3 Reasons to Batch like a B***h

3 Reasons to Batch like a B***h

Ok…so I guess we should address the B word straight off.

I know, I know it can sometimes be used as a derogatory word to describe women, but come on it’s also simply a term for a female dog, wolf, fox, or otter….and on this occasion I’m 100% going for FOX….you’ll see why in a bit.

The word BITCH can also be used to describe a difficult or unpleasant situation or thing.

And this is where Daire Paddy and I are going with our super exciting summer collaboration….BATCH LIKE A BITCH.

I don’t know about you, but I come up with a million ideas for creating content all of the time. But actually finding the time to sit down and create them is a totally different thing.

But I also know lots of business owners get stuck on the idea generation stage, or on knowing what kind of content to post where, how to get traction, the best times to post etc.

Content creation and engagement can be a minefield, and if you are not getting a return on investment on the time and effort you put into creating it…it can often become that thing that you procrastinate on.

Well not anymore.

Batch Like a Bitch is a 5 day challenge to create and schedule a whole quarters worth of content, AND think about the best way of getting your people to engage with it effectively.

But why BATCH?

Because making one cookie at a time makes sense right? OK onto some serious reasons.

Reason 1 FOCUS It take a certain type of energy to sit down and create…it needs no distractions, focus, and attention…if you know this is your sole job for 5 days you can literally tell everyone and everything else to wait.

FYI – You need between 3-4 hours of focus on each of the days in question, so this can 100% be done around pre-existing commitments or a pesky day job.

Reason 2STRATEGY When you are more strategic with your content you can think about the ebbs and flow of engagement, rather than being all sell, sell, sell…or worse still disappearing for months and then expecting everyone to jump for joy because you blogged. We are talking about the creation of good quality, converting content, that positions you as a leader in your field….and when you see this laid out for 3 months it will make so much more sense.

FYI – Imagine doing this activity 4 times a year, and then having the luxury of being able to add, more light hearted content as and when you feel like it, knowing that the more strategic stuff is done and scheduled?

Reason 3 – PRODUCTIVITY With the task of content creation out of the way, you can focus on the more important aspects of your business, strategic planning, sales, delivery…or (get this) you could actually take a holiday (WTF???) And just imagine what that rest from the churn of content generation could lead to in terms of new ideas, collaborations, upgrades to your business?

FYI – We have specifically designed this programme to happen before the kids break up from school, before the holiday season starts.


I am a massive believer in batching stuff…food prep, gift buying, bill paying, and content generation. This is 100% the business strategy that will free up the most of your time…so you can actually start enjoying your business this summer, making it work for you and not the other way round.

Hence why I’m 100% FOX when it comes to content creation…ain’t nobody got time to be at their desk 24/7 creating content…in and out…then you can just strut around being epic doing other important shit.

Who’s in?

The deadline for signing up is Thursday 4th July, and the 100 places on the programme are being snapped up.

Sign up here for just £97

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