There are 6 WHOLE weeks until 2018…so why you slowing down now?

There are 6 WHOLE weeks until 2018…so why you slowing down now?

I have just come out of a really busy phase, work wise…I mean a really busy phase.

And all around me I can see business owners talking about slowing things down, looking towards new goals for 2018 and starting to taking some time off to prepare for Christmas, so maybe you’d think I’d follow suit.

But hang on?

Christmas Day is like 40 days away.

I don’t want to stop working yet.

Now, perhaps this is a gender thing, but I saw a discussion in a Facebook group of female business owners earlier this week about the unfair responsibility at home that women either willingly take on or are somehow burdened with when it comes to the festivities, and it made me realise that if this is the case then female owned businesses are seriously at a disadvantage, if every year they are winding down their business 3 or 4 weeks earlier than their male counterparts…to go off and find matching Christmas Crackers and locating the perfect gift for uncle bob who they only see once a year for a few hours. Knowing that many working mothers often take on the lions share of childcare during the school holidays too across the year…we literally have fewer days than ever to make our businesses work for us.

Now this is not me being all bah humbug, nor starting a gender war about who does what…I don’t have a husband so what do I know anyway? All I know is that Christmas, and other holidays seem to be an excuse to take your foot of the pedal, to be complacent, to become lazy even.

So I wanted to write this post today to encourage you not to stop, nor to focus too much yet on plans for 2018, but to instead think about what you can achieve with the remaining 47 days of this year.

What could you do with that time?

Have a look back at what you had on your goals list for 2017, and how many of them could you still squeeze in….it isn’t too late.

And remember, they don’t have to be SMART goals, I bloody well hate SMART goals…writing my best book ever in 27 days, or 19 if you don’t count the editing time…was not realistic in the slightest, instead it was a…

Big. Fat. Stupid.Goal

The best sort in my mind.

Go crazy, think about something outrageous you could do before the year is out.

How many past clients could you reconnect with, how many more speaking gigs or training days could you get booked in, how many outstanding invoices could you get processed? What could you pitch for, what could you launch, what could you try, what could you publish.

What could you do, you didn’t think possible?

Perhaps working later into the month of December will put you at an advantage to your competitors too, because you are available to have those discovery calls, and to help potential clients and customers work out what they need over the next few months.

I am most definitely not done for the year, I plan to have my best financial quarter of the year, and am about to launch another pilot round of my Living A Bigger Life Mastermind…I mean why would I be encouraging the women I work with to wait until January?

Don’t get me wrong…enjoy the festive parties, and the more relaxed attitude to work in the last week before the big day, but come on people we are only in November…even if I did go out in xmas themed leggings today in advance of my Countdown to Christmas challenge going live.


Now get back to work you orrible lot, otherwise Santa won’t bring you anything nice!!!


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