Have you messed up 2019 already?

Have you messed up 2019 already?

It’s Monday the 14th, and I have flu.

No REAL flu.

That wonderful plan for my business I worked on at the back end of 2018 is busy collecting dust, and my plans for running every day in January are well and truly scuppered…and guess what?

I’m kinda happy.

Did I want to get the flu? Nope. I’m not good at being unwell…but if anything this enforced rest has been good for me.

Now when I say rest, let’s be clear, I am a single parent to an almost 6 year old little girl…so there is never any real rest, but I have limited my business output the last 10 days, gone to bed at a reasonable time, done no exercise (which is unheard of) and prioritised only the stuff that was 100% critical.

So…here’s the thing about this time of year.

Lots of us see a new year as a new start. Even if you don’t believe in resolutions (which I don’t) it is still really easy to get roped into committing to new habits, behaviours, projects, business ventures, decluttering….oh and isn’t it all about the decluttering right now?

What we seem to forget though is January is actually a really tough time of year to commit to and follow through on a lot of this stuff, it’s cold, we are broke, there are always loads of bugs flying around, and we have a tendency to over commit…we want to do everything in one go.

Then we don’t manage to, we end up feeling shit about ourselves, like we have failed.

Don’t get me wrong…I did do a whole heap of planning in the lead up to the new year but this was for a couple of reasons

  1. January is always my busiest time…for both my fitness and life coaching stuff…so I have to be organised and have a plan.
  2. I have a planning cycle that sees me do this level of planning 4 times a year anyway, on a rolling 90 day, 12 week cycle. So yes in the spring I will do this again, and in the summer and in the autumn. The January stuff isn’t more or less important…it’s just what I do, and the demand is higher.
  3. I have some big personal goals which I want to address this quarter and that means doing some major decluttering, and redecorating of my flat so that I can put my home on the market

Oh and I’m training for the London Marathon….there are just 15 weeks left until that.

So yes…I was planning to fire on all cylinders in January

But it wasn’t to be.

The bug has wiped me out, it has forced me to slow down, and in many ways, it has been great, because despite being ill I have still managed in the last 14 days to

  • Deliver an EPIC keynote at Birkbeck University
  • Host an Ice Cream Parlour Party for my almost 6 year old
  • Lead a 100 strong cohort of women through my Dare to Dream Programme
  • Recruit 200 women to take part in my 5 weeks to 5K programme which starts today
  • Honor most of my 121 client calls (via Zoom)
  • Sign 11 ladies up on to my Living a Bigger Life Mastermind

I’ve made more money in the last 14 weeks as I did in the first quarter of 2018…and most of that from the comfort of my own home, while not feeling 100%

Now this is for a few reasons, but mainly it is because over the last 18 months I have been repositioning my business to make it work for me, based on my values, where I protect it’s number one asset (urm ME!!!) whereby I don’t have to be rushing around to keep everyone happy, where I can take time off to be ill, or to deal with family stuff.

This January, I realise how far I have come, when I can literally look at my lovely content plan and say to myself,

“Its OK if I don’t achieve all of that stuff…everything will work out OK anyway”

When I can throw my bullet journal to one side knowing that Yoga every day just wasn’t to be…but come on lets face it yoga isn’t going anywhere is it, it will still be here in February.

I know I can make up time later in the year, I know there is no rush to do everything now.

In years gone by I would have thrown all my toys out of the pram by now, declared to the world how unfair it is I have to do all of this alone, believe that I am cursed, and destined to be poor and alone and unwell ha ha

The 2019 version of Julie has faith that everything happens for a reason, and is able to look objectively at what is going on in her life and her business.

So no matter how rough the last two weeks have been for you, no matter how many resolutions or goals you haven’t stuck too, how little you have achieved…know that you have plenty of time too.

The year is not ruined, it’s barely begun.

The best-laid plans are not those that happen at a certain time of year, diets don’t work because you start them on a Monday, you haven’t wrecked everything with one glass of wine….and you are not a bad person if you decided you couldn’t face turning vegan just yet.

Think about what you HAVE achieved over the last 14 days.

  • Who did you make laugh?
  • What great food did you prepare?
  • What wonderful conversation did you contribute to?
  • What mini decision did you make?
  • What idea has popped into your head?
  • What have you let go of?

There is still plenty of time to make an impact this year, don’t beat yourself up by putting unnecessary conditions, rules and boundaries in place that make you feel like you have failed before you have even begun.

On Monday 28th December I start a brand new cohort of my Living a Bigger Life Mastermind where I work with women on their plans for the year. We use this 90 day planning cycle and get women really tuning into their values to work out what exactly it is they want to achieve this year.

We create a community where we celebrate wins and work through challenges, where we don’t let despair last for too long, where we understand this is a long game, not about short term wins.

If you would like to start 2019 with a more sustainable approach, one where we can ease into the year with clarity and a sense of playful exploration, then check out what the Mastermind is all about.

Feel free to drop me a line to julie@juliecreffield.com if you are interested. I am happy to jump on a discovery call to talk through what you would like to achieve this year, and how we might do this together.

Breathe…the year hasn’t even really started yet…now where’s that TV remote???

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