43, she has dedicated herself to helping women with ADHD do so much more than just survive.

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5 things which hurt most in your business…and how to ease the pain

5 things which hurt most in your business…and how to ease the pain

Ouch…did you feel that?

Thats was the sound of a small business owners dreams dashing to the floor, as yet another social media post goes unnoticed.


Thats the feeling of tech not bloody working again…just when you need it.

The world of small business is a tricky place right now, it can be filled with sharp edges and dangerous dark caves which you seriously don’t want to get lost in.

I did a Facebook live today….and nobody came on live!!

Dun, dun, duuuuuhhhhhhh

But guess what?




Thats the thing in business, particularly in the world of online business we can blow even the smallest of things into the biggest of things, we can let these little micro disappointments accumulate and before you know it you have convinced yourself that you are not cut out for it.

So in this blog post I am going to share what my clients tell me are the things which hurt most…and I’m going to share with you my solution to that problem.

You ready

Pain Point One – Not having enough clients

OMG the age old problem. Not having enough clients is not just about not having enough income, but it also means you can’t do the work you are bloody brilliant at…and then you start questioning yourself and doing all manner of strange things like offering discounts, and exchanges, and thinking about getting a job in Tescos.

The Solution – Turn your business into a magnet for what I like to call your perfect peeps. And how do you do that? By ensuring your business model is designed for that purpose. If you are still finding clients one by one, serving them one by one, seeing them disappear into the distance never to be seen again one by one…then it is always going to be challenging.

PS. Think about Building a Tribe.

Pain Point Two – Not getting any traction on social media

AKA the tumbleweed phenomenum. You post on social but nobody sees your posts, or buys from you so whats the bloody point? The internet can be a noisy place…its full of posers, promoters, and other rude words beginning with P and so before you know it you find yourself scrolling aimlessly, consuming other peoples stuff rather than your own.

The Solution – Learn how to be engaging online (and no that’s not an insult). Learn how to be disruptive. Learn the language your ideal clients need to hear. And most importantly learn how to activate the people that are seeing your stuff into taking action to help your business grow.

Cough Cough….Build a Tribe.

Pain Point Three – Playing it safe…afraid to take a risk

What this often looks like is doing the thing that other people in your niche do, you know accountants acting like accountants, life coaches, acting like life coaches…because I mean, whoever wants to stand out in life?

What we often fear most is being judged…even by people, we don’t know. Its ludicrous. We let our future security and wellbeing be affected by the thoughts and opinions of people we don’t know, and don’t even know if they give us the time of day.

The Solution – Become your own person online, lean more into who you are. Be vulnerable, be fearlessly visible, and be of value to the people who need you the most…your future and existing clients….sod everyone else.

BTW…when you have a Tribe, they love you exactly as you are…the encourage and support you to take risks and be brave

Pain Point Four – A lack of vision

Not knowing where you are going with your business can feel a bit discombobulating (always wanted to use that word in a blog), but also being super controlling over the vision can stifle your business growth too.

Things in the world change and as a business owner you need to be able to adapt to the changing needs of the world. When you are a mission-led business owner, and you have a community of people who want to come with you… it’s all just about riding the wave, and collecting more people as you go. Its OK for the vision and the strategy to change…in fact I insist that it does every once in a while.

The Solution – Build your vision around the impact you want to have on this planet, and don’t limit to the evidence you have now of what difference you make…this is about trusting in your ability to affect change on a massive scale….then you can scale down as appropriate if you must.

In 2014 I had a vision of working with a million women, and set about building a tribe to help me with that mission, my content for that business has been seen by more than 10 million globally, and I have been featured in the press in more than 50 countries.

That community continue to inspire me to take bigger and bigger leaps

Go build a tribe…they will help you see clearly

Pain Point Five – It’s just so bloody lonely

Doing it by yourself hurts. Sometimes your nearest and dearest don’t get it. Its hard to find safe places where you can be honest and offload. It can also be challenging having somewhere to celebrate the wins…the little ones AND the big ones.

We were not born to do all this stuff alone, we need community ourselves, we need to feel connected. When building a tribe you need somewhere else to communicate your vision…a place where other people get it.

The Solution – Build Your Tribe, Join a Tribe…like seriously. Stop scrabbling around in free groups and reading a bazzilion books trying to pick up nuggets of expertise. Its not knowledge you lack necessarily, its the ability to implement the right knowlegde…and to keep going when it gets scary…I know…I struggle to do it alone too….which is why I have a high level coach.

Find your peeps, love your peeps, change the world….don’t try and do it alone.

And so in conclusion….


Sorry for the shouting, but your email list isn’t going to grow by itself, your social media following too…if you want change, you have to be the change and believe in your ability to lead.

You ready to lead a tribe?

First you need to learn to lead yourself…and work out what kind of Tribe Leader you are….because not all leaders are born equal…and believe it or not there isn’t just one way of doing things.

If you are looking to build a tribe (and be part of one)…we need to talk. The doors are about to open for my 12 week incubator…TRIBE BUILDER…this week though I am offering a limited number of super early bird places…for the risk takers, the action takers

For more details send an email to or book in a call this week to discuss the programme…remember this discount is only available for the first 10 people and ends on Monday.

Not ready to buy a programme from me yet? I get it…maybe you don’t know me well enough to jump into the coaching bed with me so to speak. I am running a FREE 5 day growth challenge…its called Nail Your Niche...which is very much the first part of this process.

Either way let me show you how to be a master tribe builder…and take away at least some of the pain of being an online business owner.

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