Yes, there are 10 days left of this year and yes you probably just want to sit in front of the TV with a box of Roses and a glass of Port and wait until January 1st to even think about 2019…OK, OK January 2nd, cos come on nobody is fit for any kind of constructive thinking on January 1st right? (just me?)

Well, the thing is, there are 10 days left of this year and you would be surprised at what you can get done in 10 days, things which could have a massive impact on how you hit the ground running in January.

So here are ten things which you could consider doing before 2019 to get yourself ready for a fantastic year

     1. Review your year

Take some time to review your year. What were the highlights, what was a complete disaster, but most importantly what were the lessons? I like to put my thoughts down on paper, its a habit I have had since my teens. I also enjoy looking back at photos on my phone or on Instagram (see what I’ve been up to) because sometimes some of the smaller stuff gets forgotten about. I’ve had an incredible year business wise I did a TEDx, I ran the New York Marathon, I delivered a pilot which saw 1000 inactive women get moving…but actually some of my fondest moments were the ones which I spent with friends and family, a lovely day trip to Paris, a hen weekend in Portugal, my 40th celebrations in Rejkavic…and a week in a caravan on the Isle of Wight.

   2. Say some Thank Yous

Who has played a significant role in your life this year? Who was there when it counted? Who picked you up when you were down? Who celebrated your wins like they were your own? Perhaps there is someone you follow on social media that has been an inspiration, or perhaps an author who’s book shifted something in you…reach out, tell them the role they played, thank them. Think about saying thank you to the people who have taught you a lesson, even if at the time it was a difficult lesson to learn. A thank you is often easier to say than a sorry.

    3. Say Sorry

There is nothing worse than going into a new period carrying old shit. Who do you need to say sorry to? Who do you need to acknowledge? You don’t have to actually say it (although it can be therapeutic) check out something called Hoʻoponopono a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. Learning to forgive is a practice, but it is one which has really helped me to let go of negative energy. You don’t always forgive for the sake of the other person, often you forgive so that you can move on. I have found a useful way of doing forgiveness is simply writing a letter to the person involved and then not sending it. It clears so much….and yet doesn’t open up space for new hurt.

    4. Have a clear out

I am a massive fan of decluttering. Buy Marie Kondos book The Magical Art of Tidy…it will change your life. It is not just the physical stuff to get rid of but think about your digital life, your schedule, your friendships or relationships too. Get rid of anything you simply don’t want to carry forward into next year. Let things go with love, not guilt, frustration or fear. Books you are never going to read again, clothes that are not in fashion or don’t fit you, friends that never return your calls, activities you keep saying you are going to do but never do…give yourself permission not to have to do them, have them, think about them.

  5. Check your “todo” list

This might seem like a bit of a boring one, but with a few days off over the festivities, it’s the perfect time to do those jobs around the house you never get the chance to. I will be decorating my daughter’s bedroom and repapering the feature wall in my front room. I will also be having a sort out of the mountain of toiletries and makeup around my flat. I also intend to have a go at sorting out my digital filing. I will do this with a Xmas movie on, or some music I haven’t heard in a while.

  6. See people you haven’t seen all year

We assume that people have plans over the Xmas period, but lots of people are actually quite lonely. Reach out…offer to meet for coffee or a walk. Or maybe just schedule a phone call, or better still Skype. We get lots of sweet messages with “must catch up next year” but why not do it this year? Put a blanket call to action up on social media “I fancy ice skating, anyone up for it” or “anyone fancy a final run/hike in 2018?”

   7. Read a book

Hands up if you have books on your shelf you meant to read this year and just haven’t? Schedule a book reading day. Take yourself off somewhere where you can just read? I have bought myself Michelle Obamas new book for Xmas (despite having like 30 or so other new books I could be reading). It is my treat to myself. I often read for work, but this will be reading for pleasure. I will be encouraging my almost 6 year old Rose to do the same. We are about to have a big clear out of her books….she has just gone up another reading level at school and can pretty much read EVERYTHING now. If you are looking for something good to read how about my latest book Living a Bigger Life, there are tons of exercises to help you get clear on how you might want 2019 to be different from 2018.

   8. Learn to cook a new dish

Nothing better than spending a day in the kitchen cooking something from scratch. Dig out the cookery books, go and buy everything you need and then cook up a feast. Perhaps do some batch cooking, and freeze some meals ready for January. Imagine if you learned one new spectacular dish each month in 2019? Perhaps a new cake, or a new curry?

   9. Go for a final run

Of course, I am going to say this. But get outside for a run or a hike or a long walk. Take yourself off somewhere you wouldn’t normally run. I think I might head to Richmond Park when my daughter goes off to her Dads. Use the time to think about the year gone by, the year ahead. Think about how awesome your body is, thank it for everything it has done this year. Look around, and notice how beautiful the world we live in is.

   10. Create a vision board

Did you know the top 1% of achievers in the world set goals, write them down, and review them frequently? I have always set ambitious goals for myself. I started writing them down at the start of the year when I was a teenager, but it took until I was running my own business to actually review them regularly. I now create a vision board at the start of the year as a visual aid to keep me motivated through the year. Spending an afternoon really thinking about what you want is such a powerful exercise…my vision board from this year was super powerful…so many things from it came true, and I can’t wait to get started on this years one.

I hope 2018 has been a great year for you.

Thank you for following my journey, reading my blog, taking part in my programmes, being my client, friend or colleague

I wish you all the success and happiness in 2019

Have a wonderful Xmas

See you on the other side

Love Always


PS. If you would like some support to think about your goals for 2019 I am running a very affordable group programme called Deare to Dream, it is a 7-day mini course which culminates in a LIVE vision board day on Sunday 6th Jan. I already have 60 ladies signed up…I’d love to hit my target of 100. We will cover all kinds of creative tools and techniques for making 2019 your most exciting, successful year ever.

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