What are you saying no to in your business?

What are you saying no to in your business?

Remember when your Mum used to get you to try new foods?

And you’d say,

“But I don’t like it” and she’d say “How do you know…you haven’t tried it?”

Well, last week I was at my sisters house and she is a foster parent who has a lovely little boy in her care at the moment. When he came to her he only ate bland beige food and over the few months he’s been with her he has really started to enjoy more foods.

I had popped into her new house to have a nose around and she said she’d knock me up a bit of brunch as I’d had an early meeting and no breakfast, she started making pancakes with fruit yogurt and honey.

“I looooooooovvvveeee honey” this little 4 year old boy says

“Me too” I said

“It’s soooo nice” he said

“I know” I said

To which my sister mouthed

“He’s never tried honey”

Ha ha.

Well, he did that morning and he loved it.

I think we should all be a bit more like this excitable little boy.

Now on to some real business lessons hey?

A few months ago while at a speaking gig in Frankfurt I was invited to get involved with a new thing.

A new thing I’d never heard of before.

I didn’t know what it would be like, how much it would cost to go, what the return on investment would be, or even if it would suit someone like me. I might have hated it…it might have been full of weirdos.

The thing was the Association of Transformational Leaders, Europe…headed up by Marie Diamond a global Fung Shui expert (who I’m a bit embarrassed to say I didn’t know who she was until this weekend…anyone who has been to my apartment will know this to be true ha ha)

For those who don’t know who she is, Marie is an international bestselling author, speaker, and consultant not only in Feng Shui – but also Quantum Physics, the Law of Attraction, and other branches of ancient wisdom.


I looked into it…it looked interesting, there were other interesting people going, it would involve some travel (I looooovvvee travel) but I still had some reservations.

I’d just got back from a week in Mexico with one of the worlds leading transformational coaches. I’d just come back from a weekend in Frankfurt keynoting at a high profile conference…this niggling thought of…

“Who are you to enjoy a life of travel and adventure?”

Almost…you can have some, but not too much…cos that would just be greedy.

But there was also a bit of,

“People will start to think you are one of those personal development junkies…who doesn’t actually have a real business to speak of”

“I’ll look into it next time,” I said to the guy who kindly invited me.

But I kept looking at that slot in my diary. I kept wondering what if. It’s like I knew I would miss out if I didn’t go.

I spoke about this with my business coach, using cost as the reason not to go…and she said,

“If you had the money would you go?” to which I said

“Without a shadow of a doubt” so she said,

“Go make the money then”

And so I did.

I launched a new thing which I wasn’t sure if I would do this year and I made more than enough to cover the flights, accommodation and event fee…so now I had no excuse not to go.

“I’ve changed my mind, I want to come” I messaged my guy…and this was with a week to go!!!! And that’s OK…we are OK to change our minds…no shame there.

It wasn’t about the money really, I already had money in the bank, but this was an investment I hadn’t accounted for and like I had to test the universe to see if she was going to play ball.

Also turned out the event fell on half term and so my daughter was able to go to her Dads for an extra couple of days.

And so I headed off to Krakow in Poland to spend a weekend with a bunch of people from across Europe that I’d never met before…apart from one dude who I had a 45-minute conversation with at a Gala Dinner under the influence of wine.

Sometimes your intuition just tells you to do stuff.

You can’t explain why?

It doesn’t make sense to other people even, you just have a knowing in your bones that this was meant for you.

And so as I sit here at my desk the day after returning, trying to collect my thoughts and share the lessons from that initial resistance, it’s almost impossible to imagine a parallel universe where I didn’t go on the trip….(I know I’m going a bit sliding doors on you)

I had the most incredible weekend.

The content of the actual 3-day event, and the relationships aside…just the things which I experienced in Krakow, the adventures I had getting around on foot. From doing a photo tour with a local photographer to tasting local cuisine to exploring the architecture…these will live with me forever.

But it was the people.

It was the energy of that specific group of people, it was the journey we went on as a group (all you woo woo/personal development haters can turn away now haha)

I was meant to have found this collective of people, and they were meant to have found me. The conversations we had and will continue to have, the collaborations we will go on to create, the shared vision we now have for change in the world…they were all meant to happen.

Business isn’t just about having the right strategy, or the right vision, it’s not about the tools you use day to day or the range of products or services you offer…ultimately it’s about the impact you make the change you enable, and by holding yourself back from growing as a business owner and as a person, well you halt the scale of impact you can make…the scale of the change.

As we approach the end of this decade for sure you will be doing a whole heap of planning and strategising for 2020…but what’s the good in saying I want more money, more adventure, more support, more travel, more opportunities to grow my network, more clients, more ideas….if when these present themselves to you, you still say no.

