Think it’s impossible? Think again!

Tell me I can’t, and then

just watch me go!!!

Julie Creffield’s motivational speeches have inspired

hundreds of thousands of women around the world to face their fears and take action

Think you can’t? Think again or Tell me I can’t, and then just watch me go!!!

Julie has inspired hundreds of thousands of women around the world to face their fears and take action

Julie Inspires Her Audience:
  • To get out of their seats
  • Laugh out loud
  • Think differently
  • Take action straight away
  • Believe they can achieve anything

Speaking Topics

  • Setting and achieving big fat stupid goals
  • Fear and other F words
  • Inactivity – Tackling the Elephant in the Room
  • The Bottom Line – A look at productivity and health in the workplace

Julie is an energetic and provocative key note speaker who brings audiences alive with humorous and thought provoking talks about Setting and Achieving Big Fat Stupid Goals in health, business and in life, based 10 years experience as a plus size marathon runner.

As founder and CEO of Too Fat to Run, an epic global fitness brand, which now inspires millions of overweight women to improve their health and happiness at whatever size they are, working to inspire women to lose the fear and achieve more than they ever thought possible…and all while just being themselves.

Her Going The Distance System helps audiences clarify their WHY, dump the excess weight of guilt and procrastination, and gives effective tools to help overcome the “I’m not good enough” struggles that many of us face.

Julie speaks to entrepreneurs, corporates, government organisations, trade associations and schools & colleges focusing on delivering tangible outcomes…although audiences are likely to have a good time too.

As an experienced workshop facilitator she can also help bring your event to life as an engaging conference activator, breaking up the day with fun interactive health based activities to encourage bursts of movement and to kick start sustainable habits around being more active each day at work or at home.

Julie has a 20 year career in project management across the sports, culture and volunteering sectors including 8 years on London 2012 inspiring people locally to get onboard. She is now considered a global expert on plus size fitness and uses her life experience to empower women (and often men too) to increase productivity, prioritise health and happiness, and to go for their dreams.

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Workshop Facilitator

Julie has over 20 years experience of delivering engaging interactive workshops, starting her career running arts programmes for young people at risk. She then helped recruit and retain volunteers during London 2012. She also worked as a management consultant and trainer for 10 years helping entrepreneurs and managers be more effective. How can she support your organisation to get to the bottom of the things which hold them back and find solutions to move forward with confidence?

HR Depts

Can Julie help your staff become healthier, happier and more effective and productive in the workforce? Could she help your teams to set and achieve big fat stupid goals that help them be the best versions of themselves? Can she help your organisation put policies and programmes in place to carry on this work when she has gone?

Entrepreneur Conferences

Julie helps female entrepreneurs face their fears and think big when it comes to goal setting. She helps women to make sense of their personal stories and see how they can be used in marketing to help potential customers and clients get to know the people behind the brand. People buy people, and storytelling is an incredible way of helping customers know, like and trust you.


Julie would never have described herself as academic, but got into University via a very practical BTEC and lots of extra curricular experience which proved her passion for her chosen subject. She was the first person to go to university in her family and left 3 years later with a 1st class honours degree after setting up a ground breaking community dance company as part of her final year research. Julie is passionate about showing how practical experience and innovation can put graduates at an advantage in the workplace.



Julie can help your business take a fresh look at the way it does things, with a focus on thinking even bigger and doing the seemingly impossible. She can help inspire your staff to think about their own fears and barriers to creativity, and help you realise how important health and happiness is to workplace wellbeing.



Julie is probably the last person her teachers would have expected to do well at school due to her inconsistent behaviour as a teenager, and her ability to push boundaries in her learning. She has since worked in hundreds of schools across the UK delivering arts and enterprise workshops, helping young audiences to realise that there are lots of different ways to be successful in life.

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Recent Organisations That Booked Julie Include

  • East London Business
  • BritMums Live
  • Mayor of London
  • Emerald Publishing
  • Sports Marketing Network
  • Brampton Manor Academy
  • Cancer Research
  • Probation Service
  • Best You
  • County Sport Partnership Network
  • Enterprise Nation
  • BBC
  • ITV’s This Morning
  • Sky News
If you want to use a proper keynote speaker then look no further than Julie Creffield. I have used her services on a number of occasions for a variety of audiences and she never fails to deliver thought-provoking, passionate and practical speeches which ALWAYS leave attendees with useful take-aways for them as individuals and business owners. This lady Is the real deal – book her or miss out


Glen Addis