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I'm Julie Creffield aka the solo-preneurs champion

A business legacy strategist who’s spent close to 30 years helping others to fulfil their potential by thinking BIGGER and taking fearless action.

I am known as The Solopreneurs Champion because I am on a mission to help small business owners (especially those who are doing it all alone) not end up broke as a result of their high potential business venture. 

Solopreneurs are an amazing bunch of people, but boy oh boy do we make it hard for ourselves sometimes. We go into business because we love the thing we do and we just want to help everyone, everyone apart from ourselves that is.

I have been in business as a freelancer, consultant and serial entrepreneur for coming up to 30 years, there’s very little I haven’t seen or experienced as I have navigated the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, and I have worked with thousands of small business owners just like you to help build more sustainable, successful ventures. 

Doing it alone is hard, being a solopreneur, being solely responsible for your venture working or not working….whatever your situation I know you feel lonely, and you don’t always have all the answers.

It’s a lot. 

But seriously you don’t have to do it alone. you don’t have to figure everything out by yourself, it doesn’t have to be so lonely…it doesn’t have to be so hard.

I help people focus on the stuff that actually matters, before it is too damn late, some people call this purpose…I call this LEGACY…it’s what we do while we are here, rather than what we leave behind..

Oh and we have fun along the way, cos that’s kinda important too.

The business owners

i Love helping...

are ambitious Solo business owners who are braving the entrepreneurial world by themselves.

These are talented, driven folks, coaches, experts, speakers, artists, creatives, facilitators, consultants, therapists, and sometimes multi-passionate people figuring out what and who the hell they are lol

They come from all walks of life, and zoom in from all over the world, but the thing they have in common is they genuinely want to help others AND also help themselves…cos you know that is allowed right?

It is mainly women who choose to work with me, but my programmes are not gendered (so fellas you are more than welcome to come and play too) …my vibe is cool human beings who want to make more income, impact, and influence via their business…but done with integrity and led by insight. 

My clients tend to be in the messy middle of life, and are on a mission to change the world…even if they don’t know it yet ha ha, they have a yearning inside for things to be different. 

My programs help solopreneurs at all stages of their journey…and many of my clients have worked with me for 10+ years now, needing different types of support as their venture scales. 



I started my life in very humble surroundings, one of six kids growing up in a single parent family on a council estate in East London. I have gone on to live an extraordinary life of travel, adventure and creativity…not without a few bumps along the road of course. 

I worked as a freelance artist, project manager, trainer and consultant for 10 years, before I switched to online business and grew my first online venture to 6 figures, with my content being seen by millions of people around the world. My story being shared on media channels in more than 50 countries.

Since then I’ve worked with more than 20,000 individuals around the world helping them to think bigger and do better, by taking radical self responsibility, fearless action, and making more of the most valuable and limited resource that we all have… 




julie in your back pocket service

Want me all to yourself for a WHOLE year? 

I get it…sometimes you just want a mentor and coach to help you with the BIG PICTURE THINKING on an ongoing basis and the accountability to keep moving forward. 

I work with a select number of VIP clients each year who are serious about scaling, I call this my “Julie in my back pocket” service, and this is unlike any coaching service you’ve ever experienced…its the FULL WORKS, part coaching, part consulting, part done for you support…I will be your cheerleader and co-conspirotor and together we will create magic.

People often want to know the kind of investment they are looking to pay for something like this before they jump on a call, and what I would say is it depends on the support you need, how much you already have in place in your business and what access you need to me. 

After any call I do with a potential client, I send them a proposal for them to consider their options. I don’t take credit card details on any of my calls LOL…in fact I never suggest putting business coaching on a credit card.



I love speaking and training large groups, so if you are an organisation, company or even a small business owner who has a team of leaders, or group of other small business owners that need a bit of geeing up…I’m your gal.

An award winning international keynote speaker with hundreds of gigs behind me, I use a mix of high impact storytelling, easy to apply tactics and strategies, and a whole heap of creativity to make sure nobody ever falls asleep.

My keynote “Somethings Got to Change” has been described as a talk with tears, cheers and takeaways…obviously not of the fast food variety lol





Writing is what got me into the online world. After a decade of doing community engagement in the real world, I set up a simple blog and before you knew it had millions of readers around the world. I still love to write, sharing my thoughts and the latest expertise around CHANGE in business, life and in the workplace…so check out what I’ve had to say recently.

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