You miss the opportunity because you didn’t see it coming.

And why do we say no?

Often its because we are afraid.

No? Really?

“Nope…I’m just being strategic with my resources” I hear you saying.

Well…that has been my excuse in the past too.

But here is the thing.

It’s fine to have a strategy and stick to it, and have boundaries around saying no to things which are not on that plan. And even to maintain your budget.

But when your vision for creating massive change in your life and in your business is so powerful and so clear I believe you can afford to let go of the specifics of how you are going to get there…because trust me what is meant for you will find it’s way to you…that’s just the way these things work.

And you can always make more money in business, but time isn’t so easy to make back.

  • What are you saying no to out of fear?
  • What are the signs you are constantly ignoring?
  • Where are you wasting that other important resources, time?
  • Where do you need to be braver in your decision making?

So I am saying a big fat yes to

  • More adventure and travel
  • Fabulous collaborations
  • Building a team to support my visions
  • Creating more wealth
  • Skyrocketing the impact I can have on this planet

If you are an entrepreneur who has a plan to create massive impact (and income) with your talents and ideas and want to join me on my mission to impact on a million lives…get in touch.

I have a range of things (programmes, events, offerings) coming up over the next 3 months…some of which I won’t be promoting publically…as they will be invite-only. I have full confidence that the right people will find their way to me and my work…but if you want to keep abreast of these developments then sign up to my spanking new monthly bulletin which is coming out in November…sign up here (there will be great free stuff to be had #justsaying)

So watch this space….

#1millionlives #tribebuilder #iblamejulie

A massive thank you to my new ACL family, I seriously felt like one of the gang by the time we hit the first coffee break…and that is the sign of a powerful and humble tribe…no ego, no hierarchy, just warmth and support and love.

What is inactivity costing you in your business?

What is inactivity costing you in your business?

Did you know in the UK physical inactivity costs the NHS around £1 billion per year…furthermore in a 12-year study of more than 300,000 people University of Cambridge researchers suggested that inactivity is actually more of a problem than obesity with about 676,000 deaths each year being down to inactivity, compared with 337,000 from carrying too much weight.

Now what does this have to do with business?

And no, its OK I’m not going to suggest you all leave your desk this very minute and go for a run (I’m a 5 times marathon runner you know…did I ever mention that?)

Look here’s the thing.

So often in life we focus so much on the end result…like getting into a size 12 pair of jeans, or making our first million, that we forget about the sometimes boring, pedestrian, consistent day to day action that is needed to actually get us there.

And because we sometimes set such lofty goals for ourselves, or worse still are influenced by our peers, the media, and modern day expectations, those goals seem soooooo far away from where we are now we choose to do nothing instead.

As the Chinese proverb says,

“The best time to plant a tree was yesterday, the second best time is now”

How often have you thought to yourself, oh I could write a blog to better position myself as an expert but then think to yourself but it’s such a saturated market, and they take so long to write, and it just takes such a lot of work to build traction.


I could build an online course, but what if nobody bought it and I did all that work and it was wasted. Maybe I will wait until I have a bigger audience.

It’s not that you are completely inactive in your business…oh no. You keep yourself busy, you go to networking events, you tweak your website and get new brand photos, and you know exactly what all of your competitors are up to on social media.

But what would inspired imperfect action right now look like in your business? What could you do or create today that would build real momentum? What is stopping you?

I had a call with a new accountability partner yesterday (yes I have them too) we briefly discussed our goals for this week, I set 3 goals…one of which was to write this blog and this morning I created a series of FREE community building masterclasses to deliver in November. (You can register for them here)

My accountability buddy just messaged me and said,

“Wow you weren’t joking when you said you’re a fast action taker!!!”

You see for me I don’t see any point in waiting. When inspiration strikes I take action, because I know that once fear sets in its too difficult to find that inspiration and momentum again.

Because that is all that inactivity is really….its fear and overwhelm disguised as laziness….and boy do we like to beat ourselves up about laziness.

I believe that a lot of the challenges we face in business, namely “not making enough money” or not seeing enough progress, which pretty much equates to “not making enough money” can be solved by just getting out of our own way and taking action.

In the work I do with runners I call it “getting out the bloody front door” and with entrepreneurs I call it simply “using the F**K it finger”…pressing send on that sales email, posting that social media post, reaching out to someone to partner with.

Because while you are scrolling on social media, tweaking images, heading to another breakfast meeting, researching your market (again), rearranging your desk…someone else is out there making money from exactly the same thing you want to make money from.

My top tips for taking fast action?

  1. Decide to take action
  2. Tell someone else about it (the more public the better)
  3. Build in timelines that you can’t change
  4. Just stop wingeing and fucking do it

Oh and number 5 is get yourself a kick arse coach who isn’t going to let you be inactive (but I would say that right?)

And incase you need more evidence that taking imperfect action leads to more money and more impact. In early September I came up with the idea for a mini sales challenge called “A Grand in Your Hand”…by the end of the month I had created it, delivered it, and made £14,000 off the back of it.

And not only that the business owners who took part in this challenge…also made money, created impact with their clients, and moved their business forward…so total win win.

One women made £13,000 in a week by taking action doubling her income for that month…so if that’s not a rocket up your arse to get stuck in, I don’t know what is.

I will be running the challenge again in early December…just in time to make some xmas money. You can sign up here today to take advantage of the early bird pricing….or you could dither and not sign up and then kick yourself next month ha ha.

Either way…stop mucking about on social media reading other peoples stuff, and get on with creating your own so that you can properly grow your business.

Rant over!!!!

Are you guilty of submarine marketing?

Are you guilty of submarine marketing?

You know what it’s like.

As a business owner, there are just soooooo many things to do.

Sooooo many things to keep on top of.

We have to be on 24/7 or at least thats what the social media gurus tell you….content, content, content…churn it out all day every day until people can’t ignore you


Even if I had the time to do this, I’m not sure this is the right way to go about communicating with your peeps.

We have got to this weird tipping point where everyone is producing content and too few people are consuming it…it’s exhausting, and a little bit pointless to try and keep up with this constant content creation.

And what it often leads to is somewhat of a different but equally problematic way of marketing, something I like to call Submarine Marketing….which goes a bit like this.

You’re heads down getting on with the job of doing whatever it is you do in your business…doing awesome stuff behind the scenes, serving your customers, creating new products and services and then you stop for a moment and realise…oooppps I don’t have enough clients, or worse still I’m about to launch something new and nobody knows what it is I do anymore because I forgot to communicate with them…I forgot that people like to be nurtured…woooo’d if you like.

So you pop back up everywhere with great content no less, you go at it with gusto, FB lives, insta stories, webinars, blogs…the works…and you know what?

Customers and clients spot this a mile off.

“Oh now she/he/they want to communicate with me cos they ‘ave something to flog” (cos in my mind thats how all people speak OK?)

Now if you are a product like mince pies or 18-30s holidays (do they even exist anymore) thats not so much of a problem, but if what you are offering is not at all seasonal, neither should your marketing be.

Stop popping up and popping down when it suits you and start being more consistent with your marketing.

And before you say,

“But Julie I don’t have the time”

No, the real problem is…you don’t have the system.

Nobody wants to be coming up with all of the ideas all of the time for new blogs (even me), nobody has the time to sit and create all that fabulous new content every day (even me), and finally nobody understands (ok well most folks don’t) how to leverage that content so that it actually gets seen by your ideal clients, followers and fans.

Which is where BLAB comes in handy.

Batch Like a Bitch is a programme I took part in with content genius Daire Paddy around 3 years ago. It changed not only the way I create content but it also introduced me to so many time-saving tips to ensure I don’t just bury my head in the sand and give up.

Earlier this year I convinced Daire to let me help her run this programme again as a week-long challenge, adding a heap of my community engagement/tribe building strategies alongside Daire’s genius…a brilliant partnership (as our personalities are sooooo different)

The summer round was awesome!!! Its been brilliant watching our clients out in the big bad world with their streamlines, super-effective content, hitting our feeds as expected.

So if you want to learn a system, and actually do the bloody work to create and schedule 3 months worth of brilliant content in just 5 days, you seriously need to join this next round of BLAB.

Or you can go into the next decade with your submerge, re-emerge, submerge, re-emerge approach and drive yourself and your network crazy in the process.

Sign up here…we start a week on Monday.

And trust me, despite the fun and slightly provocative title, this programme is proper, delivered by two leading business strategists, who get shit done…mainly because we ain’t creating content every bloody day.

Daire (pronounced Dara) Paddy creator of Batch Like a Bitch is the content strategist and visibility coach on a mission to help coaches + creatives stand out online through the power of personality. Check out her awesome podcast (on which of course I’ve been interviewed, twice I might add) called YourBiz, Your Rules

My name is Julie Creffield and I am the founder of Tribe Builder a 12-week incubator which supports entrepreneurs to build more impactful, more profitable businesses. With 20+ years of community engagement experience, and the practical know-how relating to growing a 6 figure coaching business from scratch.

